Exercising my right

A few weeks ago, I braved the heat and throng of people, together with a good number of the Philippine population as we chose our next leader. This Presidential election has got to be the most controversial, and I would say, most divisive as ordinary Filipinos, not only candidates themselves, slugged it out, mostly on social media. Even friendships and relationships were severely affected and tarnished as supporters clawed at each other in the name of defending their candidates. Which is very sad.

Anyway, while I was not that happy with the outcome, I, and the rest of the Philippines, will have to live with the choice of some 15 million. I am hoping for the best although there is apprehension in the deepest recesses of my gut. Praying for my country!





an end to the first semester and summer

among other things, i did these shortly before i let go the first half of the year:

  • visited an old friend’s place after two years.  i know he’s not there anymore.  i remembered the good and bad times.  i hope you are happy onchie.  please watch over mischa, addie and nicole.  it was good seeing your mom and richard.  suffice to say, i think they were happy to see us too.  we haven’t forgotten, and will never, ever do.
  • watched as a new president was sworn in.  hope is in the air, i can smell it.  i pray with all my might that he will not let us down 1) by surrounding himself with ugly, nasty and selfish people 2) by thinking small 3) by listening to his baby sister.  god forbid if all she can contribute to the philippines is patting her kuya‘s back because he wore a nice polo today or was in a “good hair day”.
  • heard the good news that lorenzo is safely brought into this world by my kumare ic.  welcome kid.  just like the inauguration, it’s a new world for you.  i hope you kids grow up in a better place than us.
  • said goodbye to a person i didn’t think mattered that much to me.  it’s so cliche, but true, that you begin to value someone when you lose them or their presence.  i strangely feel it.  and he left meaningfully by standing up for our utility workers.  kudos!
  • been given a gold medal during the cfolympics.  yahoo!  this event will warrant a longer post.
  • transferred yet again.  sigh.  it’s like i don’t have any clout at all anymore.

what i didn’t (or wasn’t able) to do:

  • go swimming.  or go anywhere near a body of water.  bah 😦
  • had any prospect for professional growth.  no interviews, no calls, not even preliminary exams or the like, despite the numerous applications.  need i downplay my skills and qualities?
  • watch any movie at all.

still have a half year to catch up.  i hope to be more productive and not lag around so much.  i hate the feeling of being “lost”.

on a happier note, mischa has been doing these since she turned 1:

  • “beautiful eyes” (i really don’t know the “timeline” for this milestone nyahahaha.  she does it when her mouth opening and closing, too.  it’s just the cutest thing.
  • stick out her tongue when asked.
  • ask to be patted to sleep.
  • give you stuff when asked.
  • kiss with her mouth open.  i have yet to teach her to do it with more finesse.  lol.
  • say “ammmm” when she wants to eat.
  • point A LOT for the things she wants to hold.
  • began eating fish.
  • can identify cats and birds.
  • does away with her afternoon naps whenever daddy and i are home.

she has yet to walk alone though.

the torch has been passed

and so they were proclaimed.  yesterday marked another era in philippine history as the son of a former president was officially announced the 15th president of the country following an overwhelming victory at the polls last month.  together with vice president-elect, jejomar binay, noynoy aquino, scion of national hero, ninoy aquino and the icon of democracy herself, corazon aquino, was held victorious at the plenary hall of the batasang pambansa.  after much hullabaloo in the aftermath of the first automated elections, the filipino people have finally come together as one.  hope is almost palpable everywhere in the country, even in those who didn’t vote for noynoy.  many have come to expect great things from him owing to his good pedigree and his almost spotless record.  while he hasn’t shown significant brilliancy during the many years of his political career as lawmaker (first as tarlac congressman and later as senator), he has exuded that air of dignity and pride of not being labeled as corrupt as many of his contemporaries have been at one time or another.  while this has become the norm (sadly) in philippine politics, his reputation has remained unsullied, save i think for the one time he dated a starlet years before.  it must be history speaking for him for both of his parents are held at such high esteem by this nation that they naturally accorded him the same respect.  but he has yet to prove himself, and many are watching, albeit with crossed fingers, that he lives up to the expectations.  i didn’t vote for him.  but i don’t hate him either.  let’s give him a wide berth so that he can maneuver properly.  he’s just like a 1-year old, learning the ropes of walking, or more like tottering, at this time.  let’s see what he will do with the tools that will be handled down to him.  he’s not exactly inheriting a utopia, and he is in this for the long haul.  let’s just hope he doesn’t give kris aquino the slightest chance to meddle in the affairs of the country.  amen.

star studded

i hardly ever post anything in filipino.  in fact, i think i have not.  just a few snippets here and there of some expressions that i can’t translate to english because they will lose their essence if i force the issue.  this post would have lots of them.  i just need to let it all out.

nakakaimbyerna ang mga pinoy!  di ko na talaga kinakaya etong nangyayari sa nakaraang   eleksyon.  (with matching gay lingo lol.)

i can’t imagine the kind of congress we will have come the opening of the joint session in july.

naisip nyo ba si gma na dating pangulo ng pilipinas hobnobbing with:

  • congressman manny pacquiao
  • congresswoman lani mercado-revilla
  • congresswoman lucy torres-gomez
  • congressman dan fernandez

need i mention the senators?  don’t think so.

i would have understood if they ran for local office.  it is easy to “relate” with your kabayans.  but really, congress?  can you imagine manny pacquiao in a floor debate with some of our kapita-pitagang mambabatas? how can he engage himself in intellectual conversation?  lord help him.  does he actually know what he’s doing?  i mean, really, he’s such an icon for filipinos.  a real hero, even if he had to sacrifice body, sweat and blood for the honor (and millions of dollars) he has brought home after his las vegas bouts.  why did he choose to succumb to the eggings of ambitious supporters who deep inside know anyway his capabilities (lawmaking is not one of them).  such a pity.

eto natawa ako sa isang fan-created page sa facebook:


not to be discriminating but i can only conclude: mas maraming mahirap kesa matalino! this is very evident in ranking of mr. erap estrada who was charged, found guilty, and jailed for plunder, and later mercy-pardoned by gma (who i don’t know was running through her mind when she signed the pardon).  we filipinos never, never learn.  hindi na natin ma-pinpoint kung sino ang dapat sisihin sa kakulangan ng kamalayan ng mga tao sa mga dapat iboto.  what drives us to choose who we want to run this country?  poverty?  food?  personality?  glamor?  intellect?  or we choose the least evil?  basta may mali somewhere along the way.

sometimes i feel so hopeless for my country, most especially during these times.  that’s why i braved the torturous heat last may 10–to make the smallest difference, but a difference anyway.

my one vote

i did it!  i have never missed exercising my right to suffrage ever since the day i turned 18, when i voted for the 1997 barangay elections.  i personally believe that aside from this being a right, it is also a duty–to one’s country and family because voting spells that kind of future that we want and deserve through the way citizens vote.  and so, i again braved the outside summer heat and dust as i fell in line to cast my ballot at the first automated elections in the philippines.  i patiently waited for my turn as the queue progressed on.  compared to those in the news who had to wait for hours and hours on end, my whole time at the voting precint took about an hour at the most.  there was a lot of bickering about the inefficient system, no lines for senior citizens, and a gamut of complaints, which was to be expected.  i ignored them all, instead i tried to fan myself like crazy to dispel the atrocious heat.  i didn’t go inside the designated waiting area, instead just stood at the hallway of the classroom where i was enlisted in, and awaited the time my number would be called.  that was it actually.  i knew who to vote for, except for the locals for which i asked for my parents’ advice so i had an easy time shading the appropriate blocks.  i knew my choice for president was for naught.  he was far, far behind them all.  but of all, i believed he was the right choice.  and though it would not matter, my conscience told me otherwise.

eenie meenie miney moe

election day is just around the corner this part of the globe.  but i am still undecided who deserves my one vote.  despite being bombarded by ads and campaign jingles, one simply doesn’t shade the least evil of them all.  that tiny speck of ink would spell the future of our country.  and i’m not even thinking of my own future, but my daughter’s and her future sibling(s).  whoever we choose will be one of the legacies we pass on to them.  meaning the kind of governance that the chosen leader will employ would somehow spell our kids’ future.  so we should, in our tiny way, ensure that we give the next generations some hope, and that they would have easier lives than we did.  as mothers or parents, we should weigh our responsibilities from a different side of the spectrum.  our children will live longer than us so in effect, they are ones that would feel the brunt of our choices today.

do i vote for candidates who share the same alumni with me?

or the one who’s smart and able, but has a deep, deep utang na loob and wrong affiliation?

maybe i should just choose by process of elimination.

for sure, i would not be voting for men clad in orange.

or those who make use of children who don’t really understand what they are endorsing.  or dragging their aging mothers and big time celebrities.

or those who, instead of campaigning to lift themselves up, choose to spend their campaign funds tarnishing the reputation of other candidates?  instead of trying to make people believe in them by laying their platforms and plans for the country, tries to unearth and even invent outrageous things that would put down their political rivals.

or those who have been kicked out from the highest position the first time they held office.

or those who run for office so they could take a swing at their opponents.

i’m a bit biased don’t ya think?  but you know who i’m talking about.

we all need to pray for divine guidance, that we may use our one chance to choose wisely and responsibly.

and they’re off

today marks the first “official” day of the election campaign. while we have been overly bombarded in the past months of political advertisements and various gimmicks intended for name recall, it is only now that they are given the go signal to actively campaign round the country. goodness only knows how many people have LSS of nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura since around christmastime. i want to bang my head every time i find myself humming it. of course i’m not supporting manny villar but the tune is indeed very catchy. even kids know it. hubby’s nieces has been singing this to us over the phone. arrggghhhh!

oh well, the good thing is, we have the chance of getting glimpses of the kind of platforms these people intend to lay on the people. strategies abound on how to best appeal to the mercy or the innermost emotions of people. although there is a little injustice on how the “little” or “humble” politicians could not do the same if they cannot afford to throw away that much money only to have your face grace every household between tv shows. the unfairness of it all. the purported man with humble beginnings as a fish vendor has been said to have spent more than P50 billion since the latter part of 2009 to kick off his campaign. if he had only given a million to each pinoy in the middle and lower brackets of our society, wouldn’t we have been uplifted somehow? and to give away houses and lots on a noontime show? tsk tsk. how low can you go? it’s like buying the presidency. and that the filipino people can be bought just like that.

others employ different tactics, albeit not with the same shamelessness because they have lesser money to spend anyway, but with the same atrocity.

erap had the guts to use “kung may erap may ginhawa”. and that is after he has blatantly squandered people’s money, been caught, been found guilty, been “jailed” on house arrest, and been pardoned. if he wins, i think many would think of committing suicide. if the so-called masses would once again triumph, and vote because of ignorance, the philippines would be the biggest laughingstock EVER. let’s have mercy on ourselves.

i would vote for noynoy because i know his reputation is untarnished, and that he is really a man of principle. ( i just hope he doesn’t put kris aquino on his cabinet or one of his advisors). but he does need to prove himself. fast. he needs to convince people of his competence. and he needs to put the lid on his sister’s mouth who may prove to be his undoing, much like she is a speck on her mother’s record.

i would also think of voting for gibo. he has shown brillance beyond doubt. he may have seemed off the radar before but in the few months since the administration’s party has endorsed his presidency, i could see a light beyond the tunnel for the filipinos. but i know that he owes a lot to the current administration. and that’s a scary thing if we think about how he would repay his debts of gratitude. two words: money and power.

we can forget the others. they would just tend to tip a little of the scale without making the slightest dent. jamby is a circus act. bro. eddie hasn’t learned his lesson, and will once again embark on a futile campaign. gordon and binay may have proven themselves in their respective turfs, but the philippines is too big for them.

people need to vote wisely. i have exercised my right to suffrage in all national and local elections since the day i turned 18 in 2007. i hope my one vote matters. if i could have my way, voting rights should be given proportionately to those who pay taxes. since tax payers fund our national budget, they are the true stakeholders of this country. this may sound discriminating, but really, those that keep on producing children that end up on the streets while they smoke, drink and gamble their butts off instead of getting their asses to make decent living for their families should not be allowed to cast votes. they are unproductive members of our communities, and they continue to be burdens on the pockets of hardworking citizens. if only they have the will to take care of their families, they wouldn’t be in the state where they are now–living in gutters, being pickpockets and hold uppers, spending on drugs whenever they could lay their hands on something.

oops, getting off topic here. my point is just that, we shouldn’t get carried away by sweet words and flowery presentations nor catchy tunes. we must get to the bottom of their plans for their country. and as always, think and vote wisely! we have suffered too much and too long already. let us vote for the leader that we truly deserve.