Rainbow Dreams Cafe

We had lunch on Christmas Day at Rainbow Dreams Cafe along the stretch of Maginhawa Street in Quezon, which is famous for being littered with rows of concept restaurants and specialty establishments. I came upon a post a couple of months before, and decided to delight Mischa with its cute concept of unicorns/my little ponies (up to now, it is still not clear what they are. lol).

Also ran into one of our colleagues who was spending Christmas there alone. Poor guy haha (seriously though, he doesn’t mind).

From the get-go, it was clear that the employees there were not happy to be on duty on Christmas day. Their Facebook page said the cafe was open at 12:00 noon, and it was half an hour past when we got there, and they weren’t ready yet. And their patrons could use some smile, but nada. There was also another family there, and just like us waited for them to get their acts together. It really seemed like they were dragging their feet. I would have thought that they would have some Christmas spirits left in them but it looks like they left these at home Oh well.

General review of food–zilch. Presentation was all they could boast of. But they were even serving it sloppy. Some of their plastic glasses had some cracks in them that water was spilling on the table. It took me at least three calls to their server to mop it up to no avail. We just decided to move on to the next empty table so they would deal with the mess later. I didn’t want to make a fuss so as not to spoil the day. So we just lapped up the tasteless dishes and took photos for posterity and that’s it.


BBQ chops

Honey garlic wings

Crispy fish fillet

Chicken with sriracha


Rainbow smores


Family holidays

This sums up our tiring but happy holidays at the close of 2016 and the beginning of 2017:














We ate a lot, and had much, much fun, especially the kids who played to their hearts’ desires. And if they’re happy, then I am happy. Plus we got to spend a lot of time with my baby bro. All in all, I was exhausted (getting old here) but then I can always rest after all the excitement has died down, and the memories will remain online (forever I hope) and in our hearts.

It is always a struggle to take photos of the kids, especially Maxine who is active more than ever! We cannot achieve that polished family look harhar. #real

Thank you Lord God for the gift of family and love. Thank you for the time we were able to spend with them. We may not have much, and we struggle most of the time. But we are together.

A family affair

2016 saw us almost complete. Save for one of my cousins and an almost aunt-in-law, the Larenas of Cuenca, Batangas were under one roof. I just wish though that it wasn’t as obligatory as I felt. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t really feel that kinship that should be there as a family. I don’t feel close to them the way I used to with my cousins when we were younger. Maybe we’ve all grown so differently that we can’t seem to meet on the same plane. It was good to see them and ask how everyone else is doing but there was something missing there.



Christmas away from home

For the first time in my 36 years of existence, I did not spend Christmas day in my own home. From my grandparents’ house to my parents’ house to our house in Taytay a few years back, I have always spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in wherever home I call mine. But this year, we celebrated the most important day in the lives of Christians in my brother’s house. I was actually very tired this year because I had to render overtime days before we had our Christmas break and I was always up at dawn to complete the 9-day novena for Misa de Gallo. But of course, I cooked our noche buena. It was nothing fancy–just had Christmas ham and cooked three kinds of pasta. The kids were asleep the whole time so we also didn’t get to have a family photo.

But everyone was happy that we were all together.




The next day, we jumped house to my sister in law’s where the husband’s parents, siblings and our nieces and nephews were. Too bad we didn’t get to take any photo at ALL.

Hope your family also had a meaningful celebration.

Slumber party

Mischa used to have pajama parties in her old school during her Kinder 1 and 2 days. She had fun with her classmates then, and she got excited when I told her that it will be children’s party theme at the office this Christmas. What’s more, she can bring her little sister to tag along, but who had absolutely no idea what’s going on. lol.

The party hosts, who are also our staff, read a story to the kids (who are mostly kids of the staff, as well as nephews and nieces of some), did some games (which Mischa won), had a piรฑata, and of course, served Jollibee food (who could go wrong with that!).