Eye surgery

After months of continuous eye drops therapy, Mama finally agreed to undergo eye surgery. When her blood pressure shot up in the middle of 2017, our family doctor made her take up several tests to determine what causes her hypertension, including laboratory exams and clearance from ENT doctors. Turned out that she did have issues with glaucoma, an age-related defect of the eye where the pressure is high, and a beginning cataract. If left unchecked, this combo may cause permanent damage or blindness.

Yes, and as I said, Mama succumbed to our combined pressure). Her eye doctor was really a big help, too. He had the right amount of competence (you can tell by the way he talks that he’s not after the money, he is genuinely concerned with his patients), confidence and bedside (in this case, clinic side) manner. Mama is basically afraid because it is still surgery after all, and thought that she was too old for this. However, Dr. Perez convinced her that her eyesight would greatly improve (she might not need glasses later on), the pressure in the eye would be greatly reduced, and the actual operation is a walk in the park. It was finally done earlier this week.

While her normal activities can resume the day after, I still had to take some time off to be with her, and assist her. Since there are a number of medications being put on the eye round the clock, I also didn’t want her to go out just yet so I brought the bunso to school myself. Yay for mom-chauffeur this week! Also brought mama to check ups. Exciting week for me and the kids, especially, because I know we both like it when I take care of them.

The prognosis on Mama’s eye is good, too, and we are positive that everything’s a-okay. I know it is now time for me to take care of my parents as they are in their golden years.

We are okay

It was a sabbatical again of sorts for our family. One after the other, my dad and I went under the knife in the name of health. While both of our conditions were not immediately life threatening, we both decided that prolonging keeping abnormal growths in our bodies would not do any of us any good.

I was the reluctant patient. I have had this myoma, or at least I have known about it, since I got pregnant with Mischa. And it’s not getting smaller, nor going away at all. Since it is beginning to affect other parts of my body, plus I haven’t lost the prego look because of my bulging tummy, we decided to bid it goodbye. The operation was even more painful, and even more expensive, but I am glad because I am now okay.

Dad, on the other hand, was kinda raring to have his brain surgery after we found out he has meningioma, a non-cancerous type of tumor in the brain. We were all afraid because, hello, it is the brain that’s affected, and we were majorly concerned about him undergoing the surgery and the recovery after. And as with mine, he is doing better, and is also now okay.

Thank you Lord.

Lola Noning’s birthday

Mike’s Auntie Noning’s (father-in-law’s eldest sister) birthday falls on New Year’s day. It has become a tradition in their family to spend the first day of the year together to celebrate the two events. We try as much as we can to join them although their family house is all the way to Novaliches. Their family is huge, and I can’t personally remember everyone even after eight years of being together, but there’s always new additions. This year, the party is more fun because aside from the food, they infused games for kids.




Ma turns 70

Mama didn’t want any fuss for her 70th birthday. But of course, we couldn’t let the event pass by just like that. It’s not everyday that people reach that kind of milestone. And it’s also a celebration of our gratitude that she is with us, and healthy at that, so we have so much to be thankful for.

Well, she actually changed her mind about not wanting a fuss because we saw how happy she was when she saw our closest relatives and her friends from work whom she hasn’t seen in a long time. So good times for her (and for us!).

On her actual natal day, since it was a weekday, I decided to stay home and let her have a simple treat. I did forego my birthday leave for her since I thought it was better to let her rest from taking care of my own kids.




And for her “grand” celebration:








Happy 70th Ma! Words cannot describe how much we love you and we thank God everyday for giving you to us.

My second family

This is the family that took me in for a lifetime. We don’t spend as much time with them as with my own since we all live in various parts of the Philippines and even abroad. My parents-in-law are both in Cagayan, as well as two brothers-in-law and their families. The eldest of course is in the United Kingdom, and their coming home was the reason for our big reunion recently. The other brother lives in Caloocan City. Meanwhile, the younger sister, Ate Vivien lives in Fairview, in a subdivision right across Mico’s, so it’s them we see a lot. I would say that our nieces there are the closest cousins Mischa has.

All in all, hubby has two sisters and three brothers. He’s the youngest. Among them, there are 14 grandchildren, and even 1 great-granddaughter now. At the time we took these pictures, the youngest grandchild hasn’t been born yet. There are four grandsons to carry on the Apattad name so there’s little chance we’ll be extinct soon. lol.

I’m not really used to belonging in a family this big, but I love it. Makes me feel secure that Mischa and Maxine has other family they can go to in case we won’t be here. I hope they all grow up close. But I know that we adults have to lay the foundation for them.

So here we are, from eldest to youngest.








Belated greetings from these Minnies

These cutie patooties are sending belated greetings of peace and joy as we welcomed the new year!


They were lucky to spend that turn of the year with both sides of their families–the best of both worlds. New Year’s Eve dinner was with Ninong Mico, Mama and Lolo, while a rainy lunch was spent with Mama Old, Tita Vivien, and a handful of cousins from daddy’s side.



Our families are awesome!

Rare moments are precious

with mama old

Mischa had the time of her life over the weekend with some of her cousins. My parents-in-law came over from the province, and slept over for the first time so we had them for two whole days. Three nieces, a nephew, one of my sisters-in-law, an aunt and an uncle were there, too, although some of them went home right away. So you can just imagine the full house, which is a far cry from just our nuclear family plus my folks.

Umaapaw sa saya ang bulilit! Ayaw matulog, sunod-sunuran kung san pumunta ang mga ate nya, napakaingay! Syempre masaya din ang nanay pag nakikitang masaya ang anak nya.

The thing though is, goodbyes afterward are just heartbreaking. It tugged at my heart how “abandoned” she looked when they parted ways. It was one of those times I wish we just lived near each other. We adults just have to really make time and effort for them to be together more often so that they grow up with a really strong bond.

And belonging to a relatively small family, it is really my fondest wish to have all twelve (at present) grandchildren of Mama old and Papa old together in one roof, and in one photo.