Foggy weekend in Tagaytay

Our office had a midyear assessment in Tagaytay City. And because both of us are going, I couldn’t really leave the kids alone with just the grannies (paranoid with anticipated emergencies teehee), we decided to bring them and book them a room at a different hotel. The hotel where the rest of the officemates were staying is fully booked. The kids had fun even though they stayed cooped up in their room for the weekend. Great opportunity actually for us to take a breather before school starts this week.

Reviewing for exams

Over the weekend, our whole living room was in disarray. In a good way, of course. It was Mischa’s upcoming first term examinations, and we were all full throttle in reviewing her. Books, notebooks, results of quizzes and chapter tests, pens, and still, toys were alls strewn in the couches, tables and floor. The hubby and I made mock exams that she willingly took, albeit with a promised reward at the end. I was in-charge of English, Araling Panlipunan or Social Studies, Filipino and Science. I actually didn’t want to stress her far too much, but the husband was all-out in drilling her especially in Math, which was her waterloo. The way he was testing her, you’d think she was taking the UPCAT 🙂 and not merely a term exam or periodical exam as we call it in my day.

Good luck, anak. We are all rooting for you. You can do this.



Blissful days at home

I dragged my feet and the rest of body to work again last week after the holidays were over. We spent Christmas and New Year quietly, and we generally kept to ourselves–tucked away in our new but still suburban home (I guess we will never be city folks). My heart has never seemed to contented. I loved waking up, albeit too early for my taste (must be getting old), and pottering around. My days would be full preparing food for my little family, cleaning up, playing with the little girl, watering plants, doing laundry, tinkering apps on my phone when all is quiet, putting up my feet, and then doing the cycle again.

I wish I could have more days like these. Many days now, I dream of staying at home, and concentrate on raising my child and keeping house. I want to bring her to school, do errands for the house, help her study, put her to naps.

I want to seriously take up baking and gardening (but I must have the faintest green thumb ever).

I hope we save enough so I don’t have to work. More than the physical weariness I feel every time I go to work, I always feel the emotional battery draining me. I long for a respite from all that madness. I want to find more reasons, other than it pays the bill, for me to put up with all that hullabaloo.

For now, the respite comes only every weekend. The week days seem endless.

Sundays are the best

I’d forgotten to post this earlier, and it’s now Wednesday.

Anyway, this is what our weekends look like if and when our crazy schedules permit. We go out, have lunch, and bring the kid to play to her heart’s content at certain establishments. We don’t get to spend time with my brother because he lives quite far from all of us in the city while we all preferred the suburbs. But this particular Sunday was special since it was an advanced celebration of my Dad’s 69th natal day.

I wish life was this simple all the time. I love that my family is together and complete.

What I did over the long weekend

I was beyond happy the past four days since I had my mommy and daddy to myself. So while I still cannot contain myself and refrain from jumping, running, talking non-stop, and driving my folks crazy, I’m pretty sure they had the time of their lives, too, taking me places and making me the happiest kid on earth!

Ate out…

Made googoo eyes with another kid…lol..

Rode a carousel…

Played non-stop with bubbles…

Tinkered on Tito Ninong’s iPad…

Paid my respects to my great-grandparents who raised my mommy…

Played with distant cousins in Batangas…

I truly had an awesome time! I also get to spend time with my great Tito Ninong although mommy was not able to take a photo of our time together. I hope the President gives more holidays so that my folks would get to take some off from work and be with me more.