The Sights and Smells of Vancouver

I spent a total of 7 days in Vancouver, hours of it spent aboard aircrafts.  It was short and sweet.  We didn’t even get to see much of the city save for downtown and a couple of touristy spots.  But what I saw, smelled and tasted, I loved!  For one, being accustomed to heat and humidity, I gloried in the cold but sunny air. It didn’t matter that my arms felt like they were locked in a permanent cross over my chest to keep warm, it still felt like sheer bliss.  To a person like myself who is only used to blistering summers and clammy rains, it seemed like the perfect autumn weather to me.  I didn’t get to experience this in the United Kingdom way back in July of 2006 since we went there smack in the middle of one of the hottest heat waves the country has ever seen.  And Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand couldn’t very well boast of any cool season as we all experience tropical paradise almost year round.  So it was really a nice and very pleasant change for me.

Second, I just marveled at the cleanness and quiet charm of the surroundings.  I live and work in and around Metro Manila, and while it will always be home, I couldn’t help but envy what Canadians have.  I know, I know.  Filipinos are at fault why we have left Manila reeking in filth in many areas.  There’s a lot of work to do to be done here–beginning with ourselves and our surroundings.  I’m just saying, it would be great to raise a child there.  The country would absolutely do them good what with all that fresh air, nice and clean parks, moderate population, low crime rate, not to mention the excellent social services.

Vancouver and its suburbs just rock.  There is a place for everybody.  For the first time in my existence, I actually entertained the thought of migrating.  No other country that I have visited has tugged at my insides like Canada. But this needs more thinking and much contemplation between the hubby and me.  It’s not all about us anymore.  Mostly, it’ll be about Mischa and our future child(ren).  There’s a lot to consider here. We’re comfortable where we are right now although a bit tight at the moment. Plus there are our families…lemme just think this through and catch my breath here. Wouldn’t want to get carried away.

For now, I leaving you guys with these pictures.  Too bad they aren’t my own but my colleague, Rod, took some excellent shots.

* photos courtesy of Rod