Larena reunion 2015

My favorite aunt/godmother came home from the US for a very, very brief period together with one of my cousins. They were here to visit another ailing aunt (my cousin’s mom, and the favorite aunt’s and my mom’s youngest sister). I wished they could have stayed longer, especially my aunt. They were here for a total of five days so we had little time to do things. Only had a couple of dinners, visits to the hospital, and made a quick getaway to our home province for the two balikbayans to pay homage to our grandparents. We didn’t even have time to reminisce.


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Lorenzo visits Mischa

My and Kumare IC’s offsprings met again. She said ’twas only baby Lorenzo’s first time to go on a trip that took longer than five minutes (which is the time it takes for them to get to their pedia from the house hehe). It was fun seeing them together like that, you know, the second generation kids. We have even started talking about having our 2nd at the same time. Wish Allen would get her own soon so they can all be playmates, and we can do picnics, play dates and trips like we did we were still single!

kyle and ninang june

mischa got a visit from ninang june and her cutie lil nephew, kyle.  i thought he was a bit shy because he didn’t want to talk to us, nor even say hi.  but after 10 minutes into their arrival, he started playing with mischa, tugging at her, kissing her, all the time pretending to be a dog!  what a kid!

pakipot pa si kyle

with ninang june

pretty girls

all shyness gone

daddy's babies

my little girl

mischa starts having a social life

this weekend, our little girl had a visit from mom’s old friend in college who had her two boys in tow.  they were 7 and 5, and were at the height of their hyperactive selves.  our little house became more boisterous than usual since, apart from mischa’s usual LOUD babbling and giggling, two little tykes running around with toy guns blazing aren’t exactly a recipe for peace and quiet.  mom and tita joan tried catching up amid the shrieks and mischa’s obvious delight, which made her crack up helplessly.  it was sooo much fun to watch!  my babe was obviously having the time of her life (at least until now) watching the kuya ethan and kuya nigel heckling.  no matter that they weren’t actually playing with her, she felt so at ease just being in the presence of happy people.  i think i’m raising a happy kid, hooray!

lola cynthia’s visit

incidentally, mischa turned 9 months. hooray!

so we decided to shoot two birds in one visit. lola cynthia came home after only a few months to sort out some things with her properties. of course, a trip to the philippines wouldn’t be complete without her seeing the little one.

’twas quite a busy weekend for mom who slaved over the stop almost all weekend for the visit, mischa’s 9th birthsary and ninong troy accompanying hubby to drive on the side. it was actually fun save for some snippets of unpleasantness. i can live with it. for now… i don’t want my home turf turning to be a war zone like my work.

the birthday girl eyeing the ice cream cake interestingly

kung pao chicken

pork asado

hubby's favorite carbonara

the triplets

mischa and the balikbayan

off to tito ninong’s

time to pack again. this time to mischa’s tito ninong‘s where we will be staying a week. she needs to get out of the house and practice her social skills. lola is in a bit of a state. i could see the wheels turning in her head. she’s wishing with all her might we wouldn’t go. she’s been alternating from one mood to another, sometimes being nasty or infuriatingly sarcastic, or at times totally pretending that i existed. but tito ninong insisted and we couldn’t deny him bonding time with the little one. plus, i REALLY need the breather. i wish this came sooner but i will take it. if we’re really lucky we could extend our stay. if only we didn’t feel discomfitted around tito sam, who by the way is very nice, only we feel like intruders in their flat. well, i could cross my fingers can’t i?