Bed time is fun time

Bed time lately has been fun but tiring and sometimes, frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughters more than anything in this world. But as a working mom, with only your husband and senior citizen parents helping around the house (ergo, most chores still fall on my lap), all you want to do at the end of the day is lie on your bed and travel to neverland. My mind is already running to things to do the next day, and my remaining energy and willpower are bent on putting the kids to sleep. But in most cases, they who still have all that energy inside, have a different game plan every night. What else but to continue playing!

And so, despite my failing energy levels, I normally don’t have the heart to shush them and or make them stop when I see that they are enjoying themselves just horsing around. I can’t help but laugh with them as they display pure, unadulterated love and affection towards each other. Their squeals of delight, especially the little one, overpowers my tired body and soul. I am praying that they will remain as close when they grow up and grow old.





The Making of an Engineer/Architect

Mischa has this habit of recycling old toys and playing with them again after they have spent some time in retirement. We noticed that she has taken to bringing out her old blocks from her 1-year old days, and building all sorts of things (note: must buy age-appropriate ones). Nowadays, she’s into office buildings, houses and bridges.


Are we seeing the makings of an engineer or architect? Hubby and I are neither in the field, but we would definitely support her if indeed she decides to be one. It must be in our recessive genes.

Current favorite tambayan

I posted here how Mischa discovered her love for the outdoors. The park where she used to go is about five blocks from ours, in the village phase before ours. Thank God a new one was recently built in our own neighborhood. So during that short Christmas break when we were all at home, she developed the habit of riding her bicycle every afternoon to play there.

Being a solo child, she is used to playing alone, but now she is beginning to enjoy playing with the other neighborhood kids. This is great as these will be the kids she will grow up and will fondly call kababata years from now.

new park 1

new park 3

new park 2

A Day in the Park

Lately, Mischa has taken to going to the park early in the morning or in the afternoons when it isn’t so hot. Yay for fresh air! Yay for an active lifestyle! While we do have to go out of our way to get to the part, this means less TV time and less gadgets time. Good for the kid, and better for the adult going with her. We all absolutely love it (see that huge smile on my daughter, that’s how she loves it!), except I think for my mama, who thinks sitting down in a corner is the epitome of goodness in a kid. Tsk tsk.


Shadow play


One of Mischa’s rituals at bedtime, after her evening prayers and a book, is making shadows. It takes a lot from our batteries, but who cares, I am glad she is using her imagination. Aside from the ones I taught her, she makes up her own. As one would know, kids these days, without proper supervision, are almost just into gadgets. While I am sometimes guilty of letting the iPad or the TV babysit her, especially when I have chores to finish, and seeing as I am a working mom without a maid, I still try my damnedest to let her play the traditional way. While the grandmother, brought up in a generation different than mine, and waaaayyyyyyy different than now, would rather have Mischa parked in front of a TV (mas maigi daw na tahimik ang bata dahil mabait na bata ito. Duh ma!), I prefer she runs around the house (safely!), perspire and basically be an active, normal child (It’s so hard to bring up parents nowadays lol). I believe that a child is born to play and use her imagination.

New wheels

We have been having a lot of car trouble of late despite shelling out quite a large sum for its maintenance just this summer. We got to face the fact that the car is old, and must be suffering from joint pains to probably diabetes, Parkinsons, high cholesterol levels, etc. Maybe one of these days, it will suffer a stroke and just break down in the middle of nowhere. It is time for it to retire. But the bottomline is: we can’t afford just yet to buy a new one.

However, I am glad someone got a new set of wheels last weekend (it was Fathers’ Day but the day still belonged to her).


You don’t know how happy I am with this contraption. What a diversion from spending all her time indoors! Although very energetic, the little girl must have inherited from me the inclination to be a homebody and do things on our own. She would go out on our yard but will hardly venture when we try to take her out for a walk around the neighborhood. This bike will give her the opportunity to get fresh air instead of being cooped up inside the house, and see other kids at play. Though I don’t dream of her being outside all the time, it would do her a lot of good to be acquainted with and eventually be friends with these kids/

Enjoy, kiddo, but be careful.