Paw Patrol We’re on a Roll

We let Mischa drag us all to the Paw Patrol meet-and-greet at the Mall of Asia last weekend. I am totally relishing the remaining years of her being a kid. Days, weeks, months and years are totally slipping when it comes to child rearing! That’s why I always tell the husband who often times flies off the handle whenever the house is messy with toys, to enjoy and savor having mess and noise because before we know it, Mischa, who is turning 7, would soon be locked up in her room doing her own thing. There might even come a time when she wouldn’t want us around, or would be dragging her feet whenever we would go out as a family, or would prefer being with her friends. Sigh. I hope both she and her sister never do.

Anyway, so Paw Patrol! We had to buy Php1,000 (Php500 each kid) worth of merchandise from Toy Kingdom. As we are overflowing with toys, we bought them instead matching t-shirts with Mischa’s favorite pup, Skye, a sleeping bag which can double up as play mat and a place mat. There were several activities, including arm painting, games, and of course, mascot dancing. They even had their picture taken onstage. Happy family!







Dancing to Hi-5



Had a date with our eldest a few days before Christmas. Bought the tickets to the concert of one of her favorite groups at the moment, a long time ago. Β Happy that the Australian group came to Manila. Thanks to the promo of HSBC, we got 20% off the original price. Every cent was worth it though, the little girl had lots of fun singing and dancing to the beat of Hi-5 songs. She was right there at the front with all the other kids who adore the group. However, it was a mark that I am more mom than anything else that I have memorized all Hi-5 songs, and can sing along with the kids. I watch more kids’ shows now more than I do shows catering to my genre.

Sofia Meet and Greet

Going to the mall last Sunday was a bit of a bad idea considering it was Mother’s Day. It was jampacked! We were almost rubbing elbows and other body parts with complete strangers, and the summer heat did not help at all. The airconditioners inside the mall were almost rendered useless. We could have gone to somewhere quieter or where there were not a lot of people.

Anyway, notwithstanding the crowd, we were still happy to be celebrating the day for moms, my own mama’s birthday and my birthday! While my 35 years of existence has not been a smooth ride, I thank the Lord for the countless blessings He has given me. I have more than other people could only wish for. I am where I am supposed to be. I pray that He just blesses me with good health and a good mind to provide for my family.

This is what my Mischa gave me:




Met up with my dear brother for lunch.


The highlight of the day was the Sofia the First Meet and Greet. Although technically, Mischa was not able to actually meet and greet Sofia because of the loooooong lines much to her dismay, she had fun at the side activities. We had to buy Php1000 worth of Sofia merchandise at Toy Kingdom to be able to get access. I’m glad she had fun at the different booths for dressing up like Princess Sofia, make-up, coloring station and bead-making.







Personally, I like the Sofia series on Disney Junior. She’s a really nice village girl who was suddenly thrown into the limelight and into a princess throne following the marriage of her commoner mother to the king of Enchancia. She has remained humble and friendly despite her newfound stature. She’s a good model for girls like Mischa as she stays simple and has not forgotten her beginnings in life.

Barney’s Space Adventure

Been away too long again. Had my hands full mostly with work, having to head a conference in Iloilo City last week. This took me away from the family, and from the Internet. So now I have backlogs again with my blogging. I have yet to upload photos from the trip. Also wanted to post about how my little girl is doing magnificently in school, and how Mama and I have been continuously arguing about doing things for her, like bringing her school, etc., and how it affects her independence and her performance in school. We’ve also taken more steps into making our home really ours.

But first things first. Before I had to fly out, hubby and I brought Mischa to go see one of her greatest loves at this point in her life–Barney! We headed off to the Aliw Theatre one hot Saturday to see him and his friends live. You couldn’t imaging the look on her face–it was priceless! When I first found out some months ago that the show will be brought to the Philippines, it took me only like five seconds to whip out my credit card and buy tickets online. While we are currently scrimping on expenses because of the upcoming barrage of house related things we have to buy/secure/build, I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give this to my daughter. And boy, was it worth it! I only wished that kids had some kind of discount. Lugi pa nga kami since Mischa didn’t want to sit down. So I shelled out the one thousand bucks to have our bags sit. Much like the HS$60 stroller in Disneyland last year. Oh well, we don’t this often anyway. And as I said, I would gladly hand over hard-earned money for the sake of my kid. And it was some sort of prize for her good behavior in school.

It was also nice to sit beside n@wie sis, Pia and her son, Sky. I am glad to see Mischa relating better to other kids now, too. I credit that to going to school as she is slowly developing her social skills, and “maturing” a little bit. She is beginning to realize now that she is not the only kid on the block, and that not all things she could get her hands on are hers.

An almost encounter

Today was our first attempt at a “meet and greet”. Aside from Barney and Dora, Mischa absolutely adores Patrick, Spongebob Squarepants’ best friend. She hugs the huge Patrick stuffed toy her frenemy, Tito Sam, gave her ages ago during her christening. We braved the mighty weekend traffic from Bacoor to Las Pinas, and then met up with Mischa’s Ninang IC, and Baby Enzo. Unfortunately though, we got there just ahead of opening, and what do you know, it’s standing room only! So we just stayed round the perimeter of the stage area and lounged around hoping to have Mischa catch a glimpse of Spongebob and Patrick. Parang fan na fan talaga ang peg! lol. Our trip would have been a total waste if not for the precious, precious laughter and eagerness on my daughter’s face when saw the two characters even from a distance. Her excitement was enough to drive the mom to happiness πŸ™‚

"From a Distance" ang theme song ng mag-ama

Kawawa naman si Mischa 😦

Mischa and Enzo had fun getting acquainted. Have lots of pictures to show them in case they would end up together. Hehe.