Aloha, Matteo!

When you have a baby, it’s really like a top spinning, or time passing by in a whirl of colors. This is all the more true for the family of my cousin, Pam, her husband Chie, and their little Matteo. They’ve waited so long for this gift from God, and since he came last year, it’s like everything is being fast forwarded.

Much like your cousins, Ate Mischa and Ate Maxine, Matteo, you are a blessing to our family. Happy, happy birthday! We super enjoyed your Moana-themed party. Your hosts were so awesome! I love, love, love parties like these.

Still on Post-Christmas get-togethers

This should have been one of the firsts considering they’re family, but here we go. My mom’s side of the family only met last weekend, and we were joined by a new member in the person of little Jacob. Soon, and praying with crossed fingers, the addition of another one. One of my cousins, who has lost five babies (I’ve lost count), is again expecting a wee one, and I really, really, really pray and hope for them that this will be it.

Our growing second family

I may have turned a bit into a hermit because I don’t go out as much especially to reunions with old friends that I have fell out of touch with. But this is always one group that I would cross mountains and rivers for just so I could be with.

This may be too late for a Christmas gathering but who needs an occasion to be with your lifelong friends turned family? Hoping next time we would be complete. Also later this year, we would have an additional member as Jayjay is expecting baby no. 2, yay!

Our little big Euro-Pinoy friend

Advanced happy birthday to this little guy!

What a cutie! His mom used to work with us a few years back. His dad is German, but they live in Japan right now. They’re home now and this was an advance celebration for this first birthday. It was very simple but intimate. So great to catch up with friends who have since sought other pastures. As with other gatherings, there’s always this feeling of growing old, but getting wiser too. It is them I miss a lot.

Lola Noning’s birthday

Mike’s Auntie Noning’s (father-in-law’s eldest sister) birthday falls on New Year’s day. It has become a tradition in their family to spend the first day of the year together to celebrate the two events. We try as much as we can to join them although their family house is all the way to Novaliches. Their family is huge, and I can’t personally remember everyone even after eight years of being together, but there’s always new additions. This year, the party is more fun because aside from the food, they infused games for kids.




Thanksgiving in Callao

Picking up from my last post, I blogged about our recent trip to the husband’s hometown up north to have our first reunion with his family. Since his sister and her family were over here, the family decided to hold a gathering that includes the extended families and other loved ones to give thanks to the Lord for bringing us all together. There was a fiesta-like atmosphere at my in-laws’ house from dusk until the wee hours of the morning the following day. Everybody was happy to see each other. For me and our two daughters, we were introduced and re-introduced to the rest of the family, although frankly, I could not keep up with all the names and how we are related to one another. But this didn’t matter anyhow.

We started with a simple Methodist service in the family home.


Then it was all eating and talking and catching up with friends and relatives!



The star of the feast (poor cow!):


Mischa definitely had such a good time with all her cousins.



There was dancing at night. Music boomed, and all swayed and grooved to the beat!



We were indeed very blessed for the opportunity to belong to this wonderful community. And we were lucky this time that we got to have this first ever complete family picture!