A decade old

I feel my age more when I celebrate my kids’ birthdays more than when I celebrate mine. When I look at the rapid pace of their growth, I am reminded more than ever of my mortality. Every growth spurt, milestone, outgrowing of clothes, etc. serve as my barometer of my “success” as a mother.

So now, I have a decade old daughter, which once seemed like a permanent fixture in my arms. But she will never outgrow my fragile mommy heart. I always pray for good health, and a sound mind that will enable her to hurdle the more challenging things in her life.

Aloha, Matteo!

When you have a baby, it’s really like a top spinning, or time passing by in a whirl of colors. This is all the more true for the family of my cousin, Pam, her husband Chie, and their little Matteo. They’ve waited so long for this gift from God, and since he came last year, it’s like everything is being fast forwarded.

Much like your cousins, Ate Mischa and Ate Maxine, Matteo, you are a blessing to our family. Happy, happy birthday! We super enjoyed your Moana-themed party. Your hosts were so awesome! I love, love, love parties like these.

Little Vampirina

Our little ball of sunshine turned four today! She has chosen this year’s theme months ahead, but for once, I was not able to make a career out of planning it. I even hit a little snag with the cake but thank goodness I found a good supplier that delivered well. And I am glad the celebrant loved it!

Happy, happy birthday, sweetie! Thank you for making our lives so much happier and livelier.