Baby Matteo

The newest addition to our extended family, Samuel Matteo, was baptized last weekend. I am honored to be chosen as one of his godmothers. Matteo is very, very special, most especially to his parents who have long awaited his arrival. My cousin and her husband has had to endure the deaths of earlier babies and babies who were conceived but did not have heartbeats. Losing an unborn child myself, I could understand their longing, and theirs is magnified many times over. I know how it feels to have your happiness snatched from you by your fingertips.

But their happiness is very evident now as they hold their Baby Matteo close to their hearts. He is their happy ending. And who knows, there might be more after him.

Welcome baby! You are loved and cherished.

Trisha Elisse’s baptism

Welcome to the Christian world, Baby Trisha! She is the sister of Mischa’s current BFF, and also part of a friend’s family and our neighbor, too. x

Because Mischa is fast approaching the crucial tweens and eventually the teenager years, I would like to keep tabs on her friends haha, and I like it when I know the parents of who she hangs out with. And I am happy that we’ve known them since their preschool days, and that we get to keep this friendship even though we don’t see them that often.

Hello Baby Given


We had a reunion of sorts when one of my old staff who has since transferred to another office had her child baptized. We actually got a surprise when she suddenly got married in the middle of last year then had a baby immediately. She has confided to me lately that, although she’s very happy with her new family, her life is not a bed of roses at the moment. It’s the sort of story made for telenovelas and I pity her. Bringing up a young family is no mean feat, and it would have been nice if you have all the support you can lay your hands on. But I am praying that things be ironed out soon for her. I am proud of what she has become, and even prouder that I have somehow influenced her and made an impact on her life as she says. Love you G!