Little Vampirina

Our little ball of sunshine turned four today! She has chosen this year’s theme months ahead, but for once, I was not able to make a career out of planning it. I even hit a little snag with the cake but thank goodness I found a good supplier that delivered well. And I am glad the celebrant loved it!

Happy, happy birthday, sweetie! Thank you for making our lives so much happier and livelier.

It’s time to be a hero

Ms. Makulit is now three, yay! I love your kakulitan and your charm more than ever. My day considerably lightens even after a hard day when I come home and see your easygoing and ready smile.

I hope you enjoyed your PJ Masks party in school with your little friends. It also didn’t push through because of a slight snag with the school but all is well that ends well. I woke up early to DIY your small party, and even though I was exhausted by 10:00 a.m., it was all worth it.

Princess Ashley




We went to a joint celebration of one of Mischa’s BFFs in grade school, Ashley, who turned 7, and the baptism of her baby brother Ashton. They are out of our circle of regular parent-friends at school, but we went anyway. Ashley’s mom, Tina, had struck up a sort of phone-messenger friendship with me since last summer, and which continued even when she was in the United States for the birth of Ashton. She wanted as much information as to how Ashley is doing in school, and one way of course was to rely on Mischa’s stories since they are together most of the time. Anyway, happy to expand our circle though. Great way to know the girls and boys around Mischa, and how she interacts with them and vice versa.

Haniel’s 7th birthday

If you know me, you would know that I totally dig themed-parties, especially those for kids. I love it when someone throws a well-thought of gig, with well-planned out details. Not to say I don’t appreciate common parties, I do. But I’m just saying it is nice if you have the pleasure of the guests in mind.

So I totally flipped with this Star Wars-themed birthday party of Haniel, one of Mischa’s former pre-school classmate and still a school mate at her present school. Love the details, from the magnificent cake to the stage and table decorations. Another plus is the wonderful food of Vikings, there’s just so much that I didn’t get to eat everything. The venue itself was a little warm, but that’s it. We had fun!

Mischa was also one of the 7 balloons.







Eye candies

Note: Not all photos are ours. Thank you to our supplies and friends who took great, great shots when we weren’t able to do them ourselves!

The decorations during Mischa’s Descendants-themed party was quite a feast to the eye, if I say so myself. I was so happy with the outcome after I had to source out suppliers, many of which are hearing about the theme for the first time.

Party collaterals c/o Rea Magno of Ink Creations. She was also the one who did Maxine’s during her 1st birthday, and as always, there is not hassle at all when dealing with her. This year, she did the invitation design, souvenir tags, loot bags and the notepads given to the kids.


This is from her site:


For the stage decorations, balloons and candy buffet, we hired a party stylist called PartyRific, which I found on Facebook. They made our party come to life! But I just gotta say that dealing with them was not that smooth. I wouldn’t say that it was problematic or anything life threatening, but it was not without skipped heartbeats. My main beef was that it takes soooo long for them to reply even after you made a sizeable deposit. And for us whose precious funds are hard to come by, I wanted to be sure that every peso and centavo counts. I just wished they were a bit more reassuring by replying in a timely manner (read: not seenzoning you for 2-3 days) would go a long way in the customer service department. But again, all’s well that ends well since they did a fabulous job in the decorations department, but I would think twice if I would book them again.

The welcome sign
original_url: B56B8C57-7BA4-4D9C-BDC5-AC6EEC34E255

Stage and balloons


The candy buffet







Cake and cupcakes

The cake was really amazing. We ordered from Angelyn’s, and everyone just fell in love with the creation. The taste could use a lot of improvement though but all in all, it was a hit! Same with the cupcakes, which were the giveaways. I wasn’t able to come anywhere near them but was glad to see the photos. Dealing with Angie was also a breeze. We met one afternoon, and I was happy that she had a lot of ideas. She even thought that the peg I brought her was too simple, and it was a good thing I listened to her!




I totally had fun with the them even if it was too complicated and unusual. If only parties weren’t pricey, I would love to plan and give regular ones for my kiddos. lol.

Mczy’s Transformers party

I know that I have let slide again my blogging for the past couple of weeks. There are a LOT of drafts pending, and hopefully I will not forget anything to document. Much as my love for writing was my primary purpose when I first started blogging, lately, my aim was just to put on record happenings in our family life so I could go back to this blog later on.

Anyway, Mczy’s party happened about two weeks ago. Even though this fell on a weekday, we gladly went after enrolling Mischa for Grade 2. What, she’s in Grade 2 already??? Sometimes I feel like I need a good slap in the face to wake up to the reality that the kids are growing so damn fast.

Back to the party…the theme was a combination of Transformers and Minions. And although Mczy was the main celebrant, his cousin who lives in Canada but is here now for a vacation, also celebrated with him. As always, it was a good time to meet with our friends from AJV (Mischa’s old school). And what’s unique with this party was, for a children’s party, it had a live band, and Transformers mascots who I took pity on because they could hardly move. It must be hell in there (inside the costume), and they seemed to be having a hard time lifting all their body parts, particularly the extremities.

And Mischa’s becoming so awkward with dancing with boys. lol.





Alexa’s royal party

I think it’s a year of more children’s parties for us this year because Mischa and most of her classmates, both old and new, will turn 7 this year. I’m not sure in other countries, but in the Philippines, being 7 is a big deal. It seems like a crossing over from being a small kid to being a big kid (huhuhu for moms). I think it’s the general age of real independence and the period that every kid becomes himself or herself outside the family. It creates a myriad of emotions for parents like mne — from elation to anxiety and everything in between! It also makes me feel old hahaha. Our kids now have full-pledged friends that they don’t seem to need us that much anymore. Sniff! Just feeling nostalgic every time I realize everything seems to fly by so fast when it comes to raising kids. One minute they’re tugging at your skirts (or pants), the next they’re off giggling and whispering with their peers.

Anyway, our first this year is the Sofia the First-themed royal party of Denielle Alexa, one of Mischa’s classmates in AJV and a present school mate in Seton. Her family will soon move in to a new house about two blocks away from ours so I anticipate they’ll be closer than they were before when they start playing at each other’s houses. Alexa’s younger sister is also the same age at Maxine. I’m sure they’re going to be friends in the future too.



She had this part during her party that her elders sang native songs, I would assume, are of greetings and blessings. Must be a tradition from the province they came from. Very nice.


7th birthday parties now have the 7 roses, much like the 18 roses for debutantes when you dance with 18 of the most important boys/men in your life.


The girls, in turn, are the 7 balloons. Mischa was one. She said her birthday greetings and wish for Alexa.


Maxine also came to party!


Alexa and Mischa with Mischa’s old best friends in Kinder, Learsi.


Happy birthday Alexa!