Just one more month to go before bunso celebrates her first birthday! I may have said this more than once, but when it comes to raising kids or spending time with your family, time seems to be moving like a bullet train. I wish time at work would also feel like this instead of moving at the pace of an aging turtle. Sigh.


Anyway, we are bracing ourselves for this little charming troublemaker. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d be climbing out of her playpen soon. Ever since she discovered how to stand and cruise around it, it is seldom that you will find her sitting nowadays. Also, I often get awakened at the wee hours of the morning and she’s all over the bed and either crawling or playing. Good thing we’ve sorted of barricade ourselves around her sleeping area so that we wouldn’t have a repeat of her falling on the floor while we are all in dreamland.

And she’s picked up quite an appetite lately. She’d always be complaining if she wasn’t included at mealtimes, never mind that she got to eat first before anybody else. Although I’m a little concerned right now that her tummy has been averse to fresh fruits. Hmmm…hopefully it wouldn’t last for long. She would be losing a lot of nutrients if she continues this. Still no teeth though…

The tenth month

Whoa, can’t believe my bunso is two months shy of turning a year old. This time last year, I was probably heaving and puffing while making my preggy way to and from the house, to the office, to the mall, to the church, scared shit that I would bleed as I was wont to experience for the duration of the pregnancy.

Now, Maxine is here, strong as a horse, and as likot as a spinning top. Happy tenth month, my darling babe! You are so a hundredfold more active than your sister was at the same age. With Mischa, we could leave her on the bed, for example, for a minute to get something across the room. But with you, two seconds alone could get you into so much trouble. No wonder you always seem to be bumping your head on the wall, or on your crib. You must be the girl incarnate of the son we were dreaming about. Ate was more finesse than you. But we love you both so, so, so much. You can now sit on your own coming from an all-fours position. And you’re beginning to reach up and stand on your playpen, although you’re still wobbly for the most part. The days when we could still restrain you are probably numbered. Soon, we would be running after you. And Mommy has to make herself fitter than she is now.

Mommy couldn’t get enough hugs and kisses from you both!



Missing a tooth

Someone just lost a tooth.



I thought that it would be a little dramatic but glad that the pulling of the first milk tooth was uneventful. The said tooth has been moving little by little since the weekend. Mischa, her dad and I were even making plans of either bringing her to the dentist, or just tying a long, clean piece of thread, wrapping it around the offending tooth, and her dad taking it out. But we didn’t have do any of that as the tooth cleanly broke off while she was having an after school snack.

Hay, more signs of her growing up.

Maxine’s fifth

Happy fifth month, my bunso, my love!


As you approached this monthsary, you have already started rolling over, albeit with much difficulty, presumably because you find your body a little heavy hehehe. You always manage to turn over your hips and legs, and your head, but you have not been always successful with bringing your shoulders with them. On a few occasions, I have found you in funny positions where you just fell asleep sideways because you got tired from trying to turn over. At least you are trying, my love, that’s what’s important. I hope you keep up with being positive that you can always do things only if you try hard enough as you grow older. However, now we really cannot leave you alone like we used to for fear of you toppling over.

You also now grab a lot of things that are within your reach — your pillow, soft toys in your crib, burp cloths, bibs, and anything else that you get your little hands on. We have to be more watchful now more than ever that you don’t hurt yourself or put things over your face.

You always seem to have a ready smile for everyone, including strangers. It is such as infectious smile that lights up our days. You even have a special one for your daddy. However, we did notice that ever since we got back from getting your ears pierced that you started to be a little more reserved than usual. We’re not really sure why. But please go back to giving us that wonderful, sweet smile, baby. We all have been missing that.

We love you so much, anak. Your sister, especially, loves talking and playing with you. She is always hugging and kissing you. Sometimes, we chide her a little when she wouldn’t let you be if you are asleep. Mommy is beyond happy that she knows that you will always have someone looking after you even if mommy and daddy are not there. I am a relieved that you will have each other’s back forever.

Her name

Yay! The kid can write her name. They haven’t taken this up in school (another sorry-for-being-a-working-mom moment) but the school where we will be enrolling her next year told me that she’s a little left behind by not being able to do so yet at age 3. True or not, we decided to let her memorize the spelling of her first name (why oh why did I give her such a long name. lol.), and let her write it. Since she already knew her alphabets, it was actually easier than I anticipated. She got it the first time.


She still has her own way of doing her alphabets but there’s magic in creativity. For all we know, she’s doing it the right way. I’m just happy.


The baby, I mean, the pre-schooler is beginning to love doodling. In a previous post, I lamented that she is “somehow having” a hard time keeping up with writing. She learned early on (at age 2) how to read and identify all the alphabets and numbers, but now, I am glad to see she’s been trying to write and write, yay!

Before, and I don’t know why, but she just likes to write down the letter H. Beats me ๐Ÿ™‚ As long as learns, then I’m all for it. Now, her current favorite objects to draw and write are balloons with a happy face, and the number 5.

Hello, goodbye!

…to diapers! I am happy to say that we have almost said goodbye to these things. We will kinda ease up on the environment Wheee! But who am I kidding, it may take another couple more months before we can do away without them when Mischa goes to school, or when she sleeps, for that matter. Still, she has successfully done number 1 and number 2 on the toilet. That’s hallelujah for a parent like me. It’s long overdue, but hey, I’ll take it any day. No child is perfect. She still has accidents every now and then, and I suspect to have a few more of these before it all becomes second nature to her.