Despite the minor nuisance in my life, someone will always, always love you and your craziness. I am normally uneasy about these kinds of activities, because I get stressed if things get too awkward, but it always ends up okay, and then I become thankful again. I’m sorry Lord God for the doubts and self-pity. Thank you for the constant reminder that You are by side and above me and all the things I constantly worry about.

I love my team

Not all of them. Some may have gotten rotten to the core, but I basically consider them my family. I will not go into the ugly details here so as not to pepper my blog with all that unpleasantness (although I badly want to vent!. But I’m really happy to be with these people (taken during our annual teambuilding, this year held in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas). Some are just adopted 🙂






My turn

After eleven years, I finally had my turn on that seat.

I used to say that I did not have the chance to undergo this baptism of fire. After all, this is really for newbies. But this year, during our Motown-themed annual teambuilding, the organizers finally ran out of new employees to “grill”, and instead turned the tables on us. It was fun to see how people think of you. But as we are mostly the “senior citizens” in terms of stay at the office (not really based on our age, hehe defensive much?), and some of us are supervisors, I think people are more conservative in writing and “posting” on us. I really thought there was a lot of restraint in the activity hahaha.


We had our annual teambuilding more than three weeks ago. But haven’t blogged about any of it yet since I am again going through those mental-block-because-of-stress-at-work experiences. So I haven’t had the chance, and the inclination for that matter, to write lately.

Anyway, this year, we had a Motown-themed teambuilding at a mountain resort in Rizal, overlooking the Laguna de Bay. Many of us were not even born yet when the cool, easy and colorful era happened. So we each tried our best to come up with the best depiction of how we think people looked like in the late 60s to the 70s. Will write more about the place, our activities, and other whatnots as soon as I get my groove back. For the meantime, here I am leaving you with these two photos of how we looked like in some of the activities:

I was part of the blue team. For the cheering, we dressed up like this:

…and danced to the tunes of Rolly Polly and Ring my Bell.

And we all dressed to the nines for dinner, and the party afterwards. Here is me with my team:

How to Build a Team

There was much hoopla about this year’s teambuilding activity because for the first time, an outside facilitator was asked to come in. As expected there were some resistance from the staff, partly because, there was no leveling off as to the planned activities versus the expectations of the people. We have been used to teams, themes, cheers, physical and mental games, and the like, which basically creates clean fun and harmless competition. This time, however, we were subjected to lectures and group activities that needed artwork, storytelling, etc., in short, the teambuilding became some sort of values formation class. Some appreciated the change, some just got bored out of their wits. I personally wanted to give the whole a chance before I say foul, but to be honest, I felt my head dropping to my chest a couple of times during the two days. It would have been a different matter if the activity was called a values formation seminar (or something to that effect).

Nonetheless, despite a very competent and more than able facilitator, I felt that, on the whole, the objective of bringing people closer together (teambuilding remember?), was not achieved.

The food was another matter. My God, if I would have to describe the word hideous, this would be it. I mean, I’m sorry, I don’t get to eat gourmet food all the time, I’m used to eating lutong bahay, but for a high-class resort such as Canyon Woods, the money spent was not worth it. At all. They couldn’t even get their utensils right. During the four meals served, we were consistently given soup spoons. We so felt like we were being served hospital food (read: sodium-free).

Oh well, I hope we do better next time. People have said their piece that there ought to be something done about this. There should be a middle ground to instilling values in the workplace and having fun. Forcing cooperation and camaraderie ain’t gonna cut it. Much like old people getting mad at younger ones because they do not accord them respect even if they don’t deserve it.

The classroom setting

The only outdoor activity

The only tradition left: Baptism of Fire

Big boss


and the games began

as a follow up to a previous post on our recent teambuilding held in baguio city over the weekend, i am posting some of the 1,000++ photos in our database. pardon as most of these are of the red team where i belong.

our version of the amazing race

every year during our teambuilding activities, we hold our version of the amazing race courtesy of mamarej. i remember the last time i joined was also when we were in baguio and that was four years ago. i could run faster and my reflexes were quicker then. but i finished last then, second now. can’t figure that out but who cares 🙂 it was good that we got to tour baguio even if everything just passed by in a blur. the race started at the ating tahanan complex and we went on getting clues and completing tasks at famous landmarks like the mansion, mines view park, camp john hay, nevada square, even sm then back to the starting point when we rounded off with a question and answer portion.