The recent long weekend gave us more time to nest. Baby’s new clothes and other stuff have washed. We fixed some rooms (actually, the hubby moved a lot of things around, but if I had my way, I would throw a lot of things or at least give away those we do not use anymore). And we checked out some things from my parents’ house and brought things over that Ate Mischa will pass on for baby’s use. So far, we got the crib, sterilizer, dresser, some containers and nappy bag. Of all her things, this crib really is so sulit! Mischa used it for more than three years, (the last two for napping only) and well on its way to house another kiddo. Truly value for money!


Most of our things are ready so far. Now just have to sit out the last seven weeks before D-day.

Starting to nest

Because D-day is fast approaching, I can slowly feel the pangs of nesting. In my last check up last Wednesday, my OB and I initially discussed on October 16 as the day Baby M will make her grand entrance to this world. That’s about nine weeks away! Because of that, I just had this sudden urge to start readying her things yesterday. Well, I’ve always been a compulsive shopper, and while I’ve starting looking online, I just had this urge to buy her stuff yesterday. Mind you, with experience on our hands with Mischa, we decided to just get the barest minimum. Also, Ate has so many pre-loved items that we can be passed on to her, especially the big ticket items like her crib and stroller. So a few things we bought:





She needs more, methinks. I don’t also want her to look and feel kawawa because her arrival isn’t as anticipated or looked forward to as a firstborn. We’ll get more for you baby.

those pearly whites

i’ve been advised to give mischa some scrubbing since most of her front milk teeth are in.  plus she’s been eating “real” food for several months now.  i tried to stall for a while since i know how fussy she is when touched in the face, or anywhere around her head (read: hair clips, nasal aspirator, etc.).  so i braced myself for a good ol’ kicking (figuratively) and head swiveling as soon as the infant toothbrush touches her mouth.  but no.  baby surprised me that she found delight in it.  yey!  i tried two kinds: the pigeon training toothbrush and the safety 1st thingie that you put on your finger.  it pained me a bit to see a few drops of blood when i used the pigeon brush.  that mighta been too hard on the gums.  (can i sue them?).  so it’s safety 1st then.  i didn’t use toothpaste just yet.  i don’t think it’s really needed anyway.  the thing is, to have her get used to the activity of brushing her teeth so that she gets used to it.  i’m so proud of her!  we’ll try the sanflou or pigeon toothpaste that’s supposedly safe to swallow.  (yeah, how do you teach a kid to spit out anyway).

her toys

these are what keep mischa happy and occupied, albeit for a couple of minutes.  notice that though she has lots of toys and stuffed animals, she most of the time prefers playing with “real” things.  more often that not, she ignores, if not throws away barney and pooh, much to my surprise.  i thought barney holds a special place in kids’ hearts.  not mischa’s anyway 🙂  she loves, loves tinkering with those she can shake and bang, and those that make a lot of noise.  and you would be hardpressed to get these once she lays her tiny hands on them.  and then i have to step in and be a parent to say that no, she can’t play with some of these things 😦

her vtech nursery rhyme book

first percussion instruments

mini piano

cellphone, in particular, mommy's

optical mouse

the tv remote

ninong's laptop

a busy saturday

we ran errands the whole day last saturday (and i am posting it only now) but had fun. mama and dad against spent two nights at our home, instead of theirs (which is verrrrrry unlike them who thinks everyone is out to get them and that they guard their house with a fortress-like appeal). ohhh the things they do for mischa. anyhoo, we started off with kiddo’s well-baby check up, which has been postponed for two weekends because of the pedia’s jumbled schedule. her lungs got a bit of an exercise as she received two shots in each of her pata tim thighs (sorry babe!). but she was ok after that. mom and dad, though, were a different matter, for they left with considerably light pockets after the pcv and measles shots. but all in the name of love, of course. next, beat the noon clock as the edsa shrine office was about to close, to get mischa’s baptismal certificate. yeah i know, i know, it’s been ages since her christening. but we only had the chance now to get it. at least that’s one thing off our list of things to do. baby again had a time of her life as we strolled around the mall in time for lunch. as usual, she breathed in the sights and sounds of the people, of the place, of the noise. i almost got my heart broken again when she banged her head on her stroller as i was feeding her lunch. poor kid! she then began sporting an big, angry, red lump on the left side of her head. boo-hoo! we just applied ice, and then she’s good to go (again!). made us buy a booster seat from the first years, which we’ve been eyeing for her, so she wouldn’t have to sit on her stroller if she’s being fed. less head bumps yipee! we wonder how she will take to this new contraption. i hope she doesn’t scream her head off much like what she did with her carrier heehee.

last stop: fun ranch. hooray! after contemplating on possible venues for mischa’s first birthday, we finally settled on this.

hubby and i checked the function areas in the whole fun ranch complex, and decided on the blue whale grill. the place was gooood. it’s great for the kids! apart from the function rooms where the parties are held, there are amusement areas, rides, booths, food carts all over the place. it’s a mini heaven for the young. what we didn’t like though, their decors for balloons are in-house so we couldn’t hire an outside supplier, and theirs are way more expensive. on the other hand, though, saves us the effort of coordinating with one so it’s off our hands at least. we just have to choose the designs then. likewise, we’re thinking of getting food carts and the party host/magician/balloon twister from them as we have to pay corkage if we’re bringing our own. i guess this is the drawback if you book a one-stop shop party needs venue. we shelled out the 50% downpayment. now i only have to worry about the cake/cupcake tower, loot bags, invites, favors, backdrop and mischa’s outfit. oh and i’m still not decided on the them but it’s down to tinkerbell and ladybug (55-45).

virtual friends

Ever since I joined the newlyweds@work group, I’ve been constantly barraged with a variety of tips and whatnots regarding pregnancy, child care for a whole range of kids, marriage, household issues and the like. I always look forward to when I get to check my emails and find all of the threads for the day. It’s very different from the weddings@work group which I previously belong to, having been a giddy bride-to-be as I geared up for my wedding.

As a new mom, I absorb the info I get from n@w like a sponge, and always want to try out the things that I stumble upon in the course of the discussions. I glory in the mommy and wifey talks as I want to hear the experiences of those going or have gone through this path but who are more or less near my age. Feeling like a mom of the century, I didn’t want to arm myself with facts and figures that were spun of old wives’ tales (read: no scientific basis and based on superstition). Not that I follow everything I read, I still sift through the information I get, and apply only those I personally believe in after careful thought and much weighing. You meet different kinds of people in this online community, and they come from all walks of life. With these, they also view the world with through different eyes. Some are very wise moms indeed, many are neophytes in the field of mommyhood and wifehood, quite a few are downright shallow, but most are just eager to lend a hand to give tips on anything and everything under the sun. they bring about the best and worst mom in me. Their views make me think (twice, thrice, etc.), crack up, want to slap my head in exasperation or frustration, smile, empathize, nod in agreement, even cry, or just plain muse about stuff. it’s up to me to sort through everything, and worry only about things that matter. If you’re the kind of anxious person who gets easily agitated or icky, then maybe this is not for you. If you’re the type who want to gag at the silliest ideas, then maybe this is not for you. I also get to read mommy blogs, and have lotsa links for other mommy sites which have really become my lifeline in the past five months.

Reading posts can make or break even your staunch beliefs, or may make you rethink about how you do things. For example, I wanted to buy a whole new line of feeding bottles and consequent accessories for Mischa ever since I found out about the effects of BPA (but have calmed down since then when I think about all the BPA that were in MY bottles yet I turned out fine), and want to go organic when it comes to diapers and infant food (really want to try earth’s best now). And really, really want to dab my hand at being a SAHM or a WAHM if only we can afford a single income household.

On the other hand, I sometimes feel really defensive when the topic of breastfeeding sometimes comes up because of the way formula-feeding mothers are quietly portrayed as “antagonists”. Yeah of course I know breastfeeding is still best for babies, but I had problems with it. I tried my damnedest after I gave birth only to have my breasts bleed after I overdid trying to pump them to no avail. At first I felt really insecure that I couldn’t do it even if I did arm myself with how to’s and bought myself an Avent manual. I managed to mix-feed for a month. I guess it’s not just for everybody, and I’ve learned soon enough that giving formula doesn’t make me a bad mother. I should get an A for effort. But I know deep in my heart that I make up for it through other things, and I thank the heavens everyday that Mischa is as healthy as can be. I even think she’s healthier than most breastfed babies who have experienced jaundice, low weight, sepsis, etc.

On the whole, I really appreciate having this kind of network for when in the world would you find a hundred or thousand virtual friends who actually think what you’re thinking, and understand your weird or valid quirks? It’s very rare that you can share even your littlest problems, such as household helps (this seem to be quite a regular topic), kids’ illnesses, achievements and even peculiar in-law behaviors. I like my virtual friends because they are there and are often non-committal or non-judgmental (or so I think, or at least online). side comments are very rare.