Separate ways

One weekend, we went separate ways and attended two events. We don’t usually do this because we each tag along in whatever activity we have since weekends are our opportunities to be together. Even when Ate Mischa has to go to school, for example, for practices, Maxine gets dragged along. Unfortunately, this time, Dad, Maxine and I went to Batangas, while Mischa went with the grandparents to a friend’s 7th birthday. I was a bit sad but happy, too, because Maxine seldom gets to be with us without her Ate.

So we are at the San Guillermo Parish in Talisay, Batangas. Was not able to take any photos with the bride and groom!


On the way to Batangas, we took the newly opened Manila-Cavite Expressway, or MCX, then South Luzon then Star Tollway. We exited at Tanauan and drove about half an hour before reaching Talisay. On the way home, we found out that it just takes about 10 minutes to Tagaytay City, which is nearer to our place! But the road was uphill, steep and so winding. It was actually kind of dangerous, especially for those not used to driving there. But we made it. Whew! I held my breath for a while there. lol.

Here is Mischa, on the other hand, during Jan Carmel’s fairy-themed 7th birthday party. These were taken by one of our mommy friends.



The party looks so kikay, I am sorry to have missed it! Now Mischa has so many ideas for her own 7th birthday, and I am so pressured right now!

Mary Chloe’s first birthday

The celebrant, Chloe is the younger sister of Mischa’s former classmate in Academia, her old school, but still her school mate now in Seton. Most of the visitors at Chloe’s, apart from her relatives of course, are her Ate Alexa’s (Mischa’s classmate) friends, and their families. Mischa was overjoyed to see some of her old pals. It was also a reunion of sorts for us mommies and grandmothers who have been acquaintances and even friends because of the time we see each other in school during school events.





Mission accomplished

The hubby and I braved another day at the hospital, and brought another army of colleagues and a cousin to accomplish our goal of banking enough blood that I might need during my delivery. My heart is thankful to the Lord for giving me these caring people, who, despite not being close to me, sacrificed time (we needed to be at the blood bank at 6:00 a.m. on a weekday) and of course, their precious blood. I hope one day I can repay all of them in some way.

And this time, someone had to the guts to take a photo despite the warning not to take one. hehe.


Again, still hopeful that I would not be needing these after all. We are all praying that both baby and I will come of this basically unscathed.

Of Spanish food and lifelong friends

Saw an old friend today whom I thought I lost. Before I lament on what happened, I want to say that I enjoyed the food and the ambiance at the new Alba’s Restaurante Español at the Prism Plaza in the Mall of Asia complex. While the hubby and I have made MOA our second home (hehehe), it was my first time to set foot in this irregularly-shaped building. It reminded me of the alfresco dining level of the Hongkong Museum of Art. It overlooks Manila Bay and I am so sure that the sunset here would have been a spectacular sight.

Alba’s, of course, is as traditional yet modern as it could be. We took advantage of their dinner buffet, which cost Php750++. I always feel lugi when I have buffet since I don’t eat much in one sitting, but I guess what we paid for was the variety. Mmmmm…writing now and looking at the photos making me crave for Spanish food.


Tapas – Pizza with anchovies, Croquetas de Jamon, Mariscos, Tostadas with 3 spreads (Quezorizo, Tomate, ajo and aceite de oliva, and Espinacas), Salchichas con Champignons (which is my personal favorite!) and Mejillones al Tigre

Also available were Tabla de Embutidos, which I planned on going back on but was too full so regretfully was not able to taste, and ensalada with different dressings.


Paella Valenciana, spicy shrimp pasta, pescado ala vizcaina in homemade tomato sauce, pollo ala king, steamed vegetables, escallopines ala pobre, and house specialty, cochinillo, and costillas de vaca al vino rojo

I would have taken and eaten more of everything if the stomach had been willing. Alas, only the mouth was. lol. Everything was just rich and sumptuous just the way I like them.

I didn’t get the callos and lengua as I have a thing about innards.

For dessert, I had canonigo, which was as near to heaven as I could get, maja blanca and mango squares. Because I was too full by this time, I let go of the mocha cake and fruit salad.


The restaurant had the right amount of light and sounds. Not too bright, not too dim, not too loud. Perfect for family gatherings, quiet get-togethers, and even dates. Now, I’m thinking I want to hold a small party here for my Dad’s upcoming 70th birthday. We’ll see.

Over the good food was a lot of catching up. I missed my very dear and good friend for about six months. I feel happy anyway that she chose to reach out this time. I thought we broke up. She had so much going on in her life that I felt hurt when she wallowed instead of taking advantage of my shoulder to cry on. I would have thought that I was as special to her as she was to me, and it just felt wrong to me that I was lumped together with the rest of the things and people she was getting over with. I felt so disappointed that after years of confidences, food trips, kids, tears, heartbreaks, parties, hangovers, out of town trips, and whatnots, I was on her speed dial and top five list of go-to people. Save for about less than five text messages within that span, there was basically a sea of silence that I wondered if I was the only one affected. Clearly, whatever the things she was going through was beyond our friendship.

But oh well, maybe it is time to move on and grow up. It is true that things really change, and that you can either go with the flow, or get out of the raging water. I know that we would still be friends but to my consternation, it has taken on a different form. It is on a whole new plane now, and I just have to get used to it. Our roles in each other’s lives have titled at different angles. But I’ll take whatever we have.


Spot the difference

This is a nostalgic post. I just put together photos of moi, and two of my better friends Cheng and Rino, and I feel a little wistful about how we spend so little time together now when we used to go out almost every night. We know each other’s quirks, and almost all of our dirty little secrets. lol. As the old adage says, we’ve been through thick and thin. We were together in the happiest and darkest hours of our lives. I could say that we each had anchored one another, and kept each other sane when the going got rough. And despite the separate lives we live now, I know deep in my soul that we will the best of friends forever.

Anyway, this little moment of sadness was brought on, as I said, by photos taken during the Presidential Awards. Wittingly, or unwittingly, we always seem to have this pose after the formal ceremonies have taken place. We missed out on the 2008 awards since Rino was in Netherlands taking up his masteral degree that time.

Have we changed much over the years?







Little friendships

Weather here has been going crazy for a week now. This latest typhoon, Gener, just wouldn’t quit. The whole of Luzon seemed to be being slowly battered the last several days by strong gales and heavy rains.

This made us miss work yesterday. Gee, I’m so sad (insert evil laugh here).

For the little girl, though, she has missed classes for four days now. And I was surprised that she was insisting to go earlier today. When I asked why, she replied, “Gab (her classmate) is there.” Maybe she was thinking it was only her who has not been to school. Had a mommy moment right there and then. I know I always say this, but the words my-daughter-is-fast-growing-up is again flashing in my mind. She is actually nurturing friendships now. It made me happy and sad at the same time, knowing that her world is slowly expanding to include other people outside my and her dad’s circle. It felt a little weird that her joy is not limited to our company anymore. Hay, ang baby ko!

My mind jumps to a boyfriend in the far, far future. (Get a grip, Marie!)

Someone please hand a tissue. Sniff, sniff!

One of my best gal’s wedding

She and I saw each other through heartbreaks, dates, failed relationships, kilig moments, and other ups and downs of the right path to everlasting love. We were there through tears, countless cigarettes, bottles of beers as we cheered or patted each other on the back, together with our close-knit group at work. But as I said to her, God is good all the time. No matter how our past was littered with hurts, it was really for us to appreciate and prepare our future. It may sound so cliche, but really, everything happens for a reason. The pain was all so worth it!

I am so happy for one of my dearest friends. It was so good watching her walk down the aisle with her tween daughter, Nicole. I wish I could have been there to witness her love life bloom. But as fate would have her, they met in Dubai where she has been working since 2008, at about the same time, I began my own love story. That bus stop where they would start their own tale is one for the books.

Best wishes mare. Cheers!