Trisha Elisse’s baptism

Welcome to the Christian world, Baby Trisha! She is the sister of Mischa’s current BFF, and also part of a friend’s family and our neighbor, too. x

Because Mischa is fast approaching the crucial tweens and eventually the teenager years, I would like to keep tabs on her friends haha, and I like it when I know the parents of who she hangs out with. And I am happy that we’ve known them since their preschool days, and that we get to keep this friendship even though we don’t see them that often.

Hello Baby Given


We had a reunion of sorts when one of my old staff who has since transferred to another office had her child baptized. We actually got a surprise when she suddenly got married in the middle of last year then had a baby immediately. She has confided to me lately that, although she’s very happy with her new family, her life is not a bed of roses at the moment. It’s the sort of story made for telenovelas and I pity her. Bringing up a young family is no mean feat, and it would have been nice if you have all the support you can lay your hands on. But I am praying that things be ironed out soon for her. I am proud of what she has become, and even prouder that I have somehow influenced her and made an impact on her life as she says. Love you G!

Ending the year right

Hello 2015! 2014 was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I had so much difficulties with my pregnancy and at work. But it was also the year I received a beautiful gift wrapped in a 5 lb. package. So in all, the year was quite good to me.

And we chose to end the year right by offering our baby girl to a lifetime of service to our Lord.

Another soldier joins His flock.


It was a simple, happy celebration of love and faith. We are grateful to our family and friends who spent Maxine’s special day with us.

Happy also with our suppliers.

I super love the baptistry of the Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Baptism fee was a little more expensive than in other churches, and they strict about letting only the immediate family and godparents inside the baptistry. But it made the rites more meaningful and solemn unlike in mass baptisms.


The reception venue was a repeat of my dad’s 70th birthday celebration last year. Alba’s spanish restaurant was not our first choice but we could not find another that fits our liking, and more importantly, our budget. Still, one couldn’t go wrong with Alba’s. Food was great (and overflowing), set up was nice that we didn’t need to dress up the place and service was excellent. I like dealing with them all the time, very hassle-free.

The invitation, as mentioned in a previous post was designed by someone on Then we had them printed and given to the godparents and some of our relatives. Majority of our guests were invited via Facebook.


Souvenirs were cakes in jars ordered from Bake my Day by Mariane, an online baker found on Instagram. Finding suppliers nowadays is easy as a pie given the advent of small entrepreneurs who makes use of social media to sell their wares. No more going to actual business areas, everything done in a click. Of course, one has to be very careful about dealing with scammers and those who want to make easy money by duping innocent people. Thank God, so far, I haven’t fallen prey to any of them. Anyway, back to the giveaways, these cakes, in chocolate and red velvet, were really yummy. I wanted to keep some of the jars as keepsake, however, after washing them, the prints faded so to the trash they went.


Photobooth services were taken cared of by Ninong Mico, who by the way, had an out of the country trip planned so he couldn’t make it to Maxine’s baptism. But I only had to deal with The Faceplays Photobooth when I had to provide them the concept, approve the layout then send Maxine’s photo. The turnout was perfect!


Tarpaulin design was done by Mischa’s Ninong Troy.


Outfits bought from a major mall chain.



Thank you again for being part of our second princess’ special moment.



Preparing to be in the fold

Preparations are underway for our ading to belong to God’s family. I actually scouted for suppliers even before I gave birth so I had a head start. The Church was non-negotiable so we had to work around it. I really like that all baptisms held in that church are special/solo so it is more intimate and there would be no fanfare. It was kind of expensive, though Php2,500 for the first pair of sponsors and Php100 for each additional pair). We also had a hard time booking our target date and time (too many kids to be baptized at this time of the year?). But all is well.

Downpayment for reception is paid for, menus chosen, amenities discussed. This was not my original choice but it will do.

Souvenir supplier also booked and paid for.

Mico took care of photobooth services.

I also had the invitation layout done by an online graphic artist thru Etsy. Happy with the results! We will print this at home ourselves.

(Maxine) Baptism Invitation

Created an events page at Facebook where I regularly post notices, including the Save the Date card, this invitation, the map, and some reminders. This is for everyone, especially friends and relatives who are far from us to be kept in the loop.

To do at this time:

– Tarpaulin layout and printing
– Baptismal outfit
– Services of a photographer (volunteer :))

Ron Victor’s Christening

I became godmother again to one of my staff’s new baby, Ron Victor, last Sunday. As always, it is an honor to be one because I take this role seriously. There are the gift-giving, but really, I’m here for them and to help their parents in guiding them, ahem, to the right path πŸ™‚

So the hubby and I trotted off to Imus to witness as RV became a member of God’s family. Fell in love with the Our Lady of the Pillar Church, or more popularly known as Imus Cathedral.


Nice and elegant. Weddings here should be beautiful. But what wedding isn’t?

Anyway, though I am not complaining but RV’s christening has got to be the longest ceremony I have ever attended. The seminar for the parents and godparents, which are normally done prior, is included. And the church person conducting it was quite preachy. But oh well.


Nobody had a chance to take photos of the actual pouring of the water and putting of oil.

Reception was held at the family’s home.