Maxine’s first haircut

Maxine had her first haircut last weekend. Thank God that there are establishments today that cater to very, very specific needs, such as salons for babies and kids. Part of their training is handling malikot kids. While it was not easy, it was manageable. The cars and toys really help a lot in calming down kiddos.

And looking back at this blog post years ago, Ate Mischa also had her first haircut at 22 months, just like Maxine now! What a coincidence! And they look kinda the same after that first cut.










Missing a tooth

Someone just lost a tooth.



I thought that it would be a little dramatic but glad that the pulling of the first milk tooth was uneventful. The said tooth has been moving little by little since the weekend. Mischa, her dad and I were even making plans of either bringing her to the dentist, or just tying a long, clean piece of thread, wrapping it around the offending tooth, and her dad taking it out. But we didn’t have do any of that as the tooth cleanly broke off while she was having an after school snack.

Hay, more signs of her growing up.

Now in big school

With tears just beneath my lids (lol), I sent off this not-so-little-girl to the big school on her very first day. The place was teeming with moms, grandmas, yayas and other eager and excited family members who may be experiencing more separation anxiety than the kids, this writer included! But as she seems to be okay, left her, said so many prayers, and hoped for the best. It’s been about two weeks since then, and she seems to be thriving.

Except for the early, ungodly waking hours, that is. But the school bus arrives very early so we really have no choice. Reminds me of my school girl days, but then again, my school was quite far.

Sigh, don’t grow up too fast, baby girl. You look so dalaga na.




Eating time!

Our baby just celebrated her half year birthday last Saturday. I arrived just in time from a business trip.


And what better way to celebrate than having her eat solids for the first time! Yay! We noticed that she has been eyeing us curiously during meal times, and she would follow our movements as we lift our spoons and forks to our mouths. Now she can finally join us at the dining table.

Ate Mischa did the honor of giving her her first bites.



First Christmas in our home

This Christmas is probably the most memorable (so far) in my existence, except maybe 2009 when Mischa was already with us. It really feels so good to be in your own house, never mind the cooking and the cleaning afterwards, to which I am thankful I have mama around hehe. No thanks to our developer, I am grateful nonetheless to be in our own abode on the day Jesus was born. I cannot even put into words how special everything is. Basta! My heart is overflowing with happiness! Too bad the husband hasn’t been feeling well for the last two weeks.

Our tree–the first tree we ever had as a couple back in 2008 (maybe next year I can convince the dad to buy a fuller and taller tree after our house-related expenses have died down):

xmas tree

Christmas dinner–Spaghetti with meatball sauce (from scratch), mashed potatoes and Excellente ham.

xmas dinner

The husband made his special mango graham cake, which I didn’t get to take a photo of. However, here is the little helper, who of course, is more a handful than an assistant.

santas helper

My family with Mischa the grouch (lol). How to teach kids to smile and love the camera?


During the gift opening. The kid still hasn’t fully woken from her interrupted sleep. She looks like a dalagita here (who are you and what did you do to my baby??).

gift opening

Mico was not able to be with us since he also just transferred homes, and of course wanted to spend Christmas Eve in his own home. He visited the next day and had to run right away for work. We were about to have lunch here: steamed lapu-lapu, buttered shrimps with garlic, and leftover ham and pasta. Christmas makes you always happily fat.


Thank you Lord for the gift of family and a good home. Please bless all people here on Earth. Please live in our hearts the whole year round.

Her first starring role

I was one proud mommy last Saturday when Mischa had her first stint as a flower girl at her uncle’s wedding (my first cousin). I have been preparing her mentally for some weeks now, and have been coaching her to walk and bring flowers to Papa Jesus at the altar. And you know what, she actually did! It was a really different kind of giddy. Haha. I know it’s not good to think and feel that somehow your child will “fail” at doing what she was supposed to do, but I was really so afraid that I would end up walking beside her just to prod her along. Thank you, anak, for proving mommy wrong.

Congratulations JR (our bunso cousin on my maternal side) and Chame! Your union is now perfect and blessed by the Lord. Are we seeing other little Joakeens soon?

As a side note, it was good to see my old coordinators, Janice and Rina of Classic Unlimited, at the wedding. Such a small world that they are the cousin’s coordinator, too.

Barney’s Space Adventure

Been away too long again. Had my hands full mostly with work, having to head a conference in Iloilo City last week. This took me away from the family, and from the Internet. So now I have backlogs again with my blogging. I have yet to upload photos from the trip. Also wanted to post about how my little girl is doing magnificently in school, and how Mama and I have been continuously arguing about doing things for her, like bringing her school, etc., and how it affects her independence and her performance in school. We’ve also taken more steps into making our home really ours.

But first things first. Before I had to fly out, hubby and I brought Mischa to go see one of her greatest loves at this point in her life–Barney! We headed off to the Aliw Theatre one hot Saturday to see him and his friends live. You couldn’t imaging the look on her face–it was priceless! When I first found out some months ago that the show will be brought to the Philippines, it took me only like five seconds to whip out my credit card and buy tickets online. While we are currently scrimping on expenses because of the upcoming barrage of house related things we have to buy/secure/build, I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give this to my daughter. And boy, was it worth it! I only wished that kids had some kind of discount. Lugi pa nga kami since Mischa didn’t want to sit down. So I shelled out the one thousand bucks to have our bags sit. Much like the HS$60 stroller in Disneyland last year. Oh well, we don’t this often anyway. And as I said, I would gladly hand over hard-earned money for the sake of my kid. And it was some sort of prize for her good behavior in school.

It was also nice to sit beside n@wie sis, Pia and her son, Sky. I am glad to see Mischa relating better to other kids now, too. I credit that to going to school as she is slowly developing her social skills, and “maturing” a little bit. She is beginning to realize now that she is not the only kid on the block, and that not all things she could get her hands on are hers.