Project Pie

Design. Build. Eat.

So goes the slogan of Project Pie, a restaurant specializing in artisan pizza. I wouldn’t go to the specifics on how this U.S.-based establishment has come to the Philippines, but supposedly it is the first franchise outside of America.

Five of us went here for a morning meeting, and it was still practically deserted, which suited us just fine. I like the sparse interior with one side completely filled with notable quotes from infamous personalities. The furniture were simple and clean.

We were given the choice of ordering one of their seven pre-determined flavors of an 8-inch pizza or we can choose to build our own given all the toppings.


Being the carnivore that I am, I ordered No. 2:


Two had No. 5 (with additional prosciutto) and No. 7:



I forgot to take photos of the other two.

Each pizza costs Php285, and I began to wonder afterwards if building from scratch would have been more worth it since I can get to have more toppings. Oh well, maybe next time. I would like to bring hubby here since there are healthier choices than the average pizza parlor.

I loved it that they have a refillable drinks station. They just give you a cup, and you can drink to your heart’s desire from among the sodas and China mist teas available. All for Php65. Reminded me of how we used to gobble up the drink-all-you-can at Burger King in the 1990s. I had about three glasses of Sweet Peach tea, and made the same number of trips to the ladies’ room, which by the way, reeked so early in the day.


All in all, it was an okay experience, nothing really to rave about. Or maybe I wasn’t that hungry yet.