As the new year turned

We are grateful for the year that was, and excited to what lies beyond.

Personally, am thankful for the gift of my wonderful family. I couldn’t have asked for more, except maybe a baby boy in the future. lol.

Thankful also for the work I have because it helps me raise my family, and allows me to step into another of my persona apart from mother and wife. Scared and excited for the challenges being thrown my way right now. I know God will provide and protect as long as I do my best.

Happy 2016! (sorry for the yagit look)




Belated greetings from these Minnies

These cutie patooties are sending belated greetings of peace and joy as we welcomed the new year!


They were lucky to spend that turn of the year with both sides of their families–the best of both worlds. New Year’s Eve dinner was with Ninong Mico, Mama and Lolo, while a rainy lunch was spent with Mama Old, Tita Vivien, and a handful of cousins from daddy’s side.



Our families are awesome!

Welcome 2013!

This year, I am not up to pondering much about how my year have been. While there are definite highs and lows, I would not like to put in retrospect and list down the things that made me ecstatic or the disappointments that came my and my family’s way just because the year turned. I definitely count my blessings each time but I do not want to look back with regret at the things that did not work out right.

I will just continue to pray and keep the hope alive in my heart that everything will work out fine this year. As long as my daughter and husband are by my side, I will keep the fire burning inside of me.

Anyway, much like my post about a week ago right after Christmas, I am just glad that we celebrated the coming in of the new year at home.



It was just the three of us since my folks spent new year’s eve at my brother’s spanking new home (which I will blog about in the days to come hehe). Our feast was very simple, including the traditional basket of fruits and our family’s sotanghon soup. Of course, there was ham, then there’s kare-kare (my first attempt but I cheated and used the Barrio Fiesta mix).


We brought and lit our share of fireworks. Our new neighbors were very sosyal with their fireworks. Buti na lang maganda din yung binili namin. lol. We were all for the visual feast, and had a lot of fountains, and less of the noisy, cheapo ones I knew back in our old neighborhood, i.e., watusi, burning tires. Of course, the little girl and I stayed indoors and watched from the comfort of our house. She found everything loud and kept on putting her hands over her ears. I prayed deeply nobody dared pull a gun.


watch fireworks

Cheers from my family to yours!


Family fun on New Year’s Day

So we ushered in the new year again with the hubby’s side of the family. Remember that we brought Mischa home to the province last year. I don’t know but maybe we’re slowly building a tradition for our little family of three–Christmas spent with my side, and New Year with his. I think the hubby was a little surprised that I insisted that we spend it at my sister-in-law’s instead of my own home. Oh well, I wanted Mischa to also get to know the other side of her family, not only my own. It’s very seldom that she sees any of them. Plus, she really needs to get more exposed to other people, especially kids.

Next year though, we would probably be in our own humble abode. Hurray for that! Definitely looking forward to that despite it seeming like a billion years away.

It was a very simple affair. We went to their place early on the 31st so that they could all play, play, play! My heart leaped to my throat though a few times. Mischa is really not used to rough play, and let’s say that her cousins weren’t the gentlest! Had simple buena noche, and watched the fireworks of neighbors. Of course, the brother-in-law lit up his own fire crackers, and we all had to stay inside because these were too loud for the kids.

Welcome 2012 again!

Happy 2012!

It’s time for a fresh new start! As I said in my Christmas post, my family has been more than blessed, and we are well on our our way to fulfilling our dreams. I know that more challenges are looming my way but I just have to fight the impulse to run or whine. Instead, I have to be stronger and wiser. Need to fight all the negativity trying to pull me down. After all, I am doing everything for my family, especially my little one. I just continue to pray that I conquer all. I know that He will lead me and point me in the right direction as long as I am looking for the right signs along the way.

The heiress has come home

Our trip to hubby’s hometown was the farthest that Mischa has ever been to. The whole trip was fun, warm and full of family love. The grandparents were happy that we managed to celebrate the New Year with them. I know that my own parents were a bit sad with their unica hija very far from them as we ushered in the new year, but this is just the way it is. Mischa also needs to be with her other family.

My daughter, on the other hand, was just plain ecstatic being around her cousins, and running around the family compound. The fresh air and cool climate did her a lot of good. She absolutely loved it there! Her Yaya Vinvin, who is also from their town, came over, and took care of running after her while I cooked the New Year feast. I got really embarrassed everytime Mischa wouldn’t go to her Papa Old (grandpa) or her uncle. Although I know, of course, that she doesn’t take to males easily, I still cringe when I see her do her suplada thing. They might think I don’t teach her enough manners. But what can I do? It’s really her personality.

four of the ten grandchildren with my sister-in-law

Mischa giggling in delight as the brothers horse around

At the strike of midnight, we were all out watching the fireworks, which hubby was “operating”. The night air was cold, I tell you! Here are a couple of photos. We didn’t get to take much because Mischa was clinging to me, and hubby was doing the lighting ’em up.

All in all, it was such a great way to welcome a new year. This is also my first time to celebrate with a big family when it was usually just me, my parents and brother. And for the life of me, my mom is just so freaked out by firecrackers, or even those harmless fountains. I know, it was a “sad” and “quiet” event for all of my 28 years at the family home. I only got to enjoy them fireworks when I began living with hubby. Teehee.

With Papa Old and Mama Old

Our simple feast