My big baby underwent her Scouting Investiture today. I remember my own girl scout days–I was always excited because of all the activities we don’t usually do in class. And because we seldom get to do “stuff” when we were younger, except to stay at home and amuse ourselves with very little toys, I super liked the camping, bonfire, knot-making, etc. etc. Plus, not to be too pretentious, it helped really shaped a lot of my traits and habits now.
It has also honed the beginnings of my leadership skills. So I am glad that my daughter is also imbibing important values, and being more civic-minded. Add to that is her playing a key role, such as being a patrol leader. In this day and age, kindness, courtesy and being ready to help all the time do not go out of style.

Recycling outfits

We seemed to be in such a hurry these days with all the flurry of activities. We didn’t get to prepare much for Maxine’s birthday, and now, we didn’t have time to get her a proper United Nations outfit. Good thing though, her class was assigned the Latin American region, so we just recycled her costume from last year. It fits her well now where before it was loose. The best part is that we saved! Yay!

And this year, I get to watch her perform. Good job baby! Although I almost did a stage mother thing when her classmate kept on blocking her! I itched to push her aside. lol. Thank God for my manners!

On the edge of being a tween

The events leading to this year’s Kampise is knocking on my mommy door, and reminding me hard that I am fast losing a baby and gaining an awkward little lady. No matter how I try to keep my eyes closed, I could not really deny the physical changes happening to my 9-year old. Dressing her up, putting on her make-up and watching her sashay (well, not really because she’s still so awkward) are making my heart flutter and my anxiety levels shoot up. How come I just blinked and next thing I knew, she’s hardly any smaller than me? She even towers over her classmates.

I still haven’t gotten over it. Where in the world is the baby I just popped?

Maxine’s first field trip

Missed this once again as I had a work-related training on the same date. I am wistful that I keep on missing out on these important events but I am trying to convince myself that whatever I am doing for work, I am doing for their future. Such are the woes of working mothers like me 😦

Anyway, her daddy went her and I could see that she had fun! It was exciting that the school prepared a different kind of itinerary for them, which is not the usual field trips for preschoolers. This one seemed like a true learning experience. They went kite flying, watched a puppet show then went to a famous (kind of expensive) indoor theme park.

Busy as a bee

My little cutie pie was made a star during their recent production in her school’s foundation week celebration. All the students were assigned “Houses” and each house was composed of students from all year levels starting from the toddler class to high school. Maxine was made part of Red Agila, which she was so proud of though I doubt she understands it hehe. Since she was the youngest, and the cutest (stage mom alert!), she was the baby and as I said the star. During their practices (I brought her to school during these times because I played nanny when Mama just had her operation), I saw how all her other house-mates take care of her. They were playing with her, carrying her around, and basically vying for her attention. It was too cute for words!

Come the day of the actual presentation, or the field demonstration, where all the Houses will showcase their production numbers, she made a grand entrance, riding a tricycle-turned-mini-float dressed up with a bazillion paper flowers. She was the cutest bee! Her Dad said (I was again absent from this!) that she didn’t actually dance, rather just stood there and be cute. I didn’t think she had any inkling that they were entertaining the guests. And the best thing–their team won for best performance, yay!