Little Vampirina

Our little ball of sunshine turned four today! She has chosen this year’s theme months ahead, but for once, I was not able to make a career out of planning it. I even hit a little snag with the cake but thank goodness I found a good supplier that delivered well. And I am glad the celebrant loved it!

Happy, happy birthday, sweetie! Thank you for making our lives so much happier and livelier.

Dad is 75!

Yay! Thank you Lord for the life you continue to bestow on Dad. Being 75 nowadays is quite a feat. We do ask for more years to be with him. Sorry, I don’t have pictures on the actual day since we had to leave early and then went home late. Of course, I didn’t forget to cook the noodles as tradition.

Oh we are having a long awaited family trip during the kids’ term break! But for now, our simple family get-together will do.

Princess Wincess

Us girls attended a birthday party over the weekend. I could tell you that, while I relish the bonding time, it is not easy to ferry two girls, one a hyperactive pre-schooler, without another adult to help you. Still, we, especially Maxine, enjoyed the party of Wincess, a little girl who lives down the street. My almost pre-teen reluctantly smiles and allows the obligatory photos, but immediately goes back to her phone after saying the perfunctory hellos.