A dose of sanity

They were my rock before, and I am happy that I had the chance last night to spend albeit a little time with them. They’ve seen me at my best and worst, in the darkest hours of my life. I really regret the time that we grow apart over the years (but yeah, that’s life). I so wanted to unload all the pent up emotions I’ve been holding back, but I just can’t. Love you so guys!

Foggy weekend in Tagaytay

Our office had a midyear assessment in Tagaytay City. And because both of us are going, I couldn’t really leave the kids alone with just the grannies (paranoid with anticipated emergencies teehee), we decided to bring them and book them a room at a different hotel. The hotel where the rest of the officemates were staying is fully booked. The kids had fun even though they stayed cooped up in their room for the weekend. Great opportunity actually for us to take a breather before school starts this week.

Tapsi ni Vivian

On a very rare occasion, I found myself with just the grannies and Mico. We seldom hardly go out, just the four of us anymore, since I got married and had the kids, because the latter are always in tow of course. For several heartbeats, I remember my childhood when it was just our original nuclear family. How time flew! We are now the ones making all the decisions, and almost taking care of them (almost because for the most part they are still independent despite being retirees). It was a good way to unwind never mind that we actually came from a wake (of Mico’s long time house helper).

Mico brought us to Tapsi ni Vivian, a very busy restaurant that serves comfort Filipino food. As the name implies, its specialty is tapsi, short for tapsilog, or tapa (braised beef strips)-sinangag (fried garlic rice)-itlog (egg). Aside from that, we had other hypertension-inducing Pinoy favorites. Happy tummies indeed!


Crispy crablets

Daing na bangus

Rellenong crab


Having our tired feet and legs pampered is slowly becoming a bonding activity for us girls. Especially now that Mischa is becoming a tweener, we often bring her with us to salons and spas. Recently, we got to try Sundrops, a day spa inside a mall we frequent during weekends. As we (Mischa and I) are suckers for anything girly, its feminine decor and vibe beckoned us in. Thumbs up for their clean interior, nice couches and warm lighting. I’ll tell you that I’ve been getting quite particular with couches since there is one day spa I used to go to regularly, but haven’t been to lately because I got turned off by the ever darkening couches. It seems that while their service is great (their pedicurists are good with in-grown nails and dry skin in the deep recesses of my toe nails), they haven’t been paying attention to the stains and grime accumulating in their sofas. So I’ve been on the market for a better place.

Sundrops offer a wide range of nail, hand, foot, arm and leg care, including nail art, however, we just opted for their Mint Mademoiselle package, which includes footspa with massage, pedicure and basic polish. And since we were early, we had fresh hands who took care of our feet and nails. I like that they have “light” hands, and were careful with the nails and cuticles. In general though, the service was just okay. Not a place I would go back to in the near future.

Cheesecake Fairy

Coffee is a always a good, especially when you’re with family on a perfect afternoon, and drinking it over cheesecake.

OMG, I totally dig those cups actually more than the coffee. Hehe. They’re so Martha Stewart or Cath Kidston. I also love the feminine interiors with the chic couches of the Cheesecake Fairy. But the Vietnamese latte and the Nutella cheesecake are really to die for. And chocolate ice cream is always a winner with the big little girl. The cafe, located at the Evia Lifestyle Center, is a perfect spot to wind down after going around the mall. It gives one the opportunity to catch his breath after moving about.

I love lazy afternoons like these.

Acacia Hotel

This is our last hurrah for this summer vacation courtesy of good ol’ Mama. Thank you Mama! Our requirements this time were simple: Mischa and Maxine have to swim, and the place mustn’t be too far because we didn’t want to drive all the way. So I chose from among nearby hotels (from our place), and we ended up at Acacia Hotel.

I didn’t get to take a picture of the lobby but it looks a lot of awesome to me. With its veeeerrry high ceilings and wide expanse, it shouts of elegance and class. We got connecting rooms, and from check in to check out, everything was a breeze. We loved their attentive and accommodating staff. And we absolutely loved our room! It has a great view of the Alabang business district.

Included in the room package are welcome drinks, in which case you have a choice of sparkling wine or pandan juice. We also had vouchers for tablea ensaymada and unlimited coffee, which we sadly weren’t able to avail of.

Then it was down to swimming business for that afternoon and the next morning.

It was so cold and windy, but nothing will stop the kids haha! Not even Maxine’s lips which keep on turning blue after a few minutes in the water that we had to get her off and warm her up for a bit before getting her back in the water.

We mostly ate inside the hotel. We were supposed to go out for dinner Saturday night but it rained so we stayed in. Their buffet selection was also quite good-enough choices so that you don’t get too umay. It was not too pricey which was the best thing hehe. Morning called for room service because we were too lazy. The best was getting upgraded from buffet breakfast (supposedly included in the package) to buffet lunch. Wheeee, we didn’t have to hurry and wake up early so we can catch up on breakfast.

We had one of the best vacations here. I like that everything was unhurried, we were taken cared of very very well by Southern hospitality, and we were home in about 10 minutes!

Buffed and polished

Mischa and I had some much needed girly time yesterday. Actually mama was also next door having her hair done, while we just our nails prettified. It was Mischa’s first time so I asked the attendant to go easy on her hands and feet. It’s a good thing most nail salons and spas nowadays offer packages for young girls like her. Now, I wouldn’t regularly do this, but from time to time, it is nice to have it. Can’t wait for Maxine to join us.