Despite the minor nuisance in my life, someone will always, always love you and your craziness. I am normally uneasy about these kinds of activities, because I get stressed if things get too awkward, but it always ends up okay, and then I become thankful again. I’m sorry Lord God for the doubts and self-pity. Thank you for the constant reminder that You are by side and above me and all the things I constantly worry about.

Learning something new


It’s not too late to learn something totally new–the basics of programming! Now, being in the Social Science field, this is a little alien to me although I have been blogging for several years now. But blogs have templates, and I just started adding to my skills. Managers need to do this from time to time so as not to become obsolete or useless when new things come their way. So hooray!


My team at work recently had a sort of debriefing cum relationship management session. As it is related to the workplace, we talked about relationships of all sorts, including the ones with colleagues. This session was very different from the one we had about two years ago, when we were all stressed out. We were more relaxed definitely this time!

Anyway, among all the things we did, there were several activities that made us take stock of our relationships with each other. And I was so touched with my staff’s messages for me:



These validate that I must be doing something right and good in this world. That, aside from being a boss, I am a mentor, a confidante, and a friend. That I am helping them enjoy their journey as workers. In all the harshness around us, I am happy that somehow, I eased someone’s pain or I lifted someone’s spirit, even though sometimes I know I do the stressing. Hehe.

Sadly happy

With the ongoing transition to the next government, I have saying a lot of goodbyes and see-you-soons to a lot of colleagues in the public service, especially those whose tenure are co-terminus with the current administration. Our agency was not spared as our head is appointed by no less than the President. It was, to say the least, the most stressful stint I ever had in my entire professional career. But as with any experience in life, I have many takeaways from working with her. I got to hand it to her and her unconventional style of leadership, I truly learned a lot (and this is not lip service) because she made us, no, forced us more like, to go beyond our limits. She has also kept our tradition of not being “regular” government employees as we truly gave meaning to the term public service.

I am relieved, grateful and a bit sad that she is going. I think I am getting my life and my sanity back, but I never thought I would say it, but I will definitely miss her.

Yesterday, we had our last senior staff meeting, and I have to say that this has got to be one of the lightest but meaningful goodbyes I had.



My new team

I briefly mentioned in my last post that I have been dealt with challenges at work. And one of these is a major major project of the office that hasn’t been, I would say, taking off as planned despite existing for about three years now. I will not say much about it, but only that the task at hand is kind of daunting knowing the expectations for me to turn it around. Hayayay! But I am claiming that I can! And these are the people who will form my team:



It’s really a mixture of some of my old staff brought in with new ones, and some that I have worked with before. So I am staying positive. We have a hefty responsibility on our shoulders but after 15 years in public service and in this office, ‘No” has never been a choice for me. Bring it on!

The US capital

Despite this being way long overdue, here is a glimpse of my visit to the capital of the United States, Washington, DC. It’s been almost two months since I came back, and frankly, it is only now that I get to think that I did enjoy myself somehow. You see, the magic of traveling and seeing and experiencing new places wasn’t quite there with me as I traipsed around DC. Remember, my little girl was hospitalized when I was there, and half my mind was in the Philippines. Despite that, as always, I am thankful for the opportunity and experience!

So these are where I went on my side trips (will not probably post the official meetings!). I was very happy to have friendly “aunties” and “uncles” who made time to tour us around on our free time. For some places, we just walked around and took in the beauty of the city. It was a little rainy the time we were there, which was unusual they say, but I liked that it was busy but not manic-busy. It had old world charm, mainly because of the brownstones that dotted most of the streets, and there were no high rise buildings unlike in many urban cities in the US. I was told that this was because there is a law prohibiting the construction of structures higher than the US Capitol. We got a little as far as Virginia.

Pennsylvania Avenue including White House







National Basilica




US Capitol


Washington Monument


World War II Memorial



Iwo Jima



National Geographic Museum