Marven and Giselle

We attended the Church wedding of one of my former staff in Calaruega and Tagaytay City. Theirs was a love story that you could say beat all odds, and which conquered all. It was a plot that screamed telenovela, and I am happy that they could now claim their happy ending, although of course it is far from ending, as they have only just began. Best wishes to you my dears!

Ian Loves Lucy

This post is so late as this happened on the first Saturday of February. Anyhow, gosh, I am officially a wedding sponsor material. Gone are my bridesmaids days. Sheesh. This makes me feel old more than anything.

But still, I am honored because these two “kids” were my juniors at work before, and I would like to think that I have imparted something good to them and their relationship. I was even more touched that out of their five ninangs, I was chosen to deliver the inspirational message.

So best wishes, my first inaanaks! I will always be here for you.






Separate ways

One weekend, we went separate ways and attended two events. We don’t usually do this because we each tag along in whatever activity we have since weekends are our opportunities to be together. Even when Ate Mischa has to go to school, for example, for practices, Maxine gets dragged along. Unfortunately, this time, Dad, Maxine and I went to Batangas, while Mischa went with the grandparents to a friend’s 7th birthday. I was a bit sad but happy, too, because Maxine seldom gets to be with us without her Ate.

So we are at the San Guillermo Parish in Talisay, Batangas. Was not able to take any photos with the bride and groom!


On the way to Batangas, we took the newly opened Manila-Cavite Expressway, or MCX, then South Luzon then Star Tollway. We exited at Tanauan and drove about half an hour before reaching Talisay. On the way home, we found out that it just takes about 10 minutes to Tagaytay City, which is nearer to our place! But the road was uphill, steep and so winding. It was actually kind of dangerous, especially for those not used to driving there. But we made it. Whew! I held my breath for a while there. lol.

Here is Mischa, on the other hand, during Jan Carmel’s fairy-themed 7th birthday party. These were taken by one of our mommy friends.



The party looks so kikay, I am sorry to have missed it! Now Mischa has so many ideas for her own 7th birthday, and I am so pressured right now!

Warner and Michelle’s wedding

Yesterday was my first time to attend a wedding in Iglesia ni Cristo rites. I must say that it was different from what we Catholics are used to. What I liked best about the sermon was when the minister kept on repeating that kaloob ng Diyos ang iyong asawa. It was like the Holy Father chose your spouse especially for you.

This was the wedding of one of our old friends at the office, Warner and his partner, Michelle. Warner and I go way back early 2000s when we started working at the CFO. And although we are not that close, I would say he was instrumental in the hubby’s and my beginnings so we made him a godfather to Mischa. Hehe. And as always, weddings, baptisms, and even funerals are also the best times for reunions! It’s happy and sad at the same time that we see some of our closest friends and family during special occasions only.


Congratulations and best wishes to the couple!

And let me be a little vain okay? Wanted to post this picture (although not totally related to this post) because I feel I look a lot thinner here.



If there is anything worth learning in life is that we will all have our chances at the love meant for each of us. Be it out second, third, fourth, fifth, well you get the drift, the One will always find us whichever path we take. I was reminded of this during my childhood friend, June’s wedding last Saturday. Details need not expounded. I am so happy for my good friend and maid of honor.

Wedding rites were held at St. James Church is Ayala Alabang and reception was at Versailles Palace nearby. Mischa, being June’s goddaughter, played flower girl.






Happy also that the wedding was a reunion of sorts for me and our gradeschool classmates whome I haven’t seen maybe in two decades except on Facebook. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos which I took using my phone.


The godfather

You wouldn’t believe it, but it is my 30-year hubby who served as one of the principal sponsors at a former colleague’s wedding. lol.


Looking very dapper, don’t he?

My very shy, but very kalog (sorry I couldn’t find the exact same translation) office mate, who actually got hitched (much too early I think) a couple of years ago before following his mate to Japan, finally found the altar this time. And the husband, whom he went with to conduct our community education campaign on human trafficking in Bicol sometime ago, had the honor of being one of the godparents.

Since it was right smack in the middle of our Christmas break, there were only a few of us who went and the groom seemed to be overjoyed that we made it. He told me not too long ago that he was used to being alone. Almost all of his adult life, he had to fend for himself. His mother lives in Mindoro, several hours bus and boat rides from Manila, and this siblings are all overseas. I felt a little tug at my heart and felt a little sorry for him, but that situation didn’t seem to bother him at all. What a great guy. Maybe this is why he settled very early when he hasn’t even broken the quarter century mark–he was too rooted. Some would even envy how perfectly contented he was. Maybe he felt she was the only one left for him in the world.

Congratulations kids! Live a good life.








Another flower girl duty


The little girl was not in her element when she walked down the aisle of her Tita Jovie’s wedding (hubby’s cousin). As usual, I am so nanghihinayang because her prettiness was lost on the scowl she was wearing. I just have to be thankful that she walked and agreed to the entourage parade, but we were not lucky in the after-service photo taking. Pag sinumpong talaga tsk tsk. Kanino ba nagmana itong batang ito? She definitely didn’t get this from me as I’m the queen of pretense. Even if I don’t like where I am, it’s easy for me to put up with almost anything, if I have to. I’m patient that way.

On a side note, we forgot our SLR! So I had to take shots from my phone only. The Paco Church inside Paco Park was very pretty and enchanting pa naman that night, what with being lit up with twinkling lights as part of the Christmas season. Oh well, we couldn’t have taken much photos anyway. We were ALMOST late, we got there in the nick of time. And I said, my little star was not in a very good mood.