My little helper


On her quest for independence, Mischa oftentimes volunteers to help Mommy in chores all around the house. This is actually very good as I have no intentions of raising a real primadonna considering we are not rich and I would not like her to grow up feeling privileged that everything is handed to her on a silver platter. I have long realized she has to be trained to do small chores or perform age-appropriate simple tasks. I know that she will not wake up when she’s twelve years old, and suddenly wanting and willing to help around.

Sometimes, the harried mommy in me becomes annoyed when the tasks seemed to take longer than it should be because she’s still figuring out how to do something. So it’s a true test of patience when training kids. The willingness and determination I see in her are more than enough to make me proud. Of course, those involving fire, sharp objects, such as knives, etc., are off limits for now. But I’m happy she can be expected to throw trash, fold small articles of clothing, stir food for preparation, fetch things for mommy and daddy, bring plates and glasses to the sink, sweep (although this brings in more dust but who cares, daddy can do it again anyway), wipe spills, water plants, keep toys and books after use, dress by herself, among others.

She’s five and I already have the makings of a dalagita. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, babe.

Growing our own herbs

When we stayed at my brother’s house last weekend, I saw the herb garden they are growing. With all the health issues in our families (hubby’s hypertension at age 30, and my own dad’s high blood sugar), we have to be extra careful in the food we take in. I wouldn’t want my own daughter catching on and developing the “bad” parts of her genes. At her age pa naman, she loves sweets and processed foods so much. So as her mother, I need to pick up and imbibe healthier habits to be a good model for her.

I guess there’s no harm in growing our own plants when we can. It is part of embracing a healthier lifestyle. We started out with these.


We have three varieties of basil: regular, thai and choco; mint and oregano. Some of them came from Mico’s own garden, which the husband repotted in organic oil. We hope that we can add more later on. I plan on expanding our “garden” ala Martha Stewart soon enough.

My favorite spot in the house

…is this.


I love how I would take my coffee here while watching the morning news.

I love how busy it is when the little miss wakes up and turns it into her playground. Despite the mess and the countless times we have to clear this up, it gives our home that lived in, happy feel.

I love how, in the afternoons, sunlight would filter in through the window. It fills the house with a warm, cheerful glow.

And I love how I can put my feet up after puttering around the house.


Thank God we already have digitally-broadcasted channels. I can now watch (whenever Mischa is not hogging the television to herself and imposing that we all watch cartoons with her) my favorite lifestyle or crime shows.

I love life.

God bless our home


Thank you Lord for sending Fr. Boyet our way so he can bless our home. We are now complete and it is up to us to make this dwelling a vessel of your goodness and love.

We are also so grateful for the presence of family and friends who shared this special moment with us. While I got dog tired at the end of the day because I had to get up at dawn to cook for the early visitors who arrived before the caterer did, then I had to play host, my heart simply swelled for the overflowing affection given to our family. I missed some friends and family who weren’t able to come for one reason or another but there’s always next time. We have a lifetime to be with them.

Oh, and we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary, too!

Greening the home

I must have the palest green thumb ever. Gardening/planting is something that is a little alien to me. I haven’t had much chance or I guess, patience, to take care of them yet I appreciate the beauty of flowers and the freshness that green brings to the air. So I decided to buy a couple of them plants and make our home seem more like uh, a home. hehe. As resources are kinda scarce, we cannot do a full-blown landscaping job.

So we had to make do with little flowers and some plants. Please don’t ask me what their names are. My only condition when we bought them is that they need as little maintenance as I do not have, at the moment, the inkling to trim, re-pot, or talk to them. The most I can do right now is water them. They might seem like much but I look forward to the day they will be in full bloom.


Maybe someday I’ll muster enough enthusiasm for me to take this up as a hobby.

Viva Señor Sto. Niño

Thank you Mama and Dad for this new addition to our home. We welcome Him with open hearts and arms.

sto nino

My family has been a regular devotee of the Sto. Niño ever since my dad was given another chance to live when he was pronounced dead at birth. My grandmother then vowed a lifetime of devotion to the holy child that spared my father’s life. I myself have been trekking yearly to the Sto. Niño Church in Tondo, Manila, braving the throngs of people from all walks of life, with our family. I walk alongside the devotees who were bearing Sto. Niños of all sizes. I just stopped going when I was pregnant in 2009 and haven’t been back since. I hope to continue panata soon. But this year, I had to settle with asking my mother to buy one for me.

Someday I would also make it to Cebu for the actual Sinulog festival. Maybe I can bring my parents along. I know that would make them real happy.

On the side, I think we better put together a sanctuary for my new Niño. I grew up in a really Catholic household where every room has its own altar, and I just want to put Him in a really special place together with the crucifix I got from Jerusalem.

Welcome 2013!

This year, I am not up to pondering much about how my year have been. While there are definite highs and lows, I would not like to put in retrospect and list down the things that made me ecstatic or the disappointments that came my and my family’s way just because the year turned. I definitely count my blessings each time but I do not want to look back with regret at the things that did not work out right.

I will just continue to pray and keep the hope alive in my heart that everything will work out fine this year. As long as my daughter and husband are by my side, I will keep the fire burning inside of me.

Anyway, much like my post about a week ago right after Christmas, I am just glad that we celebrated the coming in of the new year at home.



It was just the three of us since my folks spent new year’s eve at my brother’s spanking new home (which I will blog about in the days to come hehe). Our feast was very simple, including the traditional basket of fruits and our family’s sotanghon soup. Of course, there was ham, then there’s kare-kare (my first attempt but I cheated and used the Barrio Fiesta mix).


We brought and lit our share of fireworks. Our new neighbors were very sosyal with their fireworks. Buti na lang maganda din yung binili namin. lol. We were all for the visual feast, and had a lot of fountains, and less of the noisy, cheapo ones I knew back in our old neighborhood, i.e., watusi, burning tires. Of course, the little girl and I stayed indoors and watched from the comfort of our house. She found everything loud and kept on putting her hands over her ears. I prayed deeply nobody dared pull a gun.


watch fireworks

Cheers from my family to yours!