Family holidays

This sums up our tiring but happy holidays at the close of 2016 and the beginning of 2017:














We ate a lot, and had much, much fun, especially the kids who played to their hearts’ desires. And if they’re happy, then I am happy. Plus we got to spend a lot of time with my baby bro. All in all, I was exhausted (getting old here) but then I can always rest after all the excitement has died down, and the memories will remain online (forever I hope) and in our hearts.

It is always a struggle to take photos of the kids, especially Maxine who is active more than ever! We cannot achieve that polished family look harhar. #real

Thank you Lord God for the gift of family and love. Thank you for the time we were able to spend with them. We may not have much, and we struggle most of the time. But we are together.

My second family

This is the family that took me in for a lifetime. We don’t spend as much time with them as with my own since we all live in various parts of the Philippines and even abroad. My parents-in-law are both in Cagayan, as well as two brothers-in-law and their families. The eldest of course is in the United Kingdom, and their coming home was the reason for our big reunion recently. The other brother lives in Caloocan City. Meanwhile, the younger sister, Ate Vivien lives in Fairview, in a subdivision right across Mico’s, so it’s them we see a lot. I would say that our nieces there are the closest cousins Mischa has.

All in all, hubby has two sisters and three brothers. He’s the youngest. Among them, there are 14 grandchildren, and even 1 great-granddaughter now. At the time we took these pictures, the youngest grandchild hasn’t been born yet. There are four grandsons to carry on the Apattad name so there’s little chance we’ll be extinct soon. lol.

I’m not really used to belonging in a family this big, but I love it. Makes me feel secure that Mischa and Maxine has other family they can go to in case we won’t be here. I hope they all grow up close. But I know that we adults have to lay the foundation for them.

So here we are, from eldest to youngest.








The doting big sister

I am so glad and proud of how Ate Mischa has been handling having a new addition to the family. I was a little apprehensive of course, knowing that she is used to being the ‘star’ in the household. Though a good kid, she sometimes does exhibit some sense of entitlement owing to her getting her way most of the time. But I am happy my fears of her resenting her little sister are unfounded. If anything, she has shown deep affection and genuine fondness for Maxine. She now not only thinks of herself but the welfare of her bunso.

You cannot imagine my happiness and contentment. I always pray that they grow up loving each other and looking for each other’s back. I can now leave this place knowing they will never be alone in this lifetime.




Bonded for life

Big sister meets little sister. It is the start of a lifelong bond that no one can ever sever. It was a pretty emotional moment for me seeing as how I have made sure that each of my daughters will never be alone now. No matter who else comes to their lives, they will have each other.



My heart is fuller. Thank you God for this opportunity to love this family.


What does this say?

In Filipino folk saying, this sleeping position taken up by a kid often signifies that it needs or is asking for a sibling. Hmmm…not just yet baby girl. We’re readying everyone around us before we can welcome your ading. Your father and I have to be more than able before we take on another you.

I might just be thinking too much of it as I recently heard of news of two friends who are expecting. Envious much? lol.

Mico’s Red Crab Birthday

We almost didn’t get to celebrate his 30th because of the amount of workload he has at the moment. But I surmise he didn’t want it to let it go by without the whole family together. And wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to spend time with the little one, of course.

I was actually looking forward to dining in The Red Crab. Unfortunately, they were working on something when we went there last weekend that had the whole place reeking of varnish. So we had to troop to nearby Flying Pig (again) to sit there but still ordered RC’s offerings anyway. Didn’t get to enjoy it though. Mischa was making herself a handful again by grabbing and throwing things on the table. Had to let the hubby finish eating first before I could have a go on my own. Needless to say, it was done in a huff. Sigh! The things that you miss (eating quietly and unhurriedly)!

Tito Sam went with us pala. He and Mischa have this love-hate relationship going. lol.

see? konti lang nakain ko? lmao.