Cafe Creole

It is Mothers’ Day today but I had a flight to catch at noon so the family compromised on a quick brunch at the Newport Mall, which is right across the airport. Dad wasn’t able to come with us since we had some repairs going on back at the house so we just takeout food for him.

We opted for Cafe Creole from among the row of restaurants since we previously had cake and coffee there, and so wanted to try their breakfast fare. We had the fastest brunch ever, but I must say, one of the best I had. When I looked at their menu, I thought that most of their offerings were too expensive, but when the orders came in one by one, I was aghast at how big the servings were! The restaurant specializes in Creole or Southern Louisiana cuisine, which has French beginnings.

Caesar salad

Beef Tapa dirty rice (Mmmmm, beef sirloin and rice cooked in the same pan where the tapa was fried. Soooo good!)

Bourbon St. Hangover Breakfast (this is like the platter for those on death row. Eat like there’s no tomorrow! lol)

Bacon and Egg Omelet

Fresh grape juice


Last Saturday’s lunch brought us to the Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila. I’ve only been here a few times since this was out of our usual way, and I find it a cool place because it wasn’t too crowded. And I couldn’t find those loud, young, grunge-y mall-goers so added points in my book (must be getting old). The lower floor has a huge casino, designer boutiques, as well as a performing arts theatre. The second and third levels contain the higher end restaurants, but the center of which has a huge skylight with water fountains beneath. Children were playing and running endless, with nannies and mommies chasing after them.

From among the restaurants available, Crisostomo beckoned, partly because it was only one of a few that I haven’t tried yet. It was well-lighted even at high noon. The general theme is turn of the century, Spanish period, the setting of national hero Jose Rizal’s revolutionary novel, Noli Me Tangere. Furniture and fixtures, and even the paintings, were definitely Spanish although modern-looking. There were faux cobwebs on the paintings and lights for effect.

Somebody’s excited to eat:

The food served at Crisostomo is Filipino comfort food. These can actually be found all over but the taste and quality sets them a little apart. I also liked the way their dishes are names, which are after the book’s numerous characters, including the protagonist, Crisostomo Ibarra. This was of course done with many twists and word plays. I couldn’t remember them all now, except for what we had, which I consciously took note of.

Protacio's Pride (Baked New Zealand Mussels)

Don Rafael (Crispy Pata)

Munggo de Mariano (With chicharon and tuyo fillet)

Kare Kare ng Kura

Binan (Grilled Tuna Belly)

Anybody who knows me knows that these are my absolute favorites, especially the crispy pata. So I just almost died as soon as I got my greedy fingers and mouth on it. Very flavorful, and the tastiness goes beyond the skin. We had leftovers, which we had doggie-bagged, and I was surprised that the skin maintained its crispiness even during dinner. The munggo was a little so-so, as with the tuna belly. The kare-kare was also good, and what I loved about it is the main ingredient was beef, not ox tripe. And as I hadn’t had mussels in a while, I almost finished half of the whole thing, which is totally disgusting of me I know. We all had native fruit juices-guava for me, boring mango for the hubby, four seasons for the grandma, and malunggay for the grandpa.

Shelled out almost three thousand for all of these, which was a little high but sort of worth it.

Oh, and we saw Daphne Osena-Paez (with her family), who is just one of my biggest idols! I have been religiously following her blog. Would have loved to say hi, but was too shy, and not to mention, starstrucked. So I just tweeted her, and she replied! Yay! lol.

Kudos goes to the very prompt and efficient servers. All in all, I give this restaurant four stars.