Quickest planning

My mommy duties beckoned as soon as I got off the plane. Aside from the usual and unusual household stuff I had to contend with, I didn’t know I had a party to plan! Maxine’s birthday is coming up, and we were supposed to just have spaghetti and cake in school for her and four classmates (plus two teachers). Well, it turned out I had to make an event of it. lol. Kidding aside, I just love doing these kinds of parties. I have always thought of changing careers and doing these things. Who knows, if God willing…

So for this party, I had to choose from among several of Maxine’s favourite characters. Pink would just not do it. Her recent obsessions are PJ Masks, Paw Patrol and Puppy Dog Pals. After some thought, I decided on PJ Masks.

I quickly scoured the net for invitation templates, order some loot bags and giveaways from a trusted printer/supplier, talked to a baker friend for the cake, bought other items online, drew up a menu, and so on. So I’m quite excited for next Wednesday.

Recovering my blogging mojo

There is something seriously wrong with my blogging mojo. I really have so much to write about, things we did as a family, Maxine’s milestones, Mischa’s emotional fragility, places I visited, hotels I want to review… Well, the list goes on and on. The drafts are definitely piling up. But somehow, there is wiring trouble between my brain and my fingertips. Maybe my heart is involved here somewhere. I don’t feel like writing anything down that much.

And it is poor Maxine who’s maybe indirectly “suffering” as I don’t get to document her life as much as I did with her sister. So sorry babe.

Anyway, we are also kind of preoccupied as we are preparing for two major celebrations in the family. Mama is turning 70, and Mischa will be 7 soon. Woot woot!



I hope I get to write more often after this. And I mean really write from the heart. Not because I have to.

Jumping in muddy puddles

We decided to jump in muddy puddles! A few weeks ago, I was toying with several ideas for the theme for Maxine’s first birthday party next month. But her Ate decided it would be Peppa Pig, so Peppa Pig it is!

I am sneaking in party planning in between work, scouring over the net for ideas and suppliers. So far we have booked most of them, and am now trying to tie up loose ends with more than a month to go. Whew, I think I’m right on track.

Venue with catering – check
Styling/stage decor – check
Candy buffet with the birthday cake – check
Facebook event page – check
Invitation – check
Party host/magician – check
Face painter – check
Collaterals – check

Still on my to do list:

Loot bag contents
Contest prizes
Party favors for adults
Printing of invitation
Name tags

The husband and I are planning on braving Divisoria one of these days. It’s a Filipino go-to place for dirt cheap stuff.

Anyway, am really excited about all these. Wish I could be a full time party planner hihi.

Some sneak peak:


sugar rush peppa

How to party?

That is the question. Have started a little party planning for my bunso‘s first birthday. Now doing a little budgeting, drawing up the guest list, and of course, scouting for party ideas!

To jump on muddy puddles?


To sip and pour some royal tea?


Or be sew magical?


If the elder girl has her way, although it is not her birthday, we would go for the first theme. I am actually leaning towards it and I am about 80% sure. But it wouldn’t kill anything (except maybe time :)) to look at other ideas. I can’t help it!

Preparing to be in the fold

Preparations are underway for our ading to belong to God’s family. I actually scouted for suppliers even before I gave birth so I had a head start. The Church was non-negotiable so we had to work around it. I really like that all baptisms held in that church are special/solo so it is more intimate and there would be no fanfare. It was kind of expensive, though Php2,500 for the first pair of sponsors and Php100 for each additional pair). We also had a hard time booking our target date and time (too many kids to be baptized at this time of the year?). But all is well.

Downpayment for reception is paid for, menus chosen, amenities discussed. This was not my original choice but it will do.

Souvenir supplier also booked and paid for.

Mico took care of photobooth services.

I also had the invitation layout done by an online graphic artist thru Etsy. Happy with the results! We will print this at home ourselves.

(Maxine) Baptism Invitation

Created an events page at Facebook where I regularly post notices, including the Save the Date card, this invitation, the map, and some reminders. This is for everyone, especially friends and relatives who are far from us to be kept in the loop.

To do at this time:

– Tarpaulin layout and printing
– Baptismal outfit
– Services of a photographer (volunteer :))

sneak peek

here’s the invitation (many thanks to ninang bel and also to ninong troy) for the upcoming birthday bash of our kiddo.  as we’re about two weeks into the big day and we have little time to distribute to other family and friends, i think we’re just goin to post this in facebook.  ahh the perks of technology.

as you can see, we’ve finally decided on the theme although for the love of me, it was so hard finding loot bags and party hats to match, even in divi.  anyway, we love it.  and i’m sure she’ll charm everyone when she comes in in her vavoom costume on the day.  see ya all!

the divi trip

oh the things you do for your kid.  in the midst of this summer heat, hubby and i trudged down to divisoria yesterday, taking advantage of the labor day holiday (in lieu of May 1), to buy stuff needed for mischa’s upcoming birthday.  while it is still a little more than a month away, we decided to go early to beat the anticipated crowd that will troop down the famous bargain and wholesale haven come the latter part of may for the usual back-to-school shopping.  we always preferred the comforts of an air-conditioned mall for our needs.  we didn’t even brave the place during our wedding preps save for a single trip where our good friend IC was looking for something for her own wedding (we did get to buy cloths for our entourage’s gowns).  but as we are heavily cash-strapped now, what with paying for credit card bills and utilities, and party planning for bulilit’s 1st birthday in june, a trip to divisoria was in order.  i just knew that we would spend a fortune if we try to find answers in SM or rustan’s.

armed with cash (credit cards are basically useless in divi), unadorned even with our wedding rings and watches, and sans cellphones, we took the fx, train and jeepney because we knew parking would be absolutely non-existent.  i had a few misgivings about not bringing the car because i knew that, after combing the stalls of the various malls after a couple of hours, we would be laden with plastic bags of all sizes, which would be carrying our loot.  but there was no way to it.  i didn’t want to end up doing the shopping alone should hubby need to stay and look after the car.

it was horrendous in general.  i tried not to be too complaining and show to hubby that i felt uncomfortable with the whole trip because it was my idea in the first place.  but from the get-go, i finished a bottle of mineral water despite my apprehensions about finding a suitable and clean toilet in divi.  on the one hand, i was so afraid of a possible heat stroke that i had visions of me not making it to mischa’s birthday.  lol.  after an hour or so, we began feeling the strains of the task for we have not been able to get our sights on any party needs store.  in the vast center, i really believed that once we get inside, we would be swamped by an ocean of choices.  but no!  apparently, we had to tediously scout aisle by aisle of the divi mall, the 168 mall and tutuban center.  the good thing though–these are airconditioned.  thank god for small blessings.  there is still the big public market though where things are even cheaper but we didn’t have the strength to do that anymore.  we both got a little antsy when we couldn’t find the party stuff,  and i felt that we were going in circles, without any systematic direction.  we decided to cool off a little by having lunch at the food court even though at that point, our trip seems to be going nowhere.  we saw other things we wanted and needed for the house, like curtains and other home decor, but i was not to be distracted.  we were there for mischa’s birthday.  the money we had was for her party.  period.

after we were refreshed a bit, we continued with our journey to the recesses of the mall.  after due diligence, we were finally directed to go to the basement of the divi mall. and then…jackpot!  rows and rows, aisles and aisles of all party needs imaginable.  for a while, i got stumped.  now, i had more choices than i could lay my hands on.  we got a little disappointed that there were no stuff matching our theme, considering we thought it would be easy to find stuff decorated with flowers.  but most of them carried only the usual barneys, disney princesses, winnie the pooh, etc.  in the end, we didn’t mind.  we got the generic kind party hats, loot bags, toys and school supplies.  i finally got happy.  we went home laden with birthday stuff yet we didn’t have to shell out much, which made us even happier.  we went home tired but satisfied.  yeah, there was the obvious lack of comfort, i’ll tell you this much.  despite the coolness of the mall, you still get to literally rub elbows and arms with other shoppers.  it’s just your luck if you happen to brush one that is sweaty or full of god knows what dirt.  and you still need to drink gallons of fluid to re-hydrate yourself.  i survived on coke and gatorade.  and hand towels.

we got home late afternoon to mischa’s squeals again.  despite my obvious exhaustion, carrying her and playing with her made it all go away.  preparing this party for her is absolutely worth it.