If you are looking for traditional Filipino food livened up with a twist, then Manam is for you. The restaurant is an ideal place for families or a group of friends sharing a hot meal, or even couples of bffs chilling out or plain relaxing. Each of their dishes come in three sizes: small, medium or large, so you can order according to the size of your party or your heart’s desire. You need not worry about ordering too much or too little.

You can start off with drinks concocted with ingredients that you would not think are possible together:

Banana melon sago

Camias with lemongrass

Papaya with black pepper

For the main dishes, there were so many to choose from. If I had my way, I would have gotten their bestseller sisig and the sinigang na corned beef sa watermelon. But as I was with hypertensive and people watching out for their sugar levels, we opted for the safer though still yummy dishes.

Batil patung (famous in Cagayan where the husband is from)

Braised then fried pork and chicken adobo (a hit with Mischa)


Binukadkad na plapla with buro

Sinigang na ulo ng salmon sa guyabano (a hit with Maxine)



We tried this ship-inspired restaurant in Mall of Asia for dinner with the whole family. When we looked initially at their menu, we saw that their specialties are Filipino dishes as influenced by the Spaniards. I really don’t know the story behind the restaurant, but it looked to me that the food looked like heirloom pieces, maybe passed on from grand- and great-grandparents.

And as we are just coming off medical check-ups for the kids and the seniors, and the seniors have high blood pressure, our fare consisted of relatively healthy dishes so as not to further add to the high levels of cholesterol. The food was good enough in general, but I was like, 60% happy with it, owing to the lack of meaty goodness that my tummy was craving for. And it was a bit more expensive for the quality and taste. Service was great though.

Agos salad

Cheesy tortang talong

Paella Fiesta Filipina

Mahi mahi in spicy coconut cream


As I said the whole thing looked like a ship. The little girl had fun going up and down the mini stairs.


This post has been languishing in my drafts for the longest time, among other posts. An unexpected, heartbreaking event happened the days following my going to Breakthrough. It didn’t occur to me (or to anyone if I may add) that this could be the last fulfilling and enjoyable meal for one of my dear friends at work. I will write more about that soon if I summon enough strength or will. I just take comfort in the knowledge that she was happy here, and we both enjoyed ourselves, feasting on the food whilst basking in the fresh air and the sounds of the ocean nearby. It makes me a little happy that she was happy this day at one of the famed restaurants in Iloilo.


I was happy to see a newly opened restaurants in one of the fairly old malls near our place. Because it has been in existence for sometime (read: a few decades), most of the establishments there are the run of the mill restaurants. Maybe it is also because the mall-goers are your typical suburban homeowners who are just there for the convenience of the location, and are not looking for something new. So imagine my surprise when I saw Hukad by the Golden Cowrie. I gather that it had its beginnings in Cebu, and is now available in selected areas in the Metro. And is Cebuano cuisine known for? Lechon!!

But aside from the star of the Filipino table, lechon, the restaurants offers traditional, but tasty and sumptuous Filipino cuisine. And because we have a tendency to tone down taste (less salt and other pampalasa) of our cooking at home, I tend to have this feeling of being deprived. And so I compensate when we are outing out, and I order to my heart’s content, much to the chagrin of the health-conscious husband. I liked Hukad’s food so much that I dragged my parents here to eat the day after the hubby and kids dined here. These are what we had, which made my heart flipflopped :))

Baked scallops



Escabecheng tanigue

Fried tuna fingers


Lechon belly


I was drawn to this place after reading a review from that it has one of the best crispy patas in the metro. And I was not disappointed! Hoooh! I am kinda of speechless haha. See that popsicle stick wedged between the thing? The thigh is that soft that that can actually slice off the meat away from the bone but it still managed to be crispy and tasty and everything nice. I only have vague memories of the kare-kare and sisig but they must be good, too. I only had eyes (and mouth) for the pata.

Livestock is a meat lover’s heaven as you can see. It’s actually a half a bar, and must be alive and kickin’ when the sun sets. It was a good time though to have lunch there as they already serve what ought to be delicious pica-pica. ‘Twas minus the crowd (I am a certified Tita of Manila) and maybe the smoke and the loud noise.






Y2k Talabahan

In one of our trips to Iloilo City, we stuffed ourselves with one of the most delicious native chicken dishes I’ve ever had. It was straight up adobo with generous amounts of toasted garlic. There must be some gayuma in here, it was indecently good.


We had this at a restaurant called Y2K Talabahan, which is located at Atria, a spanking new place in Iloilo City. The Atria is a lifestyle complex developed by Ayala Land that boasts of restaurants, retail stores, the Seda Hotel, and a condominium for the middle and upper classes of the city. I liked it! It’s too bad that I am at the tail end of the project which had me coming to Iloilo all the time (my eldest is already complaining!). It is a breath of fresh air in the slowly becoming crowded city.



Back to Y2K, we also had this wonderful squid to go along with the whole chicken.


Next time, I have to have the oysters!

Angus Tapa Centrale

Mico brought us to this place in Quezon City called Angus Tapa Centrale for a late lunch last Saturday. We came from an errand in Taytay where we we used to live, and we were famished as we braved the horrendous weekend traffic. We were actually set to eat somewhere else but it was full by the time we got there so we were to Centrale instead. However, we encountered another disappointment when there was no Angus beef in sight! For a restaurant specializing in tapa, it is definitely a bummer when they cannot offer tapa! It’s like going to Starbucks and finding out there’s no coffee, or going to Kenny Rogers only to find out there’s no chicken. But oh well. We ordered several other things but I didn’t get to take photos of everything we ordered since we dug in the moment the waitress set down our orders.


Bacon bagnet


Spam fries

Seafood aglio olio

Seafood marinara

I especially liked the aglio olio. It was not too heavy as pastas always put me in a carbo stupor after pigging. And in my book, a restaurant which offers liempo or bagnet can never do wrong (I’d forgotten the lack of tapa by this time). The thinly-sliced baconized(?) strips of pork belly fried to perfection just hit the spot.

The restaurant itself was cozy. I just don’t like the way the chairs scrape the floor (bad combination of furniture). Yes it bothered me that much. It’s like listening to nails scratching on a board magnified a hundred times. And the servers would do well if they smiled a bit more. I don’t know if they were just having bad day but it definitely does not make customers feel welcome at all. Thank goodness we were that hungry!