Ushering 2018

New beginnings and new chances at life are given to us again as we stepped onto a new year. Always praying and hoping that things would be better, brighter and more bountiful than ever. We greet the new year with a renewed sense of purpose. I am just plain happy and content that we are all together.

And my masterpiece for this year hehehe

Because I received a cheese board over Christmas.

And had an impromptu get together with one branch of our family. Great reason for the great-grandchildren of Mamay Asio and Nanay Angge to bond over food and toys.

The cook strikes again

Okay I got to admit that ever since I had Maxine (read: 2 kids under the age of 5 at that time), cooking took a backseat. Whereas before when Mischa was a baby, I had help, and then when she grew up a little, we only had one kid around the house. Any mom, working or being a full-time one, can attest that exhaustion most often creeps up on you although we don’t like to admit that sometimes we want to complain.

Anyway, as we seem to be pretty much exhausted all the time, my efforts at the kitchen have been pretty much limited to preparing dishes in a hurry or that which takes as little tasks as possible. Hence, adobo and sinigang have taken centerstage, yummy yet easy to prepare.

But this weekend was a long weekend, and I feel kinda refreshed and rested so I went back to planning our menu (at least for the weekend), and actually executing them. Wheee! Also my poor picky panganay badly needs to be taught to eat a variety of food now that she’s all grown up, and the little one is experimenting with taste so…


Clockwise: sauteed pork and beans, minced chicken with eggplant, chicken pastel

Krabby patty making

Mischa and I bonded over one of her projects called “Krabby Patty Making”. They had to make a burger, and her assignment was to bring the patty, bread and cheese. So I decided to make her patty from scratch, instead of buying ready made burger patties from the supermarket, since she has to be able to enumerate the ingredients and tell the procedure. It was our first time to cook together, and because we had fun, I think I will endeavor to make this a regular activity with the girls.

Because, like any other busy mom, I would often like to breeze through my kitchen activities, and now I feel guilty because my tendency was to shoo Mischa away usually so I can go on with whatever I have to finish. Starting now, I vow to involve her, and Maxine in the future, in the kitchen. I believe cooking skills is a good weapon to have.






Homemade pesto

A couple of weeks ago, I posted here how we started growing our own herbs. This is still part of our trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle due to the husband’s hypertension. And although I am still struggling to some degree, you cannot fault a girl for trying. I still cannot eat rabbit food and I can only eat so much paksiw, pangat, kinamatisan, fish sinigang, etc. And I do not think I can ever give up meat in this lifetime.

So back to the herbs. After the hubby repotted them in organic soil, they seem to have sprouted a lot. He asked me to cook something with them dahil baka daw magtampo. So I told him to grab a handful, and I made some mushroom and tuna omelette with a sprinkling of chopped basic leaves last Saturday morning. Too bad we didn’t get to take a photo of it. And because I felt that it was good (ahem, love your own. lol), I felt emboldened to cook something bigger with it.

And so, armed with Google to download and compare recipes, I decided to make a batch of my favorite pesto sauce.

Harvested a cup more and bought some to augment the recipe since I didn’t want to get all greedy and finish the plants off in one go.


Tossed them in a blender together with nuts and olive oil. I think a food processor can do this better but I don’t have one yet so I settled for this.


Transferred to a pot and heated.


And tada!!


Very good if I do say so myself 🙂

Just because

I felt like being the superstar wife, mother and daughter last Saturday. Ako na! Ako na ang domestic! lol. Maybe it has something to do with wanting to take away the stress at work so I kept my hands and mind sooo busy. Or I was plain happy to be with my kid (as always). Or maybe it was because for the first time in weeks, my whole family was complete after Mama and Dad have been attending to my sick aunt in Manila during weekends. Whatever. I was just glad to be home.

Aside from the laundry, a lot of tidying up, and providing about three-fourths of my attention to the toddler at hand, much of the weekend was spent slaving over the hot stove, and whipping up not-so-usual fares for the family. I missed pottering around in “my” kitchen when we used to live on our own (I will have more of these kitchen jobs soon). But for now, I did what I had to do in my mom’s lair.

Pasta with shrimp in olive oil
Shrimp and garlic pasta in oil
Hungarian sausage pasta
Hungarian sausage pasta
Fish tempura
Fish tempura
Marble potatoes
Marble potatoes

Got inspiration from the net, of course. After this, I promise to do more cooking at home.

part two of the hubby’s birthday celebration

this time around, the mini party was held for colleagues.  i spent sunday afternoon slaving over a stove preparing m’s special requests (which he considers my specialties ahem ahem).

it was a hit (i think). many were surprised that i can actually cook (i wonder why). i’m a woman, i love to eat (so i must know how to feed myself) and i’m 31 for crying out loud. i try to cook up dishes every now and then to add to my repertoire of the more common filipino feasts. and i really make it a point to cook during weekends. feeling domesticated much? lol.

anyway, that day’s menu: pasta carbonara and bolognese, kung pao chicken, fish fillet in hoisin sauce, pork adobo and mixed veggies with shrimp and quail eggs. tristan took care of the cake and cheng donated some hotdogs, too!

didn’t get to take pictures of who were there though. sayang!

kumpareng warner

candle blowing