My scratch map

I super duper love this scratch map!!! One of the best gifts I’ve received this season. Thank you baby bro!


After (as of December 2016)

Can’t wait to scratch some more as I travel the world! So far scratched off and “unearthed” 12 countries, including the Philippines of course. I’m not sure if I can scratch countries where technically I’ve set foot on but only because I had layovers, but haven’t gone outside the airport (Japan, Qatar and Jordan). Oh well, I know in time, I’ll reveal more and I am soooo excited!


The world, not only the Philippines, is not likely to forget the havoc wreaked by super typhoon Yolanda. I’ve been writing so much about it for work that I lost my creative juices to write for this blog. Our agency has been actively calling for donations and assistance in whatever form from Filipino associations and individuals overseas this past month, and subsequently implementing relief operations from the funds we have gathered.

I now just invite you to our websites: and where most of the articles are mine anyway.

Time to get my life back. I have tons of drafts. I haven’t even warmed up with my Middle East stories. Plus, a lot is happening with Mischa and her school stuff.

Blessed John Paul II

Catholics now have another vehicle with which to ask for intercession for prayers. With the recent beatification of Pope John Paul II, the late pontiff has now joined the ranks of intercessors, including Mary, the Virgin Mother and a host of other saints whom Catholics venerate and offer their prayers to.

Now, I don’t do any devotions or regular prayers even, but I do what one calls conversations with the Lord. Although I admit that I have gone several trips to St. Jude whenever I am in low points in my life. And coming from a Catholic school, I have a fond devotion to Mama Mary and the Sto. Nino. As opposed to my mother who faithfully goes to Baclaran every Wednesdays and Quiapo every Fridays when we still had a yaya to watch over Mischa. Anyhow, as I said, I am not a “devoted”, religious person although I have developed an intimate relationship with the Supreme Being my own way.

But with this beatification and eventual canonization of PJP II, I might just be converted. There is just such magic and charisma to this guy. I felt it as a 15-year old waving a flag as his pope mobile zoomed my way. For a fraction of a second, I felt his energy. It was so palpable that people around me almost cried…in relief, in joy, and in a myriad of other ways. It was the same thing again as I listened to his homily a few yards away, lying on makeshift blankets with my high school classmates on the grounds of Luneta. Though I don’t remember what the homily was, I vividly remember the feeling of being blessed and enveloped in love and happiness for the sheer pleasure of being in the presence of a real man of God. I am so fortunate to have participated in that World Youth Day.

I envy those who were given the chance of paying respects as his remains lie on the altar of the Vatican. I wished I could touch or share part of his great vibe, emanating even in death.

Sendai tragedy

The recent series of events, which centers around the major, major earthquake that hit Japan over the weekend has left the world in horror and terror. Those of us who were monitoring the news through the net, Twitter and Facebook, and being glued to the TV, can only watch in shock. It was devastating to say the least. The world watched as building after building, vehicle after vehicle, were swept by the tide. People were seen scrambling for their lives.

It was Mother Earth at her fury.

Many of us even braced ourselves for the possible tsunami that may reverberate throughout the countries surrounding the Pacific Ocean. It was thought to hit the eastern parts of the Philippines, Cagayan Province included, where hubby’s family lives. We prayed and prayed, and thankfully, the tsunami hit the country almost like a caress.

But it doesn’t end there. To date, Japan, Sendai in particular, and its surroundings are still in great danger because of the nuclear plant explosions brought about by the destruction.

We need to call on the Almighty. And we must listen to Him.