This picture is a a reminder that resilience and dignity are keys to a stronger you. If you were with me a couple of years ago, you would not believe when I tell you that I love this woman. She starred in many of my nightmares when waking moments crossed over sleeping states, and I would not hesitate to tell her that now 😂

I was almost crying when I saw her, and gushed at how I miss her irascible ways. It really seems funny now. But if there’s anything I learned from working with her is, everything has an end, and all your pains and suffering will bear fruit. If I survived working with my knees rattling for six years, then I can survive anything. I have to believe God will fight for me.

A volley-belle

It is not all work at work. For some morale-boosting and scenery-changing experiences, we also hold activities that would hopefully keep stress at bay. This year, one of those is our sportsfest. It is a lot simpler than the previous years when we had a whole gamut of games, including indoor sports. Now, we only had basketball, volleyball and badminton, although held in several best-of games. Proud to be part of our team’s volleyball team and steering it to a championship, yay!

(not my best shot but there you go)

Coffee jelly

My social life outside of family has become almost non-existent. As any Gen-Xer would tell you (add being a mother to that), priorities change. Maybe personalities also change. I could definitely say that myself. Before changing nappies, juggling a budget, keeping a household in a surviving condition took over, I was a young girl once who gloried in the company of, not only close friends, but a gregarious extended social group. Now I am reduced to children’s parties, weddings, quiet dinners and once in a blue moon coffee sessions that happen after official events. I don’t know if because I have no choice, or these are the only choices I have. Long gone are my cigarette- and alcohol-toting days. Now I’m lucky to get to know my younger colleagues over a glass of coffee jelly.

Blood drive

Joined a good cause today, and donated blood to the Red Cross. The bloodletting is part of the office’s anniversary celebration. This is actually my first time because I got rejected once because I just had oral surgery several months prior, and they said I still retain some anesthesia in my system.

They took some 450 ml. of blood. I was actually okay after resting, and even gone down and dutifully ate the food they provided and drank more liquids than usual. However, after an hour or so, I felt kind of lightheaded. Not dizzy as I was expecting but more like my head has been detached from the rest of my body. lol. I had to let go of a meeting because I just can’t. Rested a bit more and felt better after a couple of hours. But I would like to do this again sometime. Donating blood is actually healthy as you get to replace your blood cells, at the same time you’re helping save lives.