Moving and moving forward

We will now have two kids in school. You would often hear parents “Don’t grow up too fast!” or “Where did time go?” in relation to bringing up kids. One minute they’re tiny, the next they’re spreading their wings and flying away from their nest. I’ve had these moments every time Mischa tries on thing after thing. But now it is the bunso‘s turn. Come August, she’ll join the throngs of school children. Earlier this month, we had her assessed at Mischa’s old pre-school, and been found that she can start toddler class. It is safe to say that she aced the “entrance exam”.

Some might say she maybe too young since she’ll be two months shy of being 3 by the time class opens. As with Mischa, there is really no pressure about her academics. For both of them, I just want the opportunities to learn and explore. As early as now, I want to expose her to the world, no matter how little the world maybe to her at this time. For her to just go beyond the confines of our house, and not be limited to our circle, her toys, and the gadgets around. And mostly, I just wish for her to have an alternative venue to expend her energies creatively.

Mischa’s pre-school graduation

With joy in my heart and tears just at the brim of my eyes, I watched as my eldest proudly received her diploma, her certificates of recognition and her lone medal last Friday. Wow, I can’t believe the tiny, helpless being I used to change diapers and sing lullabies to has finished three years of school with flying colors! Her daddy and I are most proud of all her achievements! Not to sound bitter or defensive, while she may not have as much medals or certificates as some of her classmates, I truly believe that her potential is much greater than what her teachers sees or recognizes. It goes far beyond what she manifests in her daily school work. She may not be the studious or even pabibo type, but I know and have seen that all her talents are there waiting to be honed. She just needs proper mentoring that may not have been present at her school. Her creativity, passion, wit cannot be contained within the four walls of the classroom, and maybe beyond the capacity of her teacher to mold.

We love you so much, anak. Keep up the good work. Whatever you do, mommy and daddy will always be your fans.










With her classmates who I’m sure she will greatly miss.







Pre-school closing party

In a series of “lasts”, Mischa had her last year end party at her school today. We accompanied her, and even gave small tokens for her classmates.



It was nothing fancy, what with the class bringing potluck, and participating in games. We let Mischa bring some brownies and polvoron. Had fun chatting with other mommies who were also waiting for their kiddos.

Last pajama fun day and popcorn party

As Mischa is leaving her present school for big school next school year, can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness. After all, she stayed here for two years, and I know she has made her first real friends here. Truth be told, I am a little scared for her because she will be embarking on a new journey and will be starting all over again in terms of belonging to a secure group. In a lot of ways, she’s a little like me who has a hard time making small talk and making new friends. It may not look like it but I am actually shy when meeting new people. At work, I am forced to make acquaintances because it’s part of my job and I have that down pat. However, for the most part, even at this ripe old age, striking up conversations and nurturing new friendships takes a lot of effort.

Anyway, I hope she just makes the most of the few days left of the school year with the friends she had known in her pre-school days. Glad that I am documenting most of her activities, which she can look back at when she’s older. I hope she doesn’t cringe a lot, like I do when I see my pictures haha.

Here are some photos of her last pajama/popcorn party at school, which I grabbed from a mommy friend’s Facebook page.




I find this series funny because all the boys were sitting down while the girls were running around πŸ™‚

The Graduate shots

Still some signs of happy endings and new beginnings, we got the printed copies of Mischa’s graduation photos. She looks so grown-up, I couldn’t believe this is my baby!




Better yet, I couldn’t believe she’ll be finishing pre-school soon, and entering the world of big school. As I said in my previous post, new challenges ahead for my little girl. I know she will do good but this mommy’s heart is thudding with anticipation of what lies before her.

Family fun day

As part of Mischa’s school’s Foundation Week, a Family Fun Day was held. Parents and the whole family were invited to join games and other fun activities. The husband and I again took the time off to be with our eldest, and we bought the bunso again in tow.


We were part of the Yellow Tamaraws team. Mommies joined in the chanting of the cheer, while the daddies performed the “stunts”. lol. The yellow team won first place for this, yay!



There were several games for the various year levels (Nursery, Kinder, etc.), and Mischa joined some of them.


Daddy did, too.


The day was fun. I am glad they have these activities where parents can interact with their kids and their classmates, and the school community. I am surely going to miss our AJV family since this will be Mischa’s last year with them.

Field demonstration

I think this is the first time that I’ve watched Mischa in a field demonstration although I have watched her perform a lot of times for various activities. Took some time off (again) because she requested that I or her Daddy go with her. I told her that Lolo would but she wouldn’t hear of it. So what other choice do I have but to give up some time for my little girl?

She was a little listless this time because she has the beginnings of a cold but she still did well. And who else went with us to watch Ate’s performance?


Darn that insect bite on her face. It sure is not a mosquito.

Here is Mischa’s performance: