Trick or treat

Somebody enjoyed her first trick or treat. She was happy to don her Queen Elsa gown, too. This is actually her first time to join this Halloween festivity and I’m glad she had fun. I cringe every time I think of all the sugar she would ingest, though. Will have to be a little sneaky trying to get rid of some without her noticing.

It’s a good thing our homeowners’ association organizes these kinds of events for the village. Dues are sort of paying off anyhow.





Current favorite tambayan

I posted here how Mischa discovered her love for the outdoors. The park where she used to go is about five blocks from ours, in the village phase before ours. Thank God a new one was recently built in our own neighborhood. So during that short Christmas break when we were all at home, she developed the habit of riding her bicycle every afternoon to play there.

Being a solo child, she is used to playing alone, but now she is beginning to enjoy playing with the other neighborhood kids. This is great as these will be the kids she will grow up and will fondly call kababata years from now.

new park 1

new park 3

new park 2

Village party

One of the parties we went to this holiday is the first one organized at our phase in the village. Since all of us are new (all of us transferred just in the last two years), it was fun to see most of our neighbors at last. If you go to our side of Citta Italia, our house is near the Phase 15 entrance, so we don’t normally get to see the rest of the residents except those in our own street. All in all, I think there are forty households now. I am glad someone in our phase (I will call him Mr. Jess) has taken up the cudgels in keeping everyone in the loop through e-mail, and spearheading this first get-together.

I would be the first one to tell you that I don’t normally go out and “socialize” with the neighbors regularly. Sure, I would greet, wave and smile at them when I see them, but I am much of a homebody and prefer to be inside the house than out and engaging in small talk. I’ve lived in three villages, not counting my childhood home in Batangas province, and I have been pretty much this way for the past thirty years. This trait I inherited from my mother who also kept to herself in our family home. In the second home where I moved in when we decided to get married, we stayed for a while with my brother-in-law’s mother, who in contrast spends the afternoons either in the steps of the house, or some of the neighbors’, doing chitchats.

So anyway, really, I am glad for this street party. Everybody seemed to be family. Since we are all new, nobody had to welcome nor join. It was everybody’s first time!

We all brought some food to share, and gifts to exchange. The older kids at the neighborhood did some intermission numbers. Some of the uncles and aunties also let the kids fall in line for their pamasko, which is usually money, candies or small tokens. I hope we can regularly have one of these even if it is not Christmastime.





A Day in the Park

Lately, Mischa has taken to going to the park early in the morning or in the afternoons when it isn’t so hot. Yay for fresh air! Yay for an active lifestyle! While we do have to go out of our way to get to the part, this means less TV time and less gadgets time. Good for the kid, and better for the adult going with her. We all absolutely love it (see that huge smile on my daughter, that’s how she loves it!), except I think for my mama, who thinks sitting down in a corner is the epitome of goodness in a kid. Tsk tsk.


Growing our own herbs

When we stayed at my brother’s house last weekend, I saw the herb garden they are growing. With all the health issues in our families (hubby’s hypertension at age 30, and my own dad’s high blood sugar), we have to be extra careful in the food we take in. I wouldn’t want my own daughter catching on and developing the “bad” parts of her genes. At her age pa naman, she loves sweets and processed foods so much. So as her mother, I need to pick up and imbibe healthier habits to be a good model for her.

I guess there’s no harm in growing our own plants when we can. It is part of embracing a healthier lifestyle. We started out with these.


We have three varieties of basil: regular, thai and choco; mint and oregano. Some of them came from Mico’s own garden, which the husband repotted in organic oil. We hope that we can add more later on. I plan on expanding our “garden” ala Martha Stewart soon enough.

New wheels

We have been having a lot of car trouble of late despite shelling out quite a large sum for its maintenance just this summer. We got to face the fact that the car is old, and must be suffering from joint pains to probably diabetes, Parkinsons, high cholesterol levels, etc. Maybe one of these days, it will suffer a stroke and just break down in the middle of nowhere. It is time for it to retire. But the bottomline is: we can’t afford just yet to buy a new one.

However, I am glad someone got a new set of wheels last weekend (it was Fathers’ Day but the day still belonged to her).


You don’t know how happy I am with this contraption. What a diversion from spending all her time indoors! Although very energetic, the little girl must have inherited from me the inclination to be a homebody and do things on our own. She would go out on our yard but will hardly venture when we try to take her out for a walk around the neighborhood. This bike will give her the opportunity to get fresh air instead of being cooped up inside the house, and see other kids at play. Though I don’t dream of her being outside all the time, it would do her a lot of good to be acquainted with and eventually be friends with these kids/

Enjoy, kiddo, but be careful.