First assessment

We finished the first week of Toddler class last week, and now halfway through the second. And I am still proud to say that we have yet to witness tears or tantrums in school. Hooray! At one time or another, all of her classmates have cried for their mommies/grandmas/nannies, and the latter have spent time inside the classroom to hold the toddlers’ hand or dry their tears. So far, this has never happened to our spiffy little girl. One boy even cried for one whole week! This has, however, prevented us from going inside the classroom ourselves so we haven’t witnessed any of her classes. One lola (who is now Mama’s kumare haha) reported to us (when her charge cried and she got to go inside) that Maxine is so participative in class. Hayayay, I wish I could see her, but I rest knowing that my baby is doing well. Last Friday, we also got her very first assessment from her teachers. Yay!

Happy 3rd, my chubby cheeks


You’re getting bigger by the day, literally. If it were legal to bite those yummy cheeks, I would. Gigil na gigil na si Mommy sa yo, anak! You are such a lovable creature, not only because you are so good to look at, but because you have such a wonderful personality. You smile very easily, and you respond as though you understand the littlest things we talk to you about. Yes, before you hit your third month, you have already captured the hearts of everyone around you with your bright and cheerful disposition. I love it that your smile is genuinely reflected in your beautiful eyes! As your mother, I knew that you will be a source of good vibes even when you were still in the womb. Even then, you make your presence felt with the slightest nudge from Mommy.

You are also such a babbler and you’re still our little crybaby though. But I am happy that most days now, you laugh more than you cry (which was what you did in your first two months of life). You have also began sleeping through the night, waking up only to drink your milk around 3 or 4 in the morning. Yay, more sleeping hours for Mommy!

I know I have said this a million times, but I will never tire of saying that I love you and your sister so much. My love for you girls are bigger than anything Mommy has ever known her whole life. I never really knew what my life was for until you came along. I will love you forever, my darlings.

Career Day

Mischa’s school held a Career Day last week. The pre-school students were asked to come in costumes that will show what they want to become when they grow up. These will be showcased in a fashion show where they were also asked why they want to be what they want to be.

As you can see from the photo, my little girl aspires to be a rockstar. I actually gave her the idea because I know how she loves music, and she is fond of singing and dancing. Glad that she immediately latched on to the concept. We already did this get-up for creative shots for the graduation pictorial of the Kinder 2 students back in September. While most of her classmates want to be doctors, nurses and chefs, I am proud that she dared to be different. That she did not succumb to what was the fad or what was “in” with her classmates.



Like mother, like daughter

It’s the crack of dawn on Black Saturday, and I am wide awake as an owl. It is such an injustice to have awoken at 4:30 in the morning on a holiday when I usually cram those available sleeping hours on workdays. On the one hand, it feels great to see daddy and daughter sleeping side by side peacefully. I spent a good half an hour just watching them as their chests rise with each untroubled breath. I could do this all day, you know.

But since I have been up for some time now, I got up, went to the bathroom, tried to sleep again, got up again, turned on the TV, opened the laptop and surfed the net. And as I have been in a reflective mood the past few days, here I am trying to get stuff off my chest and writing.

So what is it that I am now reflecting on aside from how-much-deeply-in-love-I-am-with-my-daughter fixation, and how she seems to be shooting up right before my eyes? Well, I am now thinking of our likenesses aside from obvious physical resemblance. While she got her general disposition from her dad (I disown that moody, suplada, impatient, headstrong nature hehe), she still took some behavioral things and tastes from me–from habit or by nature, I really can’t tell…

…like how she runs away from cockroaches, or calls daddy at the top of her lungs
…or how she hates ampalaya, or dislikes squash
…how she loves sour, sweet and salty food
…how sharp her memory is (this is like a prelude of my being mapagtanim hehe)
…how gregarious and loud she is when surrounded by the people she knows
…how she doesn’t want to be at the center of attention, and shies away from people who ogle her too much
…how she doesn’t plunge headlong into a new activity and watches first for several times before she does it herself
…how she keeps a lot of the pain to herself and doesn’t cry when she is berated, or stumbles or falls
…how predictable she is (or maybe I just know her too well)

And in more ways than I can comprehend. I am torn between surprise and awe at how I seem to be looking at a mirror every time I look into her eyes. I am also afraid if she grows up to be like me–how I absurdly value other people’s opinion more than my own, and always turn to others for validation. I hope she comes into her own, and doesn’t take after the pushover side of me. Oh well, this isn’t about me. As I keep praying to God to guide me, and let me be the best mom I can be, I hope to have the strength to lead her the right path to goodness and happiness.