The shortest provincial trip

Spent more or less two hours on this tiny island off the coast of Iloilo City. I was surprised that the banca ride to Guimaras cost only seven pesos. But then again, we reached the other side of the sea in fifteen minutes or thereabouts. It was just too bad my feet didn’t even touch sand nor water, nor my eyes saw the wondrous beaches. It was during these times that I miss my fellow beach aficionados–Allen, Cheng, Bel, IC, Thea…where are you guys when I need you? lol. Haven’t been to the beach in the longest time.

Anyway, a quick, quick stop it was. We were just there for the mangoes anyhow, but also went to see and pay homage at the Trappist Monastery.

Going around in style :p

The world famous mangoes (took home about four kilos)

I shall return.