Louise and Lucas

My twin niece and nephew (through a cousin) were born a week after Maxine, and they celebrated their first birthday yesterday. Twins are fascinating, especially if identical. But as a mom, although I would welcome a blessing like this, I wouldn’t dream of having them haha. I know the first few days, weeks, months and years would be hard. I would lose twice as much sleep, and would probably really turn into a zombie by the time their first birthday rolls around, especially for us who have no househelp. The idea would be fun, though.

Happy birthday Louise and Lucas!

Their party was intimate and not your usual kids’ party fare. It was held in Amici Greenhills, just enough for their close family and friends to gather. They did not have the usual games and shows typically present in a birthday party. But they had a caddy decorating portion for kids, which Ate Mischa definitely enjoyed.