Too hot to handle

images (3)This must be the hottest summer ever in the Philippines. Everyday feels like one is a brick oven being toasted for life. It is getting too much to handle. I keep wishing I could stay in an airconditioned room all day, or be continuously plunged in cool water. But our aircon at home also seems to be not being able to keep up with the ungodly weather. I still wake up at night with my forehead or back soaking in sweat. Present weather and pregnancy hormones not a good combo at the moment. I am always feverish.

I hate to say this, but I can’t wait for the rainy season.


Edit: Sidled over at my idol, Daphne’s site, just now, and it was pure coincidence that we have the same blog posts titles for today. It may sound defensive, but no, hindi ko sya ginaya kahit super idol ko sya. Promise! lol. I guess, water is in all of our minds today.)

The rains over the Philippines have been relentless the past few weeks. The last two days were even more so. Hence, Metro Manila and the outlying provinces were virtually turned into muddy seas (and there is no a typhoon pa yan). Work was called off yesterday. While I would have loved it any other day, the seemingly endless torrential downpour is no fun at all. Millions are already affected, many displaced. One’s heart just goes out to all those cold and hungry people forcibly evacuated from their homes by circumstances. Human suffering were everywhere (photos:

Very pitiful conditions indeed. I just hope we learn our lessons now on proper garbage disposal and overpopulation. We cannot just rely on God. We, too, must work for our keep. And our safety.

Enough shit about the wrath of God, which has totally nothing to do with how we take care of our environment. (I will write about the RH bill soon.)

On this rainy day

My head is swirling from thoughts about anything and everything under the cloud-covered sun. This unexpected weather for a November day has my mind and body longing for my bed and the warmth of my baby’s tight embrace. As soon as I woke up to the patter of the rain on our roof, my spirit decided that I am not up for the cold, wet gloom. While I have tons of things to accomplish, my hands, feet and eyes do not seem to want to move to finish them.

Instead my mind is interfering and wandering. However, there appears to be no rhyme or reason to the jumble in my head today. Thoughts keep on coming and going, but not staying long enough for me to do something about them. Yaiks. Among them:

…providing inputs to the Philippine Youth Development Program and the role of the overseas Filipino youth

…scouting for pre-schools for next year

…potty training the toddler to save on diapers

…reserving for Palawan trip next year

…drafting the Secretary’s speech on mobility of Filipino health professionals

…achieving target donations from abroad

…finding legal basis for exchange program

…deciding on paying the house downpayment in full (major consideration if we are going to start early on the amortization)

…visiting the banks and putting my affairs in order

…improving my wardrobe big time

…mulling about where to spend Christmas and New Year

…buying and splurging on make-up (this is so not me)

Need to focus, focus!

Peeking hopefully

The Philippines was battered by storm after storm in the last two weeks. But today, the sun peeked hopefully through the still gray clouds. It bodes promise. Not fully, but enough to lift the spirits from its stupor. Really felt like I was floating the past week. Like everything was just passing by in a blur of colors while I sat back and tried to make sense of everything’s that been happening. I worked, I talked, I got mad, I made good and bad decisions, I prepared, I attended meetings, I browsed, I read, I laughed, I cried. But I didn’t feel alive. Except during evenings and early mornings when I get to spend time with my daughter.

Slowly though, I begin to feel the stirrings of morning. I want to get up with the sun and shine with it. I want to get rid of all the coldness I’m feeling.

The Sights and Smells of Vancouver

I spent a total of 7 days in Vancouver, hours of it spent aboard aircrafts.  It was short and sweet.  We didn’t even get to see much of the city save for downtown and a couple of touristy spots.  But what I saw, smelled and tasted, I loved!  For one, being accustomed to heat and humidity, I gloried in the cold but sunny air. It didn’t matter that my arms felt like they were locked in a permanent cross over my chest to keep warm, it still felt like sheer bliss.  To a person like myself who is only used to blistering summers and clammy rains, it seemed like the perfect autumn weather to me.  I didn’t get to experience this in the United Kingdom way back in July of 2006 since we went there smack in the middle of one of the hottest heat waves the country has ever seen.  And Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand couldn’t very well boast of any cool season as we all experience tropical paradise almost year round.  So it was really a nice and very pleasant change for me.

Second, I just marveled at the cleanness and quiet charm of the surroundings.  I live and work in and around Metro Manila, and while it will always be home, I couldn’t help but envy what Canadians have.  I know, I know.  Filipinos are at fault why we have left Manila reeking in filth in many areas.  There’s a lot of work to do to be done here–beginning with ourselves and our surroundings.  I’m just saying, it would be great to raise a child there.  The country would absolutely do them good what with all that fresh air, nice and clean parks, moderate population, low crime rate, not to mention the excellent social services.

Vancouver and its suburbs just rock.  There is a place for everybody.  For the first time in my existence, I actually entertained the thought of migrating.  No other country that I have visited has tugged at my insides like Canada. But this needs more thinking and much contemplation between the hubby and me.  It’s not all about us anymore.  Mostly, it’ll be about Mischa and our future child(ren).  There’s a lot to consider here. We’re comfortable where we are right now although a bit tight at the moment. Plus there are our families…lemme just think this through and catch my breath here. Wouldn’t want to get carried away.

For now, I leaving you guys with these pictures.  Too bad they aren’t my own but my colleague, Rod, took some excellent shots.

* photos courtesy of Rod

damn meralco!

while we were anticipating the shock that we would be experiencing as soon as we receive our electricity bill for this month owing to the various complaints of people around me and my online communities, i was nevertheless jolted when i looked at it.  an increase of 100%?! what in the name of heavens did we do to deserve this?  lol.  granting it is summertime, and we are experiencing what could possibly be the hottest in my whole life, what with the temperatures rising to 38-39 degrees, i still feel that we did our share of trying to cut down usage of appliances.  although the increase is to be expected in the summer months, this billing is really crazy.  i know i’ve done ranting about this in this post but i can’t help muttering and mumbling loudly because of my displeasure.  i just had to write it.  i wish somebody would put some sense into meralco and all its affiliates responsible for generating/distributing electricity to the households and businesses.  they’re taking advantage of the need of consumers to be comfortable.  arrrggghhh!!!

the heat is on

we’re having a sort of heat wave over the past several weeks.  i pity my in-laws who may be sweltering  in 38 – 39 degrees C in the province.  thank god for the abundance of trees there.  i could only imagine them trying to fan like crazy a pre-schooler and a newborn.  i wish we could send them here.  we’re luckier than most, i guess, since despite the relentless beating of the sun and the humidity in the metro, we take refuge inside an airconditioned office all the day long.  mischa has been stuck at home sweating her head off, which i swear produces pails of perspiration even when the aircon on high at night.  what more during the day when she only has the electric fan to keep her cool.

and it doesn’t help that due to the el niño phenomenon, the electric bill is piling on like crazy!  last month, we stayed away from home for eight days, and i even heaved a little sigh of relief that we get to save a little on those kilowatt hours.  but no!  the bill even went up.  it’s really insane!  wtf!  what is wrong with meralco?  the online communities i belong to are in uproar.  most of them doubled the amount they have to pay for.  granting there was an increase in the energy consumption, let’s say the aircon units they use because of this uncomfortable heat, it’s really unbelievable that some have incurred a P40,000 bill when they are used to only P15,000 – 18,000.  whoa!  meralco said it’s not them who’s charging extra, rather the generating companies.  they are only distributors of the energy.  and because of the drought and all, “generators” are unable to use hydroelectric sources (they claim are shut down at this point).  they instead have to rely on gas and coal, which are more expensive.  whatever.  somebody needs to do something about this.  the fees are ridiculous.  and we were told to expect higher bills this april.  i don’t know what to give up anymore.  we cannot do away with using the aircon, considering mischa above anything else.  we hardly ever watch tv, even on weekends.  lately we prefer going out, and i have had the pleasure of catching up on my reading.  major culprits are the steam sterilizer and blender (which i use for baby food and sometimes for our healthy shakes).  we gave up using the rice cooker and went back to making sinaing using the good ol’ kaldero.  we have also done away with the night light as mischa have been sleeping through the night for months and months already so no need for the night feedings.  we just have a handy flashlight by the bedside in case we need anything.  so i’m really stumped as to how we could save a bit more.

i hope this heat goes away soon.  we need rain.  just a little please?