Our dear girl was plain happy upon getting the chance to watch her idols, AC and Xia, perform live during the finals of the Your Face Sounds Familiar. Mind you, she doesn’t normally watch local shows, but she just got caught up watching the kids imitate celebrities. Maybe it’s the music, or that she can relate because the singers are near her age so the show really piqued her interest.

Eventually, the two girls she was rooting for didn’t make it. But she was still so thrilled to be watching them up close and personal. Thank you as always to Ninong for getting her front row tickets!

Some of her daily dose

Part of the kiddo’s daily routine is watching cartoons in the morning. Mind you, while Nick Jr. offers several programs one after the other, and the television on the whole time, Mischa really doesn’t spend much time glued to it. This is the fear of many anti-TV behaviorists (?), that kids would have attention deficit if exposed to too much television. I just like it turned on so Mischa can glance from time to time and in between doing her blocks, poring over books, coloring, and dressing up dolls.

Plus I like that she somehow gets to hear more English conversations. I’m not with her 24/7 right? And the grannies, whatever instructions and pleas I give, are not inclined to make English her primary language. Big, big sigh! These are some of those times that I really, really wish I could stay at home but alas, I have to make a living. I trust that I am doing enough my best on weekends. Anyway, watching and hearing the cartoon programs would hopefully instill something in her. Many of these are educational, too. And I absolutely forbade them to watch noon time shows and sitcoms so Mischa wouldn’t be picking up gross stuff from those.

Here are her favorites:

The Backyardigans

Team Umi Zoomi

Bubble Guppies

Yo Gabba Gabba

Nihao, Kailan

And of course, the staple…Dora the Explorer!

AI and the cavaliers

adam&krisyesterday was full of surprises for two of my most watched thingies. first everybody was thrown off the loop when darkhorse kris allen was proclaimed the winner of american idol 8 over flashy adam lambert. i was actually rooting for danny gokey from the start of the tourney. when he was voted out from the final 3, i really thought adam had it in the bag. well, as avid viewers who religiously followed this season’s AI would predict and say, adam is the runaway winner because of his superb vocals and almost effortless performances. he knew how to carry himself and the audience with him everytime he takes on the stage in those crazy outfits, black eye makeup and nail polish. (for some reason i always think gothic when i see him). anyhow, nobody doubts he is definitely a star. he always seems to be on top, his confidence overflowing. you could almost feel the palpable power coming off him. kris, on the other hand, has a great voice, but carries more of the RnB and jazzy rhythms. in short, the songs he has picked and belted out did not really show his vocal prowess. personally, i preferred kris when danny got the boot, because as simon cowell put it, adam was always too “theatrical”. it was too much for my taste. apparently, more of the 100 million americans who casted their votes after wednesday’s performances thought so too, although mouths were left hanging open when ryan seacrest announced kris’ name. many theorized that fans of danny shifted their weight for kris to covet the award. many were downright shocked. lambert fans were in an uproar. even kris himself looked like he couldn’t believe his luck. well, as been discussed over and over in forums and blogs worldwide, winning the award doesn’t guarantee an artist a successful career. past idol winners and runner ups would attest to this. adam will definitely get offers for a recording career no matter what despite this setback.

i still think that david cook is the best ever though. too bad i didn’t get to watch him here in manila, or i mighta have been in labor too soon 🙂

on another note, what the hell happened to the cleveland cavaliers? they swept the first round and almost strolled through the park in the second and then they lose the first game versus the orlando magic? tsk tsk. of course they will bounce back real hard from this. i really hope this year is the year for king james.