damn meralco!

while we were anticipating the shock that we would be experiencing as soon as we receive our electricity bill for this month owing to the various complaints of people around me and my online communities, i was nevertheless jolted when i looked at it.  an increase of 100%?! what in the name of heavens did we do to deserve this?  lol.  granting it is summertime, and we are experiencing what could possibly be the hottest in my whole life, what with the temperatures rising to 38-39 degrees, i still feel that we did our share of trying to cut down usage of appliances.  although the increase is to be expected in the summer months, this billing is really crazy.  i know i’ve done ranting about this in this post but i can’t help muttering and mumbling loudly because of my displeasure.  i just had to write it.  i wish somebody would put some sense into meralco and all its affiliates responsible for generating/distributing electricity to the households and businesses.  they’re taking advantage of the need of consumers to be comfortable.  arrrggghhh!!!

the heat is on

we’re having a sort of heat wave over the past several weeks.  i pity my in-laws who may be sweltering  in 38 – 39 degrees C in the province.  thank god for the abundance of trees there.  i could only imagine them trying to fan like crazy a pre-schooler and a newborn.  i wish we could send them here.  we’re luckier than most, i guess, since despite the relentless beating of the sun and the humidity in the metro, we take refuge inside an airconditioned office all the day long.  mischa has been stuck at home sweating her head off, which i swear produces pails of perspiration even when the aircon on high at night.  what more during the day when she only has the electric fan to keep her cool.

and it doesn’t help that due to the el niño phenomenon, the electric bill is piling on like crazy!  last month, we stayed away from home for eight days, and i even heaved a little sigh of relief that we get to save a little on those kilowatt hours.  but no!  the bill even went up.  it’s really insane!  wtf!  what is wrong with meralco?  the online communities i belong to are in uproar.  most of them doubled the amount they have to pay for.  granting there was an increase in the energy consumption, let’s say the aircon units they use because of this uncomfortable heat, it’s really unbelievable that some have incurred a P40,000 bill when they are used to only P15,000 – 18,000.  whoa!  meralco said it’s not them who’s charging extra, rather the generating companies.  they are only distributors of the energy.  and because of the drought and all, “generators” are unable to use hydroelectric sources (they claim are shut down at this point).  they instead have to rely on gas and coal, which are more expensive.  whatever.  somebody needs to do something about this.  the fees are ridiculous.  and we were told to expect higher bills this april.  i don’t know what to give up anymore.  we cannot do away with using the aircon, considering mischa above anything else.  we hardly ever watch tv, even on weekends.  lately we prefer going out, and i have had the pleasure of catching up on my reading.  major culprits are the steam sterilizer and blender (which i use for baby food and sometimes for our healthy shakes).  we gave up using the rice cooker and went back to making sinaing using the good ol’ kaldero.  we have also done away with the night light as mischa have been sleeping through the night for months and months already so no need for the night feedings.  we just have a handy flashlight by the bedside in case we need anything.  so i’m really stumped as to how we could save a bit more.

i hope this heat goes away soon.  we need rain.  just a little please?