Parmigiano Pizzeria Ristorante

We seldom get to go out anymore as a nuclear family. Usually, we have my parents in tow. So despite being tired from a day out with the kids, we took this opportunity to dine out one fine day. We were surprised as we went around Molito Lifestyle Complex in Alabang! The area has grown since the last time we set foot there. A dozen or so new specialty restaurants now line up what used to be just a handful of stores. Now it is a great place for families, couples, even individuals out on a cool afternoon or night. We’ve seen dogs being walked, and lots of people just milling around and relaxing. Great place to hang out now.

We chose the Parmigiano Pizzeria Ristorante, one because it was very conspicuous and two, we were attracted by the waft of Italian. The restaurant was very cheerful and inviting. Half of the restaurant has a mezzanine that looks over the other half, which with its high ceiling, creates breathing space even though the tables were a bit crowded at the main part of the restaurant.

There was a whole variety of pasta, pizzas and other Italian goodies. It was so hard to choose, but we decided on the following: some salad, six cheese pizza and a creamy carbonara, all kids-approved! There was the ubiquitous bread basket to start everything with. All were a little pricey, but for good reason, they were just delish! For the pasta and pizza, the cheesy and creamy taste was just overwhelming, perfect for our taste buds.

Mama Lou’s Kitchen

How about some Italian? Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen offers true blue, modern Italian comfort food that’s right up my alley. Since it just recently opened in Evia, there’s always a long line to get in. Good thing we chanced upon a good table one holiday when we were supposed to watched Moana. This is one restaurant that shouts “family”, and next time I’ll be bringing the folks here. Good food, good price, good service.

(forgot the name of this salad but it had whole cherry tomatoes)


Creamy Salmon Linguini


Mama Lou’s special pizza


Rollo di Pollo



As I wait out the last two weeks leading to my delivery, I still have got to satisfy my carbo cravings. Well, pregnant or not, I’ve also been a pasta- or noodle-monster. So when we passed by D’Angelo Pizzeria last night, and with a need for a carbo fix, we decided to try this. I think this is actually a remake of the old Chef D’Angelo, which I and my college buddies frequent over a decade ago. Not too sure, though, and didn’t ask.

Since it was newly renovated, the restaurant was clean and fresh. I like that it was well-lit, muted and not too bright, I might add.


It was a weekday and there were not much people around so they served our orders in just under fifteen minutes. Pogi points for them. They have quite an extensive menu, mostly of Italian fare, such as soups, salads, pizzas, pastas and some entrees. They also serve cakes and cupcakes. We had:

Insalata Greka. There was too much balsamic vinegar for my taste and I wish they toned it down a bit. More feta cheese could have made this salad awesome.


Potato soup. A little runny but passes the test. The green peas are a great addition since it added texture to the soup.


Pesto. Husband complained that it was too oily and I thought it was really yummy. Grilled chicken strips could have made this more fab.


Creamy garlic linguine. Just topped with roasted garlic bits, this made my tummy jumped for joy. Really good! It could have done away with the whole cloves of garlic buried under all that goodness.


Would love to come back soon and try out all the pasta!

Project Pie

Design. Build. Eat.

So goes the slogan of Project Pie, a restaurant specializing in artisan pizza. I wouldn’t go to the specifics on how this U.S.-based establishment has come to the Philippines, but supposedly it is the first franchise outside of America.

Five of us went here for a morning meeting, and it was still practically deserted, which suited us just fine. I like the sparse interior with one side completely filled with notable quotes from infamous personalities. The furniture were simple and clean.

We were given the choice of ordering one of their seven pre-determined flavors of an 8-inch pizza or we can choose to build our own given all the toppings.


Being the carnivore that I am, I ordered No. 2:


Two had No. 5 (with additional prosciutto) and No. 7:



I forgot to take photos of the other two.

Each pizza costs Php285, and I began to wonder afterwards if building from scratch would have been more worth it since I can get to have more toppings. Oh well, maybe next time. I would like to bring hubby here since there are healthier choices than the average pizza parlor.

I loved it that they have a refillable drinks station. They just give you a cup, and you can drink to your heart’s desire from among the sodas and China mist teas available. All for Php65. Reminded me of how we used to gobble up the drink-all-you-can at Burger King in the 1990s. I had about three glasses of Sweet Peach tea, and made the same number of trips to the ladies’ room, which by the way, reeked so early in the day.


All in all, it was an okay experience, nothing really to rave about. Or maybe I wasn’t that hungry yet.


The whole Amici experience with the whole family was not as fabulous as I expected this time. I’ve been going with friends for gelato for a while now, and I guess the rest of the offerings didn’t pan out too well to our taste considering the price. Still want to post these though since the hubby painstakingly took photos of them. Maybe we’ll do better with our choices next time.

Mozzarella Frito

Proscuitto e Funghi

Ravioli di Spinaci

Risotto di Maiale Croccante

Pistachio and Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato