Kiddie Crew

Due to budgetary and time constraints (of the parents), Mischa was not enrolled in any summer activity this year. I thought that this would be the year she would learn piano or level up her swimming, but circumstances made us push these in the backburner for now. So sorry little girl (although the summer is not yet over).

I intended for her to be part of the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew ever before summer began and we almost missed it. Thank God, we were still able to do it. Even though it’s only a week thing, I am glad to see her out of the house. Our bad for letting her have an iPad/TV summer.

Also took off time from work since Mama was out because her sister came home from the US. Happy to bring Mischa and see her in action.

She went with her cousin, Lee.


Their days start with short lectures. This day, they were made to understand teamwork. I know that the managers from McDonald’s who run the show here aren’t teachers but I still wished they would consider the ages of the participants when giving their spiels. The one who lectured yesterday kind of droned without looking if her wards understands what she was talking about.


Then they were assigned on the floor on different rotations: counter to take orders and prepare them, drive-thru and lobby to greet the customers.






After that, they were served with meals. Happy that my girl ate by herself. She should but she always acts up at home.


And they have to memorize and perform later this week the Kiddie Crew song. Also have to prepare a talent number. Still racking my brains for this.


For Php595 for the whole course, including shirt, cap, bag, meals, materials, etc., this is truly a worthwhile activity for kids her age. I hope she learns something out of this. She can be shy and doesn’t easily interact with people she just met so this might be another good venue for her to get out of her shell.

Lenten beach trip

As seen in my previous couple of posts, our family went on a summer getaway in Nasugbu, Batangas. The before and after (read: packing and unpacking) of the trip was tiring, but we had much fun so it was well worth it. This was also Maxine’s first outing, and while she would not remember any of it, I would be glad to show her photos, tell her stories, and let her read this blog in the future.

We stayed at Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa in the beach coast of Batangas. And I gotta tell you that the beach here is way better than those on other sides of Batangas, such as Laiya. What makes for a great beach? Fine, white sand and clear waters – Canyon Cove has it all. Unlike in Laiya where the sand is coarser and strewn with so much pebbles and small rocks, and the water is a little muddy.

The hotel itself is grand (with a price tag, too). We got discounts courtesy of an aunt but our stay was worth every centavo. It was a little uncomfortable at first upon our arrival for it was a holiday and I guess there were just so many guests checking in. It took us a while to get our rooms and we were made to wait in the lobby for a while. I wished they had welcome drinks so we can stave off our thirst whilst waiting. But all’s well that ends well.

I made Mischa wait for a bit after we freshened up a bit in our room. She was just darn excited to jump into the water the minute she saw the beach area and pool. But the hot was striking hard at 4:00 in the afternoon and I didn’t want her to get burned. But after that, we let her play to her heart’s content for the next two days. I was a little surprised with her, though, that she was afraid of going to the deep end of the water when she had swimming lessons last year. I think she must continue with those.

We divided our time between the large swimming pool and the beach for the next two days. The husband and I actually preferred to stay on the beach because the water was cleaner but the kid wanted to be in the pool all the time so we settled on a compromise.

We also had our meals in the hotel’s lone restaurant, which was served by the famous Max’s Restaurant. I hope they have more concessionaires in the future so guests could have more choices. They also have a bar, but with two kids in tow, we didn’t have the luxury, and personally, the inclination to visit and have drinks. Me, I was just too conked out at the end of the day.

The rooms were clean and huge. The one we stayed in had two double-sized beds and a daybed on the side. It was just perfect for our family including my parents who roomed in with us since the hotel had limited available rooms. The husband and I slept alternately with each kid. Mischa had a minor issue when I slept with her sister on the second night. At almost 6, she still prefers Mommy beside her. And I gently explained to her, and was firm (even though it broke my heart that she cried over it) that Maxine needs Mommy, too.

We went with my brother, my aunt’s family and some friends, and the whole trip was a lot fun. If only money was not issue, I would have always planned for family outings and bonding like these.











Last summer hurrah

Someone got an early birthday gift from the grannies!

home pool 1

home pool 2

She has not gotten tired of the water yet, and enjoyed herself immensely even if the water in the inflatable pool came up only to her knees. I hope she won’t ask to have this everyday until the start of the school on the 16th though. Still a long way to go! I’ll be afraid to look at the water bill at the end of the month!

Swimming class

Our little girl finished another milestone this summer: she completed the Snapper 1 course of the Bert Lozada Swimming School! Yey!

I wasn’t able to blog about her taking swimming classes until now that she has finished the very first course. Yesterday was their batch’s graduation day. While she has shown love and amazement for the water, she seemed to be very hesitant and afraid of being alone or left in the middle with nothing to hold on to. But I am glad that she seemed to progress pretty well after ten days of lessons.

Here are snapshots of when we were able to go with her.






These were from her graduation day:

sw grad1

sw grad2

sw grad3

They were all asked to cross the width of the pool, and I was proud that she made it!

Although she completed the course, we decided to enroll her in the Snapper 2 course. School opening is still a month away anyway. I am glad she’s having a productive summer!

Mini pool party

On to happier times, I can’t believe my firstborn is turning 4 tomorrow! It’s so cliche but, parang kailan lang! This time four years ago, I was so antsy to see her. And now, well, just look at her!

Anyway, we really didn’t plan to celebrate her birthday early because it was kinda forbidden by the elders. However, since we won’t have any other opportunity because the start of the school year is just around the corner, and the husband has an upcoming official travel next weekend, we decided to give her a last hurrah to the summer. It was nothing fancy, just a borrowed pool at Ninong’s house, some loot bags, a cake, a couple of balloons, food to share, and the presence of her closest relatives from the husband’s side.

Advance happy birthday baby!









It rained a bit that afternoon so a little time was taken off their swimming time. But I’m glad they, especially the celebrant, had fun!

More celebrations coming up! We are also planning another small party at school as soon classes and the kids have settled. Just a way for Mischa to feel lots of love from the people around her.

In her new second home

The big kid on the block has started in her new school! It’s been three days but she seems to love it so far. Although the grandma reports to me today that she had a fit because she wanted to bring home her indoor shoes meant for school. But generally, I’m happy because she seems happy and at home there.




Mischa is spending 20 days as a requirement for her Kinder 1 classes. Not really a requirement, the principal says to me, but more of writing and reading readiness so she won’t lag behind some of her classmates. I actually am thankful they did this. All for the good of the kid. Besides I don’t want to her to waste time parked in front of the television the whole day this summer. And when you’re in my mama’s house, you don’t really get to go out. Trust me. I never had playmates because I was cooped up all day inside. If only I get to take care of my own kid myself. Sigh! Another woe of a working mom.

I like the small campus. Compared to her old school, the place is very maaliwalas, peaceful and seems to be conducive to learning. The rooms are big, there are enough outdoor space, the personnel are very respectful, and most importantly, her new teachers seem to be very competent at tama naman ang grammar hehehe. Okay, so shoot the grammar Nazi mom, but this is really something very important to me. Marami namang wrong grammar na matalino, pero wala pa akong nakitang tama ang grammar pero…ganun. Pasensya na kung yan ang batayan ko pero yan ako eh. But other than that, the teachers, whom she will be spending a lot of time with, and whom she will have a tendency to imitate, feel like they are genuinely caring, and are considerate and mindful of being second parents to the kids. This is what we missed in her first school. I truly hope that she will develop more fully this time, socially and cognitively.

I hope that my view of the school and everything in it doesn’t change. Sana sulit because we paid an arm and a leg to send her there. There are less expensive schools in the area but this one really called to me. Because of our “big investment”, I am hopeful that they will become our partner in Mischa’s very good upbringing.

Backyard swimming

Over the holiday, we spent an overnighter at Ninong Mico’s house. Mischa has been bugging me every hour, every day that we go to his place. She even talked to him on the phone, which is something she doesn’t normally do, just to tell him that she’s coming over.

And the doting uncle didn’t disappoint. He borrowed a huge inflatable pool for her to enjoy. Thank goodness for the large sprawl of his “estate”.


pool 2


Summer is definitely here! We had a hard time trying to get home, let alone out of the pool. I just promised another swimming activity as soon as she is done with summer school. Maybe we can hit the beach (I haven’t been to a beach in ages!!). I also hope Mico seriously consider putting in a real pool in that backyard of his.