Toddler in school

There are times when you don’t know whether to laugh and cry at the same time. Watching your two-year old start school is one of them. Our bunso entered the educational system much younger than her three-year old ate, and in so many ways, much more baby-er. She’s more into play than actual learning but that’s okay.

Some may judge us for apparently “pressuring” her to be in school so early. But…I just want to relaxed, learning environment for my baby, and who could argue with that. Better than being at home the whole day glued to the TV or gadgets if she gets tired with her toys, while we are at work and her sister is in school. What’s so bad about three hours in school with kids her age, and a licensed professional overseeing her? It’s not like she’s asked to produce top grades or anything like that.

Just a very proud moment for us. There were no tears, no separation anxiety. I was expecting a little tantrum or she would cling to me when I hand her over to teacher. It was crazy that I was sad that she was willing to let go. Haha.

My independent baby.

Third grade

Technically, we already finished the first week of school. Literally, though, since there is a typhoon and rains have been non-stop, classes have been suspended for three days now. So really, we were in school, what, 3 hours this week.

We arrived a little later than usual on this first day of classes so I wasn’t able to go inside the classroom with her and take her photos. Which is just too well since she’s not a small girl anymore (tissue please, this is the part where I want to bawl like a baby ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) Since the teacher was already inside, and the kids were pretty much settled down, I was reduced to taking photos from beyond the glass windows (which renders photos grainy and all).

It was also a mark of how the kids are growing and maturing that they were quieter and more subdued on the first day of class instead of running around and talking at the top of their lungs.

Also, Mischa’s school is adjusting to the new cycle of the academic year that starts mid-year, instead of the traditional June. Classes would then be off around the 3rd week of May, instead of the usual March. So I don’t really know what our summer next year would be like.

Now in big school

With tears just beneath my lids (lol), I sent off this not-so-little-girl to the big school on her very first day. The place was teeming with moms, grandmas, yayas and other eager and excited family members who may be experiencing more separation anxiety than the kids, this writer included! But as she seems to be okay, left her, said so many prayers, and hoped for the best. It’s been about two weeks since then, and she seems to be thriving.

Except for the early, ungodly waking hours, that is. But the school bus arrives very early so we really have no choice. Reminds me of my school girl days, but then again, my school was quite far.

Sigh, don’t grow up too fast, baby girl. You look so dalaga na.




Last year in Pre-school


My gosh, my daughter, you know that one I carried for 39 weeks and 6 days, and came out to this world weighing a measly 7.26 lbs. has already been attending school for three years now. Whoa. Where did time go? I could not believe that she will be in grade school next year. It seems too far off from now but I know that when it comes to bringing up kids that the hourglass just seems unstoppable. Sigh, where did my baby go…

School started for her last week but was able to personally bring her only last Tuesday (thank God for holidays!). It looks like her school is growing, proof of the good quality of the institution which is spreading like wildfire in our neck of the woods. Security was tighter and parents who normally can go inside and wait a bit before kids go in classes are not allowed inside the campus anymore. Parents, fetchers, and guardians would now be literally rubbing elbows and other parts of the body in an effort to see their children off, which made it harder to move around now. So the school management limited non-students to the outside of the gates now. Oh well.

I was hoping to meet Mischa’s new adviser, to see for myself into whose hands my daughter goes to everyday. Unfortunately, got only a glimpse of her. And I wouldn’t judge yet for now. I hope she’s as good as Teacher Jhane last year, whom Mischa misses so much. I really liked her a lot, too.

We’ll still see if we will continue as planned to transfer her to a big school next year. Although I know that halfway through the year, around the time I give birth, I would have to seriously think about it and do something about it. Actually, we already have a school in mind, and I have an alternative just in case the first one doesn’t pan out. But we’ll see.

Scenes from school

So this is how it feels to be a full-time mommy. I am very fulfilled and contented. While I still grieve a little over the loss of my unborn child, I am now thankful for the time that the miscarriage has provided me. Despite going through that, God has given me the opportunity to spend quality time with my panganay. This week up until the next, I bring her to school and back. The timing is kind of ironic but I am taking it nonetheless as it is the first week of school so I get to be with Mischa as adjusts.

I am glad she is past beyond tugging at hands to stay with her as she goes off to class, and gone are the tantrums. Hooray for the big girl! Right from day 1, she bravely went on her own pulling at her trolley bag. Those summer classes really seemed to help.

When I pick her up after school, I am always rewarded with a big grin and a wave as she beams at me. As soon as she reaches me, there is the constant excited chatter about her day. Such a far cry from her Nursery days in another school. So glad we transferred her.








I will certainly miss this when I get back to work towards the end of June. I have temporarily gone from manager with makeup, high heels, bag to “nanny” in flats, fresh powder and small purse. I am loving every moment! If only there is a way for me to earn while being a full- or part-time mom.