Nearing the tweens

Oh my God! Isn’t there a slow down or pause button? I read somewhere that the “days are long but the years are short” when it comes to raising children. It couldn’t be more true as I look at my daughters, and it hits me hard usually when it’s their birthdays.

Hay Ate. What can I say? I will always say I love you over and over again until we are all blue in the face. You’ve grown from a small, makulit and temperamental kid to a young tween who has so many interests that it is getting hard to keep up. Continue honing your creativity and passion, and being a wonderful and caring Ate to Maxine. I think I am on the verge of stepping onto another developing stage in your life as you begin your eighth year in this world. While you still like toys, you now begin to get interested in the Net, not just the ones I give you permission for, but things brought about by your own curiosity. I now have to keep a closer eye on the things you watch and hear. I am getting a bit anxious to say the least, considering you are at an impressive age. You also love your crafts a lot. Even though they may get messy in the house, and we keep on badgering you, know that deep down, we are very proud of your “creations”. Keep it up baby girl, we will always support you in whatever you want to do, and help you find your niche in this world.

Halfway through summer

It is May, and in about a month, vacation for the little miss will be over. I lament that she has spent all the time only at home. Truth be told, I do not want a childhood for her that is so like mine. I spent all of my childhood summers only inside the house (I was forbidden to go out and play on the streets), or if I’m really lucky, I get to go to the province to spend time with my grandparents.

Well, I’m really trying to veer away from that kind of life. Mischa has shown a lot of interests, and I didn’t want to pin her down on anything that she wouldn’t like or wouldn’t benefit from. She wanted to take piano lessons but when I inquired with music schools, they said she had to be an advanced reader. Well, maybe next year. She has also shown interest in guitars and drums, and you can always hear her humming to herself. I have a budding musician!

Unfortunately, both the hubby and I are working, thus, we cannot afford to bring her around anywhere anytime. And as I told you, my parents idea of a bringing up a child is for it to be at home sitting in front of a television or stuffing its mouth and train their hawk eyes on her all day, everyday. Which is not really, for me, a way to live. I just want her to be exposed to as much opportunities as possible. That way, she can expand her horizons and will be able to choose what she wants and what piques her interests.

Also, I have been a regular at hospitals due my very delicate pregnancy, and this has taken a huge chunk of our times.

Well, aside from music, she also likes arts. I am glad that, now, she is more fluid in her work. And “cleaner”. If we still have time before June, I will see if I can look for arts and crafts classes nearby. For now, she likes the decorating stalls in malls:




And today, she will be starting her swimming lessons, yay! She’ll be joining the Snapper Class at the Bert Lozada Swim School at the Elizabeth Seton School in Imus. Too bad, we couldn’t go with her as I already have too many absences. I hope the folks take decent photos of her. I’m so excited!


Mold, cast and paint

I was trying to hold off Mischa from opening her gifts until Christmas (I really have high EQ when it comes to opening Christmas gifts) but gave in this weekend. You see, we had to have some last minute shopping (for the nth time) for gifts I forgot to buy, and we had to bring her along (which I really don’t like because being in a mall a few days before Christmas was suicide). And being true to her age, she always asks to buy toys whenever we are out. If it wasn’t so expensive, more often than not, I give in even though it drives the husband crazy because whatever that toy is, always ends up as another addition to the litter at home. So this time, I made a deal with her that she can open a gift even though it’s not yet Christmas just so she wouldn’t request for toys while we were out.

And so, as soon as we came home and she began pestering me, I nudged her in the direction of her Ninong Rino’s gift for I knew it was something “artsy” as I requested. We weren’t disappointed! There were two things inside: a mosaic that needs one’s utmost patience and diligence, which Mischa needs to develop at the moment, and a mold, cast and paint type, which she really took to. Both were great! Keeps kids preoccupied for quite some time, giving me the breathing room I need hehe.

I will post the final products of the two, but here are the mold, cast and paint work in progress.

The box came with a powder solution that I first mixed in 70 ml. water. After stirring into a paste, I slowly poured over six plastic casts shaped like fairies.


Waited for about forty minutes to harden (which was a lifetime for a 4-year old).


And then she was off to work on the figures. These came in with safety pins (if you intend to use as accessory) and magnets (for use on fridge).




The toddler had her first taste of art, hooray! When we saw that she’s interested in doodling whenever she lays her hands on a pen and any flat surface, we’ve been meaning to get her a crayons set since she’s got plenty of coloring books as gifts during her birthday and Christmas. So come Saturday after a trip to the mall, she was happily sprawled on the floor with her new stuff. I’m so proud she’s really showing interest in a lot of things. I hope she grows up to be artistic (which her mom doesn’t have an ounce of).

Also, now we’re pretty sure that she’s right-handed. When she was younger, she used to use her left quite a lot that rang an alarm in some of our elders. I figured, what can we do if she turned out a leftie? Anyway, that’s moot now.

The floor is another matter.

Lots of luck to you, Yaya, as you wipe off the marker each time the kid does her “art”. Let’s cross our fingers she doesn’t start on the walls and the couch yet.