Wholesome Table

I’ve said it again and again, that I am not that cut out for religious healthy eating. Me still thinks organic eating is overrated and overpriced. Sometimes I think it is just hype (please do not crucify me if you are reading this, and I’ve stepped on your toes), because I believe eating healthy and right need not be expensive.

It also lacks the taste and flavor I long for in food. I like everything delicious and savory! So this restaurant may be the best for organic junkies, but for me (I said for me!), everything on the menu was ridiculously expensive.

Salad with salted egg

Macaroni and cheese


Chicken pork adobo


Chicken skewers


Cheese pizza

Biggest loser 2018

I didn’t make a career out of it but glad that I won second place, yay! Earlier in January, we were all challenged at the office to safely lose weight. The contest ran for 15 weeks until April. The results: from the initial weigh in of 138 lbs, I clocked in at 123 on the last session.

The not-so-secret, simple strategies I did:

1) Increased water intake a hundredfold! Yup, I am quite a lazy drinker but I made it a point to drink so much more. I thought that it would up my metabolism and make it easier to remove toxins in my body.
2) Eat only two boiled eggs every other day. I would have made it everyday but I didn’t want to shock my body with the sudden loss of food intake as I am used to quite a heavy breakfast.
3) Cut down on rice intake. For Filipinos, this is such a hard task as rice is so much part of our diet and culture. So it doesn’t again shock my body, I gradually decreased this by eating fruits and veggies only at dinner. I figured I don’t need the carbohydrates when I am about to sleep anyway.
4) Cut down on sugary drinks. Thank goodness I am no fan of Coke but I like my iced tea and coffee 3 times a day.
5) Avoided Tried to avoid meat at all costs. I failed many times over, I am only human.
6) Used the stairs more instead of riding the elevator. I know I had to put in some physical activity in there somewhere.
7) Substituted green tea for coffee! This may have been the key, really. I was no fan of tea before, but it has grown on me.

After a few weeks into it, I began to feel the changes. I could fit better in my clothes, especially my pants. My jaw began showing itself again. And I don’t huff and puff as much when I need to walk some distance or when going up and down the stairs. And many more!

I swore to myself that this challenge is that – a challenge, something to try and work hard at to achieve success. But I also promised that I will not sacrifice so much that I will starve or let the lack of food affect performance both at home and at work. It has to be gradual and I should still be happy at the end of each day, not grouchy and weak because I was lacking energy from eating rabbit food or other equivalent. I should still be functional and would enjoy myself. I still found time to binge of my super favorite ramen and pasta at least once a week. Hmmmm maybe next time, I would refrain from having these hehehe.

Beni’s Falafel

One night, we tried to go vegetarian, and I actually kind of liked it. If you know me real well, you would know that vegetarian doesn’t sit well with me. I have this notion that it is normally tasteless, which leaves me unfulfilled. But decided to give Beni’s Falafel a chance because 1) it looks cozy and 2) it wasn’t crowded. There were only around six tables and everyone was busy with dinner, quiet conversations or their gadgets, which suited me just fine!

Well, it turned out to be a good choice after all. We were both happy with our orders (he had the falafel balls in a pita while I had idam, or spicy tuna in a pita). Price wasn’t also that bad. The mediterranean salad was a letdown, though. It was just like an ordinary salsa.





The Clean Plate by Twist

A random weekend brought us to UP Town Center in Diliman, Quezon City to meet up with Mico. I was surprised that what used to be a small row of restaurants along Katipunan Avenue has bloomed into a full complex of go-to places. Think medium- to high-end restos and bars, and retail stores targeting families and college kids populating UP, Miriam, Ateneo and other schools in the area. It’s awesome! Ayala Land (I think) did a wonderful job developing that parcel of land. It has grown exponentially since the first time we went there a year ago. Too bad I didn’t get a photo of the huge compound.

clean plate (1)

We also had a late lunch at the Clean Plate by Twist. We chose this because it appealed to the husband because it offers healthy options over all the newer establishments we passed by. I was hesitant because no. 1: I wasn’t exactly into commercialized healthy living/eating, no. 2: it is probably crazy expensive, and no. 3: it’ll probably be bland, which is not exactly my cup of tea. I was all into enjoying and savoring my food. But since the husband almost always just goes wherever I want to go, I decided to give in this time.

But sadly, my fears were founded, and I was right on all counts.

I know I have mentioned it somewhere in my blog before that I frown upon commercializing organic and healthier choices. Yes I know, we could all do good by choosing healthier food and living a healthier lifestyle. But in my humblest opinion, and I may be wrong, I don’t think it shouldn’t cost an arm and leg. I may also be ignorant, but shouldn’t food grown organically does away with chemicals, such as artificial enhancers, fertilizers, etc. etc.? So doesn’t that mean that producers actually save some cost intended for that? Maybe I have yet to learn more about this. The thing is, being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. It makes it even harder to get the message (if this is an advocacy for health buffs) across if this looks like it’s a fad not meant for those who are scrimping on their budget.

And this resto is not an exception. The portions were small for the price. I could have spent that much and been able twice the number we had. It gives a whole new meaning to the word bitin.

As for the taste, I really had better. If only they made up for the steep price, I probably wouldn’t have said all these things haha. I have dined from the streets of Paranaque (where I had my primary schooling) to the posh hotels and restaurants in London, Washington DC, Dubai, and forking out money for food has not been an issue if the quality was great.

It was bland, and the beef was completely rubbery. Good luck to those who have dentures.

But their decor is a completely different story. It was ‘clean’ by all means.

clean plate (2)

clean plate (3)


Pork Binagoongan

clean plate (6)

Bistek Tagalog

clean plate (7)

Homestyle Fried Chicken

clean plate (8)

Escabecheng Maya-maya

clean plate (5)

House Brewed Organic Iced Tea

clean plate (4)

Swimming class

Our little girl finished another milestone this summer: she completed the Snapper 1 course of the Bert Lozada Swimming School! Yey!

I wasn’t able to blog about her taking swimming classes until now that she has finished the very first course. Yesterday was their batch’s graduation day. While she has shown love and amazement for the water, she seemed to be very hesitant and afraid of being alone or left in the middle with nothing to hold on to. But I am glad that she seemed to progress pretty well after ten days of lessons.

Here are snapshots of when we were able to go with her.






These were from her graduation day:

sw grad1

sw grad2

sw grad3

They were all asked to cross the width of the pool, and I was proud that she made it!

Although she completed the course, we decided to enroll her in the Snapper 2 course. School opening is still a month away anyway. I am glad she’s having a productive summer!

Homemade pesto

A couple of weeks ago, I posted here how we started growing our own herbs. This is still part of our trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle due to the husband’s hypertension. And although I am still struggling to some degree, you cannot fault a girl for trying. I still cannot eat rabbit food and I can only eat so much paksiw, pangat, kinamatisan, fish sinigang, etc. And I do not think I can ever give up meat in this lifetime.

So back to the herbs. After the hubby repotted them in organic soil, they seem to have sprouted a lot. He asked me to cook something with them dahil baka daw magtampo. So I told him to grab a handful, and I made some mushroom and tuna omelette with a sprinkling of chopped basic leaves last Saturday morning. Too bad we didn’t get to take a photo of it. And because I felt that it was good (ahem, love your own. lol), I felt emboldened to cook something bigger with it.

And so, armed with Google to download and compare recipes, I decided to make a batch of my favorite pesto sauce.

Harvested a cup more and bought some to augment the recipe since I didn’t want to get all greedy and finish the plants off in one go.


Tossed them in a blender together with nuts and olive oil. I think a food processor can do this better but I don’t have one yet so I settled for this.


Transferred to a pot and heated.


And tada!!


Very good if I do say so myself 🙂

A healthier us

Okay, so part of adopting a healthier lifestyle at home right now is serving honest to goodness healthy food. I myself, am taking a little more time than the rest of my family in getting rid of meat, salt, etc. from our diet. I know that I should take this seriously since aside from the health side of it, I actually am losing weight! When I stepped on the scale over a week ago, to my delight, I am back to my pre-marriage weight. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and even asked if the scale was broken. lol. If only I could get over the taste part (I like my food very savory, which always means oil, salt and other spices) cold turkey. But I am getting there slowly so bear with me.

In the meantime, I have adopted some steps for our family. I normally give veggie sandwiches to the husband often paired with freshly squeezed lemon juice or a glass of fresh, non-fat milk I still don’t eat this myself.


At this I love: juicing and blending! It is very refreshing and one can almost feel the detoxification of the body afterwards. It doesn’t take so much sacrificing on my part because I actually enjoy taking it. So far, I have tried on mixing and matching available fruits at home. And I have yet to graduate doing this to vegetables.

Apples, bananas and oats

Carrot, pear, orange and apple

Pineapple, watermelon, melon and orange

Lemon, cucumber and pear

Kiwi, pear, mango and apple

Got to try more fruits! I have yet to take photos of my papaya, guyabano, strawberries and even green mango.