A volley-belle

It is not all work at work. For some morale-boosting and scenery-changing experiences, we also hold activities that would hopefully keep stress at bay. This year, one of those is our sportsfest. It is a lot simpler than the previous years when we had a whole gamut of games, including indoor sports. Now, we only had basketball, volleyball and badminton, although held in several best-of games. Proud to be part of our team’s volleyball team and steering it to a championship, yay!

(not my best shot but there you go)

Heartbroken twice over

Warning: completely subjective post ahead

As I posted on my Facebook wall last Saturday, I didn’t know one could get her heart broken twice in such as short span of time. My heart bled for my two teams: the UP Pep Squad and Gilas Pilipinas. They both lost in such a gruesome fashion one after the other that netizens (alright, presumably Filipinos and graduates of the premier University of the Philippines) have used hashtags like #luto #cookingshow, etc. But who could blame them? Call them and me bitter and sour losers, we lost anyway.

The cheerdancing competition for one is completely and utterly subjective. The scoring is solely dependent on the discretion of judges just like any game where one cannot really follow rules. It is just tough luck that we are unable to regain the crown from uber-funded National University. But how can one just ignore the sheer grace, intensity and showmanship of the guys and gals from UP. And the use of the school’s hymn, UP Naming Mahal just failed to move the judges (in Filipino, hindi sila naantig or napukaw ang damdamin!). Apparently #utak (brains) and #puso (heart) are not enough. Never mind that the other teams committed mistake after mistake.


The Gilas team, on the other hand, is coming home with a silver trophy and individual medals after losing to FIBA 2015 host, China. The team lost spectacularly during the championship after battling the best teams in Asia. Yes, we are indeed proud that the Philippines came a long way and fought the valiantly this basketball war. With eyes on an Olympic slot, all the players trooped to no man’s land, and eliminated one enemy after another. Then only to face the worst enemies of all — referees and homecourt advantage of the Chinese. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy that led to the eventual demise of the team’s confidence and consequent defense.

Better luck next time guys?

Move on, Marie.

Family fun day

As part of Mischa’s school’s Foundation Week, a Family Fun Day was held. Parents and the whole family were invited to join games and other fun activities. The husband and I again took the time off to be with our eldest, and we bought the bunso again in tow.


We were part of the Yellow Tamaraws team. Mommies joined in the chanting of the cheer, while the daddies performed the “stunts”. lol. The yellow team won first place for this, yay!



There were several games for the various year levels (Nursery, Kinder, etc.), and Mischa joined some of them.


Daddy did, too.


The day was fun. I am glad they have these activities where parents can interact with their kids and their classmates, and the school community. I am surely going to miss our AJV family since this will be Mischa’s last year with them.

Old school fun


Please don’t mind my pambahay look. The panganay and I had some fun when I tried to teach her this old school game of jack stones. I used to play this a lot as a child. My childhood friends and I would “indian-sit” on the floor in the hallways of our school and while away the minutes in between classes. A far cry from kids today who are so absorbed in their gadgets, and lack a little more personal interaction. Other pasttimes at school include luksong tinik, piko, chinese garter and 10-20. We get to inhale fresh air all the time, and sweat off all that energy. I would say that generally, kids then were healthier.

Ah the good ol’ days.

Swimming class

Our little girl finished another milestone this summer: she completed the Snapper 1 course of the Bert Lozada Swimming School! Yey!

I wasn’t able to blog about her taking swimming classes until now that she has finished the very first course. Yesterday was their batch’s graduation day. While she has shown love and amazement for the water, she seemed to be very hesitant and afraid of being alone or left in the middle with nothing to hold on to. But I am glad that she seemed to progress pretty well after ten days of lessons.

Here are snapshots of when we were able to go with her.






These were from her graduation day:

sw grad1

sw grad2

sw grad3

They were all asked to cross the width of the pool, and I was proud that she made it!

Although she completed the course, we decided to enroll her in the Snapper 2 course. School opening is still a month away anyway. I am glad she’s having a productive summer!

Halfway through summer

It is May, and in about a month, vacation for the little miss will be over. I lament that she has spent all the time only at home. Truth be told, I do not want a childhood for her that is so like mine. I spent all of my childhood summers only inside the house (I was forbidden to go out and play on the streets), or if I’m really lucky, I get to go to the province to spend time with my grandparents.

Well, I’m really trying to veer away from that kind of life. Mischa has shown a lot of interests, and I didn’t want to pin her down on anything that she wouldn’t like or wouldn’t benefit from. She wanted to take piano lessons but when I inquired with music schools, they said she had to be an advanced reader. Well, maybe next year. She has also shown interest in guitars and drums, and you can always hear her humming to herself. I have a budding musician!

Unfortunately, both the hubby and I are working, thus, we cannot afford to bring her around anywhere anytime. And as I told you, my parents idea of a bringing up a child is for it to be at home sitting in front of a television or stuffing its mouth and train their hawk eyes on her all day, everyday. Which is not really, for me, a way to live. I just want her to be exposed to as much opportunities as possible. That way, she can expand her horizons and will be able to choose what she wants and what piques her interests.

Also, I have been a regular at hospitals due my very delicate pregnancy, and this has taken a huge chunk of our times.

Well, aside from music, she also likes arts. I am glad that, now, she is more fluid in her work. And “cleaner”. If we still have time before June, I will see if I can look for arts and crafts classes nearby. For now, she likes the decorating stalls in malls:




And today, she will be starting her swimming lessons, yay! She’ll be joining the Snapper Class at the Bert Lozada Swim School at the Elizabeth Seton School in Imus. Too bad, we couldn’t go with her as I already have too many absences. I hope the folks take decent photos of her. I’m so excited!