It’s more fun in the second grade

The challenges are getting harder by the minute, and the struggle in our household during study time has become more real. But the rewards are also so worth every hardship. I feel bad whenever we come home late from work, and could only scrape so much time for her studying during weekends in between chores. And as any normal kid would, she’d rather play than pore over her lessons at home.

Still, I am happy with the results. She could do better, sure. But as a family, we could only do so much, and pray to the Lord to guide her.





Early awards

More than a week ago, I blogged about our family slaving away for Mischa’s first term examinations. We were really concerned about her getting good grades, and of course, understanding her lessons that we spent quite some time reviewing. And we were happy with the results so far. She came home last Monday bearing these:


Yay for Mischa! We actually got the results of her other subjects and we are truly proud of how she did. She could have done better in other subjects (read: Math), but I keep on telling her it’s okay that she didn’t get everything. The important thing is she did her best. And assured her that her hard work will pay off someday. Keep up the good work, anak!

Good behavior award

Would it be bad of me if I say I was surprised that Mischa brought home a “Good Behavior Award” from school? lol.


Of course, I am happy! Just the same, I was not expecting something like this. Over the years, I’ve seen how ill-tempered my eldest could be. She can be so willful and belligerent sometimes, and I’ve witnessed her throw hundreds of tantrums here and there. Obviously, she behaves well in school.

And I am pleased that the school gives importance not to only to academic performance.

Maybe I can take a little credit for that, too. Thank you God I must be doing something right in raising my kids. Another proud mommy moment here!

Mischa’s pre-school graduation

With joy in my heart and tears just at the brim of my eyes, I watched as my eldest proudly received her diploma, her certificates of recognition and her lone medal last Friday. Wow, I can’t believe the tiny, helpless being I used to change diapers and sing lullabies to has finished three years of school with flying colors! Her daddy and I are most proud of all her achievements! Not to sound bitter or defensive, while she may not have as much medals or certificates as some of her classmates, I truly believe that her potential is much greater than what her teachers sees or recognizes. It goes far beyond what she manifests in her daily school work. She may not be the studious or even pabibo type, but I know and have seen that all her talents are there waiting to be honed. She just needs proper mentoring that may not have been present at her school. Her creativity, passion, wit cannot be contained within the four walls of the classroom, and maybe beyond the capacity of her teacher to mold.

We love you so much, anak. Keep up the good work. Whatever you do, mommy and daddy will always be your fans.










With her classmates who I’m sure she will greatly miss.







Moving Up Day in AJV

Last Saturday was another proud moment for us as Mischa completed yet another milestone in her young life. Yay! She finished her Kinder 1 class with flying colors!

Here she is with Teacher Jhane, whom I personally will miss so much. I’m sure Mischa will, too. Incidentally, she was the school’s Best Teacher for last year so we were really lucky to have her this year. My daughter really learned not only her lessons, but how to be with her peers, something that we had a hard time teaching her as she is surrounded by adults for most of the time at home.


The ceremony was a bit long (no surprises here) since they recognized the individual students’ unique intelligence. And they called on everyone from the Toddler class to the Grade 5 students. For the first part, Mischa received the Collaborative Learner and Word Smart Award for being cooperative in class and being able to express herself well through the use of Language (you’re my kid alright!).



Although the photos would not be able to show it now but she was really bummed for not receiving any medal at this point. Omg. Teaching disappointments is really something I should work on. While I try my hardest to inculcate the value of hard work to her to be able to achieve anything in life, dealing with failures is something else.

But she perked up when she was awarded a bronze medal for academic excellence. She even wore it until way into our celebratory lunch.




Congratulations anak! Keep up the good work. The world is yours for the taking.


Due to the tragedy called Yolanda, Christmas parties all over the Philippines were significantly tempered down. CFO was no exception. Our was a quieter, but I think, a more meaningful celebration. Prior to the actual party, part of the funds earmarked for it were used for expenses for our various relief operations.

The party itself kicked off with a blessing of all the floors of our building as most of these were renovated earlier this year.


And of course, we couldn’t do away with a party for the kids (children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren) of employees. Here is Mischa meeting the big boss.


Finally, a simple program and dinner, where the management also commended some of the employees for some of their exceptional work. two of those for two projects I headed.



I and some of my staff during dinner.


Thank you for all the blessings this year, Father!