Lenten beach trip

As seen in my previous couple of posts, our family went on a summer getaway in Nasugbu, Batangas. The before and after (read: packing and unpacking) of the trip was tiring, but we had much fun so it was well worth it. This was also Maxine’s first outing, and while she would not remember any of it, I would be glad to show her photos, tell her stories, and let her read this blog in the future.

We stayed at Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa in the beach coast of Batangas. And I gotta tell you that the beach here is way better than those on other sides of Batangas, such as Laiya. What makes for a great beach? Fine, white sand and clear waters – Canyon Cove has it all. Unlike in Laiya where the sand is coarser and strewn with so much pebbles and small rocks, and the water is a little muddy.

The hotel itself is grand (with a price tag, too). We got discounts courtesy of an aunt but our stay was worth every centavo. It was a little uncomfortable at first upon our arrival for it was a holiday and I guess there were just so many guests checking in. It took us a while to get our rooms and we were made to wait in the lobby for a while. I wished they had welcome drinks so we can stave off our thirst whilst waiting. But all’s well that ends well.

I made Mischa wait for a bit after we freshened up a bit in our room. She was just darn excited to jump into the water the minute she saw the beach area and pool. But the hot was striking hard at 4:00 in the afternoon and I didn’t want her to get burned. But after that, we let her play to her heart’s content for the next two days. I was a little surprised with her, though, that she was afraid of going to the deep end of the water when she had swimming lessons last year. I think she must continue with those.

We divided our time between the large swimming pool and the beach for the next two days. The husband and I actually preferred to stay on the beach because the water was cleaner but the kid wanted to be in the pool all the time so we settled on a compromise.

We also had our meals in the hotel’s lone restaurant, which was served by the famous Max’s Restaurant. I hope they have more concessionaires in the future so guests could have more choices. They also have a bar, but with two kids in tow, we didn’t have the luxury, and personally, the inclination to visit and have drinks. Me, I was just too conked out at the end of the day.

The rooms were clean and huge. The one we stayed in had two double-sized beds and a daybed on the side. It was just perfect for our family including my parents who roomed in with us since the hotel had limited available rooms. The husband and I slept alternately with each kid. Mischa had a minor issue when I slept with her sister on the second night. At almost 6, she still prefers Mommy beside her. And I gently explained to her, and was firm (even though it broke my heart that she cried over it) that Maxine needs Mommy, too.

We went with my brother, my aunt’s family and some friends, and the whole trip was a lot fun. If only money was not issue, I would have always planned for family outings and bonding like these.











Last summer hurrah

Someone got an early birthday gift from the grannies!

home pool 1

home pool 2

She has not gotten tired of the water yet, and enjoyed herself immensely even if the water in the inflatable pool came up only to her knees. I hope she won’t ask to have this everyday until the start of the school on the 16th though. Still a long way to go! I’ll be afraid to look at the water bill at the end of the month!

Too hot to handle

images (3)This must be the hottest summer ever in the Philippines. Everyday feels like one is a brick oven being toasted for life. It is getting too much to handle. I keep wishing I could stay in an airconditioned room all day, or be continuously plunged in cool water. But our aircon at home also seems to be not being able to keep up with the ungodly weather. I still wake up at night with my forehead or back soaking in sweat. Present weather and pregnancy hormones not a good combo at the moment. I am always feverish.

I hate to say this, but I can’t wait for the rainy season.

Swimming class

Our little girl finished another milestone this summer: she completed the Snapper 1 course of the Bert Lozada Swimming School! Yey!

I wasn’t able to blog about her taking swimming classes until now that she has finished the very first course. Yesterday was their batch’s graduation day. While she has shown love and amazement for the water, she seemed to be very hesitant and afraid of being alone or left in the middle with nothing to hold on to. But I am glad that she seemed to progress pretty well after ten days of lessons.

Here are snapshots of when we were able to go with her.






These were from her graduation day:

sw grad1

sw grad2

sw grad3

They were all asked to cross the width of the pool, and I was proud that she made it!

Although she completed the course, we decided to enroll her in the Snapper 2 course. School opening is still a month away anyway. I am glad she’s having a productive summer!

Halfway through summer

It is May, and in about a month, vacation for the little miss will be over. I lament that she has spent all the time only at home. Truth be told, I do not want a childhood for her that is so like mine. I spent all of my childhood summers only inside the house (I was forbidden to go out and play on the streets), or if I’m really lucky, I get to go to the province to spend time with my grandparents.

Well, I’m really trying to veer away from that kind of life. Mischa has shown a lot of interests, and I didn’t want to pin her down on anything that she wouldn’t like or wouldn’t benefit from. She wanted to take piano lessons but when I inquired with music schools, they said she had to be an advanced reader. Well, maybe next year. She has also shown interest in guitars and drums, and you can always hear her humming to herself. I have a budding musician!

Unfortunately, both the hubby and I are working, thus, we cannot afford to bring her around anywhere anytime. And as I told you, my parents idea of a bringing up a child is for it to be at home sitting in front of a television or stuffing its mouth and train their hawk eyes on her all day, everyday. Which is not really, for me, a way to live. I just want her to be exposed to as much opportunities as possible. That way, she can expand her horizons and will be able to choose what she wants and what piques her interests.

Also, I have been a regular at hospitals due my very delicate pregnancy, and this has taken a huge chunk of our times.

Well, aside from music, she also likes arts. I am glad that, now, she is more fluid in her work. And “cleaner”. If we still have time before June, I will see if I can look for arts and crafts classes nearby. For now, she likes the decorating stalls in malls:




And today, she will be starting her swimming lessons, yay! She’ll be joining the Snapper Class at the Bert Lozada Swim School at the Elizabeth Seton School in Imus. Too bad, we couldn’t go with her as I already have too many absences. I hope the folks take decent photos of her. I’m so excited!


Summer look

Warning: This is a vanity post. I seldom do this because ever since I became a mother, it has been all about my pretty daughter. Anyway, I’m sporting a new look. It feels like I had long hair forever, and I finally got down to business and brought my ass to a salon before our teambuilding over the weekend.

So here’s I look now:

At the bus on our way to Subic with hubby

At the bus on our way to Subic with hubby

With my staff

With my staff

Feeling hot! hot! hot!

Feeling hot! hot! hot!

Trying to beat the heat

Summer has come very early this year. I remember having still cool days even in the late days of February up to the first week of March. I’m saying this because I can vividly recall the wake of my beloved Lola in March 2002, and my balikbayan Tita Ninang was here. Seems morbid, but yeah, we were sitting guard in front of the casket, and the gusts of wind keep on passing through the family room where we were keeping vigil. Coming from Chicago, the windy city, I thought that the bite of the wind must be akin to an ant bite on an elephant to her.

Anyway, back to the present, it seems that we are in for another hot, hot summer this year if the temperatures of late are any indication. We were initially planning on going to Palawan to also see and visit the opening of a friend’s bead and breakfast in Puerto Princesa during the Holy Week, but unfortunately, our wallets and pockets will not allow any vacation in the near future. I must now curb all urging of wanderlust, and nip it in the bud the very moment it pokes my on the shoulder. Or nudges my arm.

So how to beat the heat while cocooned within the confines of the office or the house? I gave in to simple cravings! And no, I am not pregnant (yet). It just feels good whenever I am wolfing down any of these the past couple of weeks. Sometimes I eat them in an almost indecent haste. Please forgive my earthly body for wanting them:

They have got to be some of the best inventions of mankind. hehe. People who have thought of these must receive the Nobel Peace Prize for keeping people sane.

I so, so love Razon’s halo-halo because of all that fine, almost creamy feel of the shaved ice. Super plus points go to the almost minimal, but generous servings of ingredients–macapuno, bits of nata de coco, milk, and that bitin slice of leche flan on top. Hmmmm. (Seriously, I am now salivating at 9 in the morning while writing this.) The best part is–the whole thing has not beans!! I have never been one to like beans so this is the ONE for me. I could have this, and a plate of Razon’s pancit luglug as my whole meal, and my day is complete.

The Selecta Magnum Bar on the other hand, is pure bliss, albeit expensive. But who cares? That belgian coating is just to die for, I tell ya. I have read people on Twitter gush this over and over, so I just had to try it for myself. And I was not disappointed. Selecta’s got a winner in this one. It was like tasting a bit of heaven. I could have this on an almost daily basis. But must watch all that sugar.

At the rate that I am eating them, my tummy will probably truly overtake the size of my boobies by the end of the summer.