Bone jarring pain

Have been in so much pain, literally, for than a month now, because of my teeth. And I mean, real, bone-jarring, boring-into-your-skull kind of pain. And I thought my tolerance for pain is quite high. But I succumbed and admitted defeat to this kind of pain. I wished I was back in the O.R. delivering my twelfth baby. I was calling all the saints I knew. The pain was that bad. I often saw red, especially at night. It unilaterally affected me running my household and performing my duties at work.

So I finally trooped to our neighborhood dentist. Only to be checked on by what I consider an incompetent dentist who chopped off my silver amalgam and replaced it with a new one. I thought the devil got me there and dragged me to hell. Maybe that was how being burned alive felt like. I thought my eyes rolled back to my head a couple of times. I thought maybe I should have prepared my last will and testament. It was that BAD.

Yet, there was no relief. If anything, the hell-like pain doubled a thousand times. This was akin to Bella Cullen’s experience as she shifted from mortal to immortal.

So I went and sought my childhood dentist. And my going back to her was such a blessed relief. She ordered a panoramic xray of my mouth even prior to my visit. And she immediately knew what to do.


Looks terrible doesn’t it? All that source of pain found in three impacted teeth and that molar that maybe needs a root canal.

I had my first oral surgery two days ago. The actual operation was done and over with in thirty minutes or maybe less. The anticipation was worse and I was just relieved that it was all over. Now I have a swollen cheek to show for it, and some toothache that is more manageable.

Just two more to go.

Good God. Giving birth is definitely more tolerable.