I survived the first eight days. Maybe it’s just the idea of being away from each other too long that’s making it a bit harder to cope. It also felt sad that he celebrated a milestone–his 30th–without us by his side. I’m sure he had a blast being in a crazy, foreign land.

And because I am a little melancholic, I decided to pull another surprise for him. I haven’t had a chance to blog before about it, but I gave him a pretty good going-away gift:

Never mind the tight finances, and the little extravagance for our modest family, but I really want him to enjoy and savor his first foray into Europe. I hope he makes good use of this (I know he will!). He’s been hinting for a while now about upgrading the lens we are using for the SLR so I lovingly indulged. lol.

Anyway, on his birthday, with the help of a good friend, Cindy, I managed to “produce” a happy birthday video for him. Thank you technology for making the world smaller, and the distance closer. Took videos of well-wishers and dug up several photos, which Cindy put together with a little background music. I hope he really liked it. It’s not like me to be so corny and flamboyant about my feelings in front of a crowd (and the social network at that!). The separation is wreaking havoc on my hormones, almost taking me back to my younger, more emotional self.

Oceans apart

These will be the longest three weeks of my life. The husband and I will both be on travel, missing each other as he flies in from Europe while I fly to Malaysia. Our air crafts will probably cross paths somewhere up in the clouds. I cannot help but feel the blues. The longest we have been apart was one week ever since we began going out some eons ago. On the one hand, I should just be excited, especially for him who has now been the given the chance to see the world. Maybe I have become weary of it all. While the thought of discovering places and seeing new things excite me, the idea of being apart does not.

I should just keep myself busy, and not think too much so I won’t pine and feel his absence too much. I have our daughter to look after, after all.

Of the hubby’s absence

I was not able to do a blog entry on my pining for the hubby as he went away last week for a business trip to Romblon. He got back Saturday, and then left again for an overnighter in Cavite for the same purpose. Both of us do this at least once a year, and I am lucky enough to be spared from it this year. Last year, I contracted pneumonia when I went to Misamis Oriental and Camiguin so I wasn’t too keen on doing it again. Plus, of course, my separation anxiety from Mischa would kick in. It might be just coincidence but she really has a knack for getting sick whenever one of us has to be away for a week or two.

So anyway, it was the hubby’s time, and I greatly missed him, in large part because I had to commute to and from work. Damn! Where is justice in 3-hour travel times? It usually just takes us an hour when we take the car.

Anyhow, as I am still not allowed to drive yet, the whole family had to pick him up from the domestic airport. As the major airlines do not service the Manila-Romblon route, their team had to do away with taking Zestair. And boy, the experience was not good at all! To sum up, they annoyed the shit out of everyone. From the original schedule of the expected arrival of 7:40 a.m., the plane finally landed at 11:45 a.m. Great, just great. The toddler was a little cranky, and of course, sweaty by then. Thank God for chocolate biscuits to keep the tantrums away. We made it up by going to nearby Newport Mall at Resorts World, and binging on food. Ended the day up really good!

Another tick on the calendar

Two years and counting! Yay! Make that three. I have to explain to everybody who sent greetings that we’re actually celebrating our second wedding anniversary and third as bf/gf. Yep, both fall on the same date. We were walking down the aisle as we celebrated our first year of being together. Been two years since we said our I do’s.

With all the madness going around our workplace, we almost didn’t get to celebrate at all. We weren’t actually planning on anything since we’re saving up for our upcoming trip to Hongkong later this weekend. But the hubby surprised me with gifts two days in a row. *blush*. So now, I’m pressured because I haven’t gotten him anything. And with my crazy schedule, I can’t steal away a few hours to go somewhere to buy something decent. I’m lucky if I could sit on my desk for an hour with all the meetings I have to attend and prepare for. And I have to go away for two days for a planning workshop out of town. Goodness! Thank God for the few minutes that I could squeeze in this post at lunch today.

Anyway, we stole away a very simple dinner last night to cap the day off. It was nothing fancy like we hoped for but we loved it anyway. It was good to just sit together without worrying about anything. We’re just going to have a blast in HK.

part two of the hubby’s birthday celebration

this time around, the mini party was held for colleagues.  i spent sunday afternoon slaving over a stove preparing m’s special requests (which he considers my specialties ahem ahem).

it was a hit (i think). many were surprised that i can actually cook (i wonder why). i’m a woman, i love to eat (so i must know how to feed myself) and i’m 31 for crying out loud. i try to cook up dishes every now and then to add to my repertoire of the more common filipino feasts. and i really make it a point to cook during weekends. feeling domesticated much? lol.

anyway, that day’s menu: pasta carbonara and bolognese, kung pao chicken, fish fillet in hoisin sauce, pork adobo and mixed veggies with shrimp and quail eggs. tristan took care of the cake and cheng donated some hotdogs, too!

didn’t get to take pictures of who were there though. sayang!

kumpareng warner

candle blowing

1st birthday photos

am posting some pictures taken during my bulilit‘s first birthday some two weeks back.  i know, i know!  i procrastinate.  i will take that up in my next new year’s resolution.  hihi.  kwentos and ratings here.

my little babe was quite matipid with her beautiful smile, which was a real sayang.  maybe all the attention lavished on her, and all eyes on her, made it all unnerving.  she was a bit overwhelmed thus the sumpong of this usually precocious and happy child.  but don’t worry, you’re still the prettiest thing ever, my princess 🙂

the birthday girl

with mama old and papa old

with lolo and lola

cupcake tower

one of the ladybug cakes

souvenir cupcakes

with ninang june

tito ninong

wide-eyed wonder

me 30 years ago

CFO friends


neighbors with yaya on the farthest left

bongga topper

the boys

and girls

my inaanak josh whom i saw for the 1st time after his christening some 3 years ago with kyle trying to hide

asleep, tired from everyone carrying and passing her around

xander, son of mischa's ninong jerome

host-magician, jester

games for moms and kids

fruit game

kids enjoying

the boys of pmd with manay

alaskador tito sam and tito ninong


magic show

the wacky team

funny tito nico. thanks for being a good sport!

ate zay participating in the show

the rabbit out of the box (or was it paperbag?)

pretty girls, darla and isha


blowing the candle

mom and mischa


mommy's side of the family

a small portion of daddy's

with ate lysa

with ninang len, tito rochelle, ate ianne and ate anne

trying her hand, in this case, feet, at independence

mom's college buddies, mischa's DDG aunts

2nd generation hollaback girls with tito frenz and dad

fam pic