Maxine’s first field trip

Missed this once again as I had a work-related training on the same date. I am wistful that I keep on missing out on these important events but I am trying to convince myself that whatever I am doing for work, I am doing for their future. Such are the woes of working mothers like me 😦

Anyway, her daddy went her and I could see that she had fun! It was exciting that the school prepared a different kind of itinerary for them, which is not the usual field trips for preschoolers. This one seemed like a true learning experience. They went kite flying, watched a puppet show then went to a famous (kind of expensive) indoor theme park.

Quezon City field trip

Last Friday was Mischa’s first foray into the Metro without Mommy or Daddy as parents were not allowed to join their field trip. And we survived, hooray! Me, my heart is still intact because it was beating like crazy the whole day wondering where they are, and what and how they were doing. And as a parent, you can’t just relax when your 7-year old kid is out there in the jungle with wolves, lions and what-nots about to pounce. You began creating scenarios in your head about total strangers snatching them away from the watchful eyes of teachers, or receiving phone calls that they involved in an accident, well, you get the drift. I am one crazy mother! I just let her go because I know that she will enjoy and learn a lot, the school has assured us of their safety, and that she will be more independent. So I sacrificed my sanity for one day (about 12 hours), crossed my fingers, and said a whole lot of prayers.

One saving grace was one of my former classmate in high school is a teacher at their school, and she began posting on social media some photos of them. Whew! That assuaged some of my anxieties, and I began breathing a little easier as soon as I began seeing them.

I couldn’t tell you what happened all day but I could say that she had fun! The only thing I got appalled at, was the state of her lunch box when she went home. It looked like she didn’t touch her food, save for 2 packs of biscuits. Hay anak!





Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang

The second leg of Mischa’s school field trip was a theater play at the Philippine Educational Theater Association or PETA (read the first leg here).

That day, Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang was on. I think the school made special arrangements so that it was exclusively shown for our group. It was my first time to watch a show here.


Lola Basyang, a famous figure in Philippine literature and media, is an elderly woman fond of telling stories to her grandchildren. In this PETA play, three stories were recreated and retold, and played onstage by independent actors.


The stories were entertaining enough although it kind of had a dragging quality from the middle towards the end. You could see this through the restlessness that slowly crept among the crowd, particularly the preschool kids on the field trip. By the time the second act was halfway through, kids started standing up, talking to their classmates and playing on the sides. I thought it was better suited for grade schoolers who would have had longer attention spans. I wouldn’t recommend this again.

Avilon Zoo

A couple of weeks ago, Mischa’s school had their annual field trip. As the usual, we accompanied her, and this time we only had two itineraries (unlike last year when we had four). The first stop was Avilon Zoo, which was quite far (located in the mountains of Rodriguez, Rizal) so we kinda lost a lot of time for travel.

The zoo occupies a wide stretch of land, owing to the various recreations of the habitats of its residents. We had a sizable ground to cover in just under two hours so the tour guide assigned to us (we were divided according to buses we rode in) kept hurrying us up. It was a little irritating. First, we were panting as we went from area to area, and second, the kids didn’t have much time to look around and appreciate all the animals they were seeing. Sayang! They would have enjoyed it a whole lot more if there was more time. Mischa, for one, loved seeing the animals up close and personal!

















Aerospace Museum

Our visiting the Aerospace Museum is a bit an anticlimactic end to the fun-filled field trip. Truth be told, this is the least I liked among all the things we went to. While it could be educational for someone interested in the history of the Philippine Air Force and the aerospace industry, again, this is not very apt for very young kids. I could surmise that my 4-year old couldn’t care less about the who’s who in military field, and what air crafts and firearms were used during World War II. But she had fun “riding” in the model planes, though.

field trip 76

field trip 77

field trip 80

field trip 82

Mind Museum

After our time at Museo Pambata, we all had lunch on the bus. Some of the families had packed lunch, while we, along with some others, bought from the nearest fast food. Then off we went to the Mind Museum in Taguig.

What can I say? The place was a haven for the curious minds. However, for Mischa and her classmates, I would think it was a little too advanced. At this point in time, I would say that their knowledge and grasp of science was still rudimentary. The Mind Museum is better suited for those in the elementary years and up. For one, kindergarten pupils are still in the beginning stages of reading, and being in the museum entails that you can read independently and proficiently. But still, that’s what the parents were there for–to help them understand better what they were seeing and hearing. Maybe I’ll bring her back when she’s a bit older and able to process more.

She liked the outdoors, though.

field trip 54

field trip 51

field trip 53

field trip 56

field trip 58

field trip 59

field trip 61

field trip 62

field trip 64

field trip 66

field trip 67

field trip 68

field trip 70

field trip 71

field trip 73

field trip 74

Museo Pambata

The second stop on the kids’ field trip was Museo Pambata, which is near Quirino Grandstand and the United States Embassy in Manila. This part of the activity was, I must say, very educational, and apt for kids of all ages (the field trip was participated in by all levels of the school from Nursery to sixth grade). There were many hands-on activities they can do that surely made them use their imagination a lot. Truly pambata or “for kids”. Some of the photos here are blurred but it’s because they keep on moving because the kids were plain excited and couldn’t keep still.

field trip 22

field trip 23

field trip 26

field trip 27

field trip 28

field trip 29

field trip 32

field trip 33

field trip 35

field trip 36

field trip 43

field trip 44

field trip 46

field trip 48

field trip 50

There were times during this leg that Mischa would have fits if I didn’t give in to her demands, like buying all sorts of stuff on the street being peddled or junk food. But otherwise, she had fun with her classmates, whom she would see only at the venues because we were not riding in one bus.