Finally, some progress! I need not get into all the gory details of how frustrated we have become over the last several weeks at the pace of construction. Suffice to say, we have called and ranted, and even gatecrashed (nicely) a housewarming party being held in one of the units in the neighborhood just so we could talk to whoever–the engineer, the contractor, the admin and sales people, and even the big shot president to air our protest on the seemingly cavalier attitude to finish our unit. Anyway, we are just glad that everything is now moving along fine. We are holding on the developer’s promise of a turnover by the third week of July.

We passed by this morning on our way to work. And it was a pleasant orange-y surprise that greeted us.

Pink would have been nice, too, or the muted shade of green. But we’ll take it as it is! As soon as I stepped in, my mind began its usual escapade to wonderful images of my beautiful, complete home. We gladly noted the installed glass on the windows, as well as the steel balustrade on the stairs. We couldn’t go up the second level unfortunately. But we plan to come back this weekend, and start measuring windows, doors, walls, etc. so we can actively ask for quotations for screen, grill and cabinets.

I really couldn’t wait! Moving in on my mind!

Almost halfway through

About a month and a half since construction started, the house is also halfway through. Although the contract says an estimate of five months to finish up, we are holding on the actual contractor’s word that it will be complete in two and a half considering they started late than what was initially agreed upon (March instead of January). We’re very happy to see that the provisions for the second storey are now underway, whopeee!

We’ve also taken out the loan from the bank last week, which is expected to be released on May 30. So Crown Asia, no reason for you to dilly-dally, alright? Hindi kami nagtatapon ng pera, at butil ng pawis ang ipambabayad dyan. Kung may problema sa contractor at sa incompetent staff, problema nyo siguro yun ‘no? Please do not take us for a ride.

In full swing

We visit our project as much as we can (which means weekends) to see how far along we are to, you know, living our dream. We have had some issues about the developer starting late, but nevertheless, we are grateful that things are moving along fine now.

During our last visit, Mischa and I stayed in the car because of the damn heat. It was just too much for us. Anyway, looking around the area, a wave of emotion just passed over me. I dunno, there was just a swell of happiness, eagerness and a kind of wistfulness as I looked at our half-finished home. I surveyed the area, and saw that construction was in full swing. In less than a year, that parcel of a land has grown from this, which I first introduced last year:

to this (pardon the blurry shot. as I said, it was taken inside the car):

It felt great looking at progress. One can see the various states of construction. Some are half-finished like ours, need only roofs, while others are just starting from scratch. The sounds of pounding, sawing, scraping are music to one’s ears as the noises mean growth. What once before was a silent, barren land, is slowly becoming a booming village. Maybe it is not just about building houses, it is more of building communities, and raising families. I imagine the sun shining brightly on all the homes built, with flowers in full bloom in gardens, kids running around, men washing cars, the faint hint of breakfast cooking, the whir of washers all around. Malapit na. I can almost taste the warm, happy air.


Yes!! Finally!! We broke ground yesterday. I have previously ranted and agonized here and here about the delay of project home. But now, we are celebrating that things are finally rolling. There are still rough patches with the developer but we are just glad that we are seeing some progress. We even decided, on the spot, to skip a few hours of work as soon as the contractor called to say they will do the buhos. I am thankful I have a VERY demanding, but understanding boss πŸ™‚

We passed by the site yesterday morning, bringing along the kid and my parents, before coming to work just so we could witness as the the first blobs of the mixture of cement and gravel hit the ground. I do not think that either of us has an ounce of Chinese blood in our bodies nor are we a superstitious couple, but we consulted people and our elders, about rituals. We did away with the killing of chicken and smearing of fresh blood (who still does this??), but we said a lot prayers, and threw in coins, rice and salt all over the foundation. These were simple acts but very significant to our family as they signify another milestone of our family’s life. Our happiness right is beyond words right now. It even rained and we felt even more blessed by the good Lord.

At last!

The day I started ranting here about how slow things are going with our developer, we got word that they finally, finally started digging the place, and making it ready for construction. So today, we trooped to the village, and because we were getting antsy about the construction of the house, you couldn’t imagine the giddiness I felt upon seeing this:

I know it’s still not much. But to us, it is the start of our dreams coming true! I couldn’t wait till it is truly finished. Contractor said (I do hope they will keep their promises from hereon) that they will be calling us next week for the groundbreaking.

I peeked into next door neighbor’s house, which is the same model as ours, and began to think, and plan, again of all the stuff we will be bringing in. The hubby and I began to visualize where we would everything go, what to do with the garage, the garden, etc. Oohhh so excited!

Our lot is to the left of this house. See all our neighbors yet?