Called to Love

A few weeks back, Mischa’s school held a post-Valentine concert. Being the supportive parents we are, we trooped to watch her (and the whole school) perform musical numbers. Unfortunately, we were so far back, and it was dark when her class performed, that I didn’t see her singing and dancing at all. Plus, as she is one of the tallest, she normally is positioned at the back. Being petite myself, I didn’t realize before now that being tall could be disadvantageous. lol. The dad was able to go near enough, and recorded it so at least I got to watch it later on.


40tude is an Attitude

Mischa’s schools is celebrating its 40th founding anniversary this year. One of its major, major activity is a school production called “40tude is an Attitude”. I call it major because the school and the participants, including Mischa, spent months and months of preparation for practices, costume fittings, dress rehearsals. We even had to pick her up at the last technical rehearsal at the Solaire Theatre at past 10:00 p.m. Not really the best time for kids to go home but…

And all their hard paid off! The show was spectacular! And my little girl was so good, I really wanted to cry in happiness! Here is a video:

But that was just the act where Mischa played a part in. They had, I think, more than 10 acts, each performed by selected grade levels. Could not take a video of them all, but they were all great.




Since the tickets were a little expensive, and kids below 3 years are not allowed, it was just me, Mike and Mico who watched while Maxine stayed with Mama and Lolo.

Krabby patty making

Mischa and I bonded over one of her projects called “Krabby Patty Making”. They had to make a burger, and her assignment was to bring the patty, bread and cheese. So I decided to make her patty from scratch, instead of buying ready made burger patties from the supermarket, since she has to be able to enumerate the ingredients and tell the procedure. It was our first time to cook together, and because we had fun, I think I will endeavor to make this a regular activity with the girls.

Because, like any other busy mom, I would often like to breeze through my kitchen activities, and now I feel guilty because my tendency was to shoo Mischa away usually so I can go on with whatever I have to finish. Starting now, I vow to involve her, and Maxine in the future, in the kitchen. I believe cooking skills is a good weapon to have.






Dugtong Buhay

I thought that I would be able to repay my “debt” to society when I signed up for bloodletting at Mischa’s school. Last year, friends and family willingly donated blood for me in anticipation of a possible complication when I give birth. When the school announced that it was holding its annual bloodletting activity called Dugtong Buhay, I immediately signed up in the hopes of giving back to whoever is in need at this time when I had generous loved ones when I myself needed blood. Proud that the schools does this yearly in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross.

But I only got in as far as the registration and initial interview. Sigh! I wasn’t eligible at this time according to the interviewer, not a year has passed since I had a ceasarian section. And the anesthesia inside my body have not been completely eradicated yet. So there. Really sad. I wanted to help.






Last Friday, Mischa’s school held one of its traditional activities – the Kampise. I do not really know what this stands for but it is yearly celebrated during the Buwan ng Wika, which is August. They were required to be in Filipiniana or native costume, and bring some food to share. Her assignment was pansit, puto, malamig na tsaa at sariwang prutas.

They held a school-wide program, which unfortunately I was not able to attend because there was an office event that I absolutely cannot miss. So the dad came with her and took these photos. I was sad not to be with her. She looks so pretty in her pink saya. All the kids participated in a parade around the school quadrangle and the best in costume per year level was chosen to represent the in a their fashion show. Boy, did some of the parents made a career out of dressing up their kids, you would think they were joining an international beauty contest! Afterwards, they all went to their respective classrooms for a mini program.

The dad also reported that she has new friends among her classmates. My little fear of her having a hard fitting in was baseless really. Glad for my kiddo.

Great day also for a dad-daughter only bonding!